American Airlines Career

Incorporated in the year 1930, American Airlines now ranks second in the list of largest airline companies. The company was originally known as American Airways and started in New York. Now, it is an amalgamation of 82 smaller airlines, with flights connecting almost all major locations of the world. The corporation is owned and managed by AMR Corp, and the generated annual revenues have been estimated to be around $19 billion.  Let’s start your American Airlines career today!

At present, American Airlines is also a member of the OneWorld alliance, an alliance which coordinates services, scheduling and flights together with companies like Japan Airlines, British Airwaves and Qantas. During the 2008 financial crisis, American Airlines faced economic difficulties. According to a report from the Kansas City Star, the American airline decided to move some overhaul work. As a response, the city’s aviation department offered to upgrade repair facilities, provided that the company maintains at least 700 jobs. Several years later, on October 2012, American Airlines announced that it would open up 2.500 pilot jobs that resulted from retirements, replacements or attrition.

The financial crisis was finally overcome. A head-count of aircrafts made on April 2014 recorded 627 crafts with an average age of 14.7 years. From the job-seekers perspective, American Airlines is a good place to work for with great opportunities for growth. Applicants are required to have excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work in fast-paced environments due to the nature of the job. The company does not only emphasize treating every customer alike, but also offers several benefits to all of its employees. American Airlines job applications are now being invited for entry-level jobs in airline industry. If you want to find out more about American Airline jobs, interview tips, requirements or benefits, we have everything covered in our article.

American Airlines Career

The company believes that ‘its people’ represent the most important asset and that a happy employee is an employee who does great work. This is also the reason why AA provides so many rewarding career opportunities, training sessions and benefits. From the care-taker to the pilot in command of a 250.000 pound Boeing, everyone on the AA team is valued and chosen carefully.

American Airlines hires individuals with various backgrounds, experience and education. This provides diversity at work and opportunities to learn from other people. If you think that this is the type of environment that you want to work in you should definitely read more about the American Airlines application process, job requirements and available positions.

American Airlines Jobs Available

American Airlines online application for employment is good for entry-level applicants. These include job roles such as customer service agents, baggage handler, fleet service clerk, flight attendant, dispatcher, staff assistant, finance manager, supply manager, technical assistant and tower manager.

Available American Airlines Careers: fleet service clerk, pilot, dispatcher, flight attendant, customer service expert, baggage and cargo handler, technical assistant, maintenance work/engineer, instructor, technician – aircraft routing, operational excellent leader, aircraft maintenance supervisor, supervisor, supply services assistant, tower manager, senior engineer etc.

Major carriers such as this one fly to hundreds of destinations on a daily basis. This means that conditions on flight as well as ground operations must perform at full capacity. American Airlines careers require patience, availability for working long schedules, organizational & people skills. In addition to this, some employees will be asked about their physical condition as they will have to carry & lift certain weights.

Besides American Airlines careers in major airports such as JFK or DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth Airport) the carrier also offers positions for aspiring flight attendants and managers. American Airlines flight attendant courses, verification modules and training programs are available for outstanding candidates and salaries are extremely generous. Below you can take a look at some of the most common American Airlines careers, requirements and salaries.

Fleet Service Agent: This is one of the most accessible entry-level positions with the company. Job duties and responsibilities of fleet service agents include, but are not limited to guiding planes to & from gates, cleaning cabins, assisting the aircraft crew prior to department, operating push vehicles, sorting baggage etc. To be considered for this type of American Airlines career the job-seeker must present a valid driver’s license, organizational skills (to obtain clearances before lift-off), good physical condition (ability to lift approximately 70 pounds) etc. The average hourly pay for this type of career starts at 12.00 dollars per hour and tops at roughly 18.00 per hour. Employees can access their accounts with AA directly on jetnet com. – login details are required

Ramp Service Employee: Also referred to as RSEs, these individuals are responsible for work on airport tarmacs, where they drive gate ramps and refuel plans. They are also in charge of unloading and loading baggage safely and correctly. To ensure that no luggage is lost they must work with checklists and reservations upon arrival and departure. As you can probably already tail, this type of job involves a lot of physical activity and manual labor. Therefore, only individuals with great physical condition and availability for work during the weekend, or at ‘odd’ hours will be considered.

Other requirements include a valid driver’s license, ability to work in a team, organizational skills etc. Positions as ramp service employees are available for full time and part time. Upon hire, a RSE will receive approximately 10.00 dollars per hour but salaries can go as up as 40.000$ per year for indispensable workers. For more information about RSE American Airlines careers please read details on job listings. (available on

Customer Care Representative: CSRs, as the name entails, are responsible with ensuring a smooth experience for the flyer. However, this doesn’t mean that their responsibilities end here. Customer Care representatives must interact with clients, help them sort out reservations or issues, check luggage, assist with technical inconveniences and operate at baggage claim desks. Good knowledge of the company’s policies and prices are a must. You should never show up for an interview with the company without knowing the basics about their services & payment plans.

An unusual thing about Customer service representatives at American Airlines is the fact that they also work up close with aircrafts during the boarding and landing process. They must have basic computer knowledge as well as physical ability (which enable them to lift up to 70 pounds). Individuals with excellent social skills and availability for work will be considered for this entry-level American Airlines career.

American Airlines Flight Attendant Job: This is arguably one of the most important positions within the company. Entry level flight attendants earn approximately $25.000 per year for entry level positions, and a maximum of 70.000 dollars per year once they gain more experience. Some of the basic responsibilities of American Airlines flight attendants include welcoming guests, explaining safety procedures, assisting customers during the flight, providing snacks etc.

To increase chances of getting hired you should know multiple languages, stand tall enough to reach luggage compartments, have a pleasant and well-groomed physique etc. Before you apply for this career you should keep in mind that, as far as schedules go, this is one of the most difficult jobs. Fluctuating between different time zones can put great strain on the body.

American Airlines Careers in Management

Careers in management, and at the corporate headquarters of the agency are also available for exceptional candidates who have experience, leadership and organizational skills. In general, the company promotes from within but if your CV shines bright you can definitely secure a great American Airlines employment offer. For more information about American Airlines careers in management careers we suggest consulting the official site here.

American Airlines Job Application Status

Once you have taken a closer look into the job directory, and decide on a suitable position, you have to start working on your application. Don’t rush into the process. Take your time to deliver the best possible jobs and employment form, because once you submit it all you can do is sit tight and wait for a response. You can browse more jobs with the help of the online platform (  From the careers tab, at the bottom of the company’s official site you can access your dashboard.

You should expect to hear back directly from the company within 3 or 5 days from applying. You can also check the status of the job if you applied online. Entry-level careers usually required one or two interviews prior to hiring, but for more difficult jobs (example: corporate or pilot careers), assessment modules and extensive interviews may be required.

Minimum Employment Age at American Airlines

Although you will not need any specific education degree when applying for most of these jobs, you will certainly need to be at least 18 years of age to fill out the American Airlines online application. Any applicant below the required age is discouraged from applying. For administrative positions you will probably have to be more than 20 years old (due to education and experience requirements).

American Airlines Hours of Operation

Offices of American Airlines are open throughout the year, and all 24 hours of the day. Each career comes with its own hours and schedule.

Tips for Applying for American Airlines Jobs

The American airlines hiring process is extremely straightforward. The first thing you need to do is to head over to the American Airlines career website.  You will see a short introduction where you are informed that jobs tagged with an “Open” flag are still available. You can apply for them directly or create a new record under “Future Notification” that sends you notifications about the position but will not register you as a candidate.

Before you start filling out your American Airlines application form, read in detail about the position you are applying for.  Read about the duties and your responsibilities, and determine if that is what you have in mind for your career.  Also, take some time when filling in the application form.  Reading more about the company’s history and achievements will give you the edge over other candidates for United Airlines careers.

Ensure that all details are filled in to the best of your knowledge and that you have not missed any section that requires your response. If there are any pre-requisites for the job, make sure that you have all the documents to support your claim. Your United Airlines application online should contain personal information such as Social Security Number, name, address, personal phone number, email and address. This will provide the means for hiring personnel to contact you in case you receive the job.

Additionally, you will also be required to submit a copy of your resume with your American Airlines job application form.  Make your resume genuinely stand out from the rest to increase your chances of getting the job.

Most Common Positions at American Airlines & Income Information

Although there are a variety of job positions that can be applied for in the organization, there is no common position that the American Airlines is constantly looking to hire people for. However, it can be safely said that customer service roles are always in large demand in the company. Pay packages offered by American Airlines to its employees are based on competitive industry standards.

American Airlines Benefits

American Airlines offers to all its employees’ professional development opportunities, including paid training programs and promotions. Moreover, applicants can apply for a full-time or part time job, and the benefits largely depend on your chosen type of job.

While exploring new American Airlines employment opportunities you should also take a look at benefits. In many cases non-wage benefits outweigh salary and compensation perks. At AA there are countless of benefits that you can take advantage of. They vary according to tenure, experience, position held, program eligibility etc.

To access the American Airlines Career page directly, click here.

Below you can check out all the benefits and travel privileges that come with American Airlines jobs. While these are the most basic privileges, they are also subject to change. In addition to this, there may be additional benefits that we did not mention on the list but which will be communicated to you by the hiring manager:

  • Retirement plans: like most other employees, United Airlines also offers great retirement programs like 401 (k) saving plan. The amount of coverage depends on your workgroup and experience.
  • Medical & Dental insurance: undoubtedly one of the most important work benefits, medical & dental coverage is offered to employees and their families.
  • Long & Short-term Disability plans
  • Vacation & sick-leave: both full and part time employees can benefit from paid vacation leave. Payment will be received if an employee is unable to work.
  • Profit sharing plans
  • Discounts & offers
  • Performance bonuses: workers who spend more time in the office will receive cash bonuses and other rewards. Also, if an employee meets monthly goals for a month he will benefit from generous financial incentives.
  • Long-term care: Upon proper verification of various social conditions an employee can benefit from daily living assistance expenses.
  • Flexible spending accounts: pre-tax money can be used to cover several health & care expenses.
  • Travel Privileges: United Airlines jobs come with a variety of perks, but one of the most exciting ones I without a doubt the travel privilege. The company offers great reduced-rates for travels that extend to family members as well. These reductions include travel passes, buddy passes for any destination (including Dallas, Chicago, Miami, NYC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, TX, Honolulu, Georgia, Orlando, FL, Raleigh, Charlotte, Minneapolis or Tulsa etc).

American Airlines Careers Site:

American Airlines Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

If you’ve guesses that the interview process for American Airlines careers is lengthy, you were right! Nevertheless, this is a necessary process considering the requirements of jobs. Quality and security are top priority for American Airlines jobs, and if you are not prepared to dedicate more than a few hours of your life for the entire hiring process you should probably not submit your job application in the first place.

On the other hand, if you truly wish to work in the company, the following interview tricks will come in handy. As far as the interview process goes, the basic questions remain the same: ‘Where did you study?’ ‘What experience do you have?’ ‘Tell us more about your job history’ etc. Your goal during the interview process is to stand-out from the rest. Since they chose your application, there must have been something that they saw in you.

Demonstrating that you are compatible with the agency’s ideals is extremely important. If you are available for work during the night, weekends or holidays you should definitely mention it during the interview. You should also focus on highlighting your strengths rather than weaknesses. Most interview questions for American Airlines careers cover work ethic and personality traits. AA has always welcomed questions from its interviewees, as it demonstrates genuine interest in the job.

Additional interview tips:

  • Show up at least 5 minutes early for the interview. Punctuality is of vital important, especially for airline carriers. This will demonstrate that you are reliable and serious about the position.
  • Appearances are important especially if you are applying for American Airlines Flight Attendant jobs. Wear a business or business-casual attire, comb your hair properly and try to appear well-groomed.
  • Offer a firm hand-shake at the beginning of the interview and thank the hiring manager for the opportunity at the end. Even if you don’t get the job you will have opened doors for future employment.
  • Don’t crouch or stare blankly at your feet. Body language conveys a lot of things, and confidence is one of the things you want to show. Stand up straight, with one foot next to the other and look your interviewer in the eyes.
  • Two to three days after the interview you can follow-up with a phone call to enquire about the status of your application. Do not come across as pushy or desperate, just remind the hiring manager that you are very interested in your American Airlines career.

Frequently Asked American Airlines Interview Questions

The tips presented above should help you nail the interview in no time. Below we have also listed some frequent interview questions. If you are interested in interview answers you should head over to GlassDoor, SnagaJob and other websites where employees and job-seekers share their experiences.

  1. Do you enjoy helping and serving people?
  2. Do you like working in a team?
  3. Do you have any experience flying on a regular basis?
  4. Why did you leave your last job?
  5. How long were you employed with your last employer?
  6. How well do you handle stress or rude clients?
  7. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now – career-wise – ?
  8. How does stress affect your ability to work?
  9. Do you fly a lot?
  10. Can you tell me anything about federal laws for air traffic?
  11. What can you tell me about American Airlines?
  12. Are you familiar with our prices and offers?
  13. Do you think you could handle carrying 70-100 pounds of cargo every day?
  14. What do you think about the company’s CEO?

This concludes our guide for American Airlines careers. For more information feel free to visit the company’s website. There you can offer great information about how to fill out the American Airlines job application form and much more. Good luck!

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