When you apply for a job at Weis Markets, you can apply for a wide range of positions. Work with customers and products in any one of many departments in the grocery store, or visit with customers as a cashier or a bagger. Learn more about Weis, what they value, and the benefits of working for this company.

Weis Application, Careers and Jobs

When it comes to the grocery industry, Weis Market is exactly like its name sounds: wise. Founded in 1912, it has grown from just a few employees to over 18,000 with over 165 locations in the Mid-Atlantic region including Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, New York, and New Jersey.

Success is important in the Weis chain, and that is in no way limited to corporate success. Weis prides itself on treating employees and customers well. When you work at Weis, it’s highly likely that you’ll feel valued and encouraged.

At Weis, you’ll be part of the team. The Weis corporation believes in respect for all individuals, values diversity, promotes inclusion of everyone and his or her ideas, and hard work together, as a team, to make Weis Markets wonderful places to shop and work.

If you are intrigued by the prospect of joining the Weis team, check out their job search page to see all that’s available to you.

Weis Online Job Application

Apply online for a job with Weis. You can search among thousands of available positions company-wide by using keywords, category, or location. Once your search results appear, you can click on a job, read the description, and click on the “Apply Now” button.

Find the handy search tool here: Weis Job Search

If you’re unsure of what to search, visit the Weis Career Areas page to learn about the plethora of job openings. Here, too, you can browse jobs, read descriptions, and click “Apply Now.”

Learn about the jobs and careers on the Career Areas page. Also, scroll to the bottom of the page to find links to specific areas, such as

When you’re exploring the Weis job site, you might encounter a page not listed above. It may be an outdated page, but because it exists on their website, we’ll provide you with the information to investigate if you so choose.

The most noteworthy information from this Careers page is a link to a downloadable application form. Applicants are instructed to download the form, complete it, and drop it off at a store or send it along with a resume to careers@weismarkets.com.

Unfortunately, the link takes you to an error screen rather than an online application. It may be that the online forms have replaced this method.

Minimum Age for Employment at Weis

To work at Weis Markets, you must be at least 16 years of age. Some departments, however, require employees to be at least 18.

Weis Hours of Operations

Store hours vary by location. For example, some stores open at 6 am, while others open at 7. Closing times differ as well, with some closing at 11:00 pm, others at midnight, and still others at 1:00 am. Different departments within a store frequently have individualized hours of operation.

Corporate headquarters and the distribution center also have hours that differ from the grocery retail locations. When you apply and interview, your hiring manager will discuss hours with you to ensure that you are available during needed times.

Positions at Weis

It takes many different people and jobs to make Weis successful. Here are some of the primary positions you may be hired to work.

Weiss Market Grocery Jobs and Careers

These jobs are within the Weiss Markets themselves.

Grocery Sales Associate

As a grocery sales associate, you’ll work throughout the store to facilitate a great shopping experience for customers. Greeting customers as you encounter them is a critical component of your job. You’ll be visible and available to answer questions, too. Further, you’ll be part of the team keeping the shelves stocked and the store clean.

Depending on your experience, you might begin this position earning minimum wage, which varies by state. You will have opportunities to receive raises and possibly make approximately $11 per hour.

Search grocery sales associate positions here.

Department-Specific Sales Associate

Weis Market stores have departments such as produce, deli, bakery, meat and seafood, dairy, floral, beauty, and others. If you work as a sales associate in a specialty department, you’ll help customers select products, answer questions, and generally make customers feel welcome and valued.

The pay is like that of a grocery sales associate. Depending on experience, you might begin at minimum wage or slightly higher. You’ll have opportunities to earn raises.

Interested? See what’s available.


As a cashier, you’ll complete the customers’ grocery purchases. You’ll run the cash register; thus you’ll be expected to handle money responsibly to ensure that at the end of your shift the correct amount of money is in your cash drawer. You might bag groceries, too, and you’ll be responsible for making sure your area is neat and clean.

Cashiers also provide exemplary customer service, answering questions, ensuring that they had a great shopping experience, and in general keeping the customer happy.

Like grocery sales associates, cashiers often begin making minimum wage and can earn raises, typically up to $11 per hour.

Check out what cashier positions are available for you.


Chat with customers, make them feel important all the way through the completion of their purchases, treat them respectfully by packaging their groceries correctly, and make them want to return.

Wages for baggers are on par with cashiers and sales associates.

See which stores need baggers.


All stores have a manager and assistant manager(s) that oversee the operations of the entire store. Managers ensure that both employees and customers are happy and satisfied, and they direct employees to complete tasks. It’s ultimately the managers who make the store run smoothly.

In addition to store managers, each department has a manager who tends exclusively to that department.

An entry-level supervisor might make around $12.00 per hour, while top managers in larger stores have been reported to earn nearly $75,000 annually. Salary varies depending on experience, qualifications, and scope of responsibility.

Explore managerial positions.


If you are a pharmacist or technician, you can work in one of the Weis Markets pharmacies. Pay is competitive with other pharmacies.

Find pharmacy jobs here.

Corporate Careers

The home office of Weis Markets is in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. Here, employees keep the corporation moving forward. Whatever your business specialty, it’s possible that Weis is currently in need of your talents.

Careers in accounting and finance, human relations, information technology, quality control, and more await educated, knowledgeable, and passionate employees.

Outside of the corporate headquarters, you will find anti-theft careers, dairy lab positions, and other careers that relate to the grocery and supermarket field. Salary varies per experience, education, location, responsibilities, and nature of the job.

See what jobs and careers await you in the corporate office.

Distribution Careers

Weis owns and operates a vast (over one million square foot) distribution center in Milton, Pennsylvania. Additionally, they have centers for meat, milk, and ice cream. This is the hub of all their grocery stores, the supply center.

As such, the company needs reliable people to make things happen at the distribution center. Depending on your background, you can work here as a product selector, driver, mechanic, office clerk, or other position as needed.

The Weis Markets distribution center offers many different jobs. Check them out here.

Tips for Applying and Interviewing at Weis

The Weiss value system centers around friendliness, kindness, and a caring attitude by everyone for everyone. Show how you fit their vision. Highlight involvement you’ve had in school and your community, and have examples ready to share of how you’ve shown respect for others.

Benefits of Working at Weis

A big perk of working for Weiss is their attitude toward both shoppers and employees. They strive for a friendly, positive environment for everyone. It starts with flexible scheduling to accommodate all of the other aspects of your busy life. This is just one of the ways Weis treats its employees well.

In addition to your hourly wage or salary, you can be eligible to receive benefits.

Insurance Benefits

Weiss Markets offers an attractive insurance package. You can receive medical (health) insurance and dental insurance. They also have a vision plan. You can also receive hospital indemnity insurance. Further, Weiss offers a prescription plan so you won’t pay full price for the medications you need.

You can also choose a life insurance policy. Weiss offers both term life insurance and whole life insurance.

The insurance benefits don’t end here. You could receive accident insurance as well as home and auto insurance through Weis Markets. Help your pet, too, with veterinary pet insurance.

These extensive insurance offerings support the company values of health and wellness. When hired, you’ll learn about their balance wellness program, another benefit to enhance the quality of your life.

Wage Extras

Weiss provides paid vacation days and paid holidays. They have a 401(k) plan, too, to help you save for retirement.

If something happens to you, their disability plans, both short- and long-term, will help you.

You can also enjoy an employee discount when you shop at Weis.

If you find these benefits and the idea of Weis Markets attractive, see which of the numerous available jobs could be yours.

Interesting Facts About Weis Careers

While Weis is a public company, 106 years after its founding it’s still very much family-operated. In fact, the chairman is its founder: Robert Weis, a man going strong in his 90s.

Weis Markets has other companies under its umbrella, including discount grocery stores and pet supply stores. When you work in a Weis Market, you’ll be a part of a bigger company with proven stability and growth rather than decline.