Veteran Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Veterans of the military all face a similar task; figuring out what to do next. Upon leaving the known world of their previous military service, they are faced with a wide open world of opportunity and uncertainty. Most will find their way into a job where their strengths and experience allow them to develop and advance rapidly. These jobs should turn into long careers of post military success. There are other options however.

Some ambitious or creative veterans will opt instead for the opportunity to turn their passion and drive into a business of their own. They will take an idea they have had or an interest they have found, and create something of their own. They will start their own business. This can be an overwhelming challenge, but also could provide the most fulfillment and satisfaction.

There will be hard work and failure, but with persistence, it is likely that the never-give-up attitude that is prevalent in the military will lead the new business owner to success. There is more to business however than just doing something. There is a need to establish and maximize relationships, and to turn the hard work into a process of fulfillment that utilizes a network of contacts new and old. Take the time to think about whom you know and how you may be able to work together or help each other. There are likely a few people that could contribute to your plans and help advance the dream. In return, you may be able to offer them something that they are not currently able to get from anywhere else.

Because there is more to business than hard work, networks, and a good idea, there are resources set up to assist the veteran in the goal of starting a new business venture. All businesses require funding, and fortunately there are options available only to military veterans. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers loans to assist veterans. Information and resources can also be found through the Small Business Administration and their Small Business Administration Office of Veteran Development.  Furthermore, many states offer loans and grants, and there are also private companies that provide funding to veteran-owned businesses.

To further the knowledge and skills that it often takes to successfully launch a business, many state-funded schools offer special assistance and grants to veterans. Schooling will always lead to better understanding of business principles, and a more rounded knowledge that is important in the challenges you will face as a business owner. Take advantage of all these resources to build the best foundation for your new business venture.

It is safe to say that, generally speaking, a system is in place to help the military veteran succeed in whatever path they take after their service. Don’t be afraid to look at all aspects of this new life and make the decisions that will best align with the goals you wish to create. Always doing so will equate to a life of fulfillment and joy. If this happens to be in entrepreneurship, you may find you have had few experiences as satisfying.

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