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The United Parcel Service of North America, also known as UPS, is one of the largest international shipment and logistics companies in the United States. It was founded in 1907, in Seattle, Washington by James E. Casey. At present, the company’s headquarters can be found in Sandy Springs, Georgia (part of the Greater Atlanta metropolitan area).

From humble beginnings in Seattle, WA as a bicycle delivery service, UPS has grown to be known as the world-wide leader in package delivery services. After almost 100 years since its inception, it has grown immensely, and it now delivers over 15 million packages every day to over 6.1 million clients in 220 countries and territories. UPS has earned the nickname “Brown”, due to its brown delivery trucks and uniforms for its employees. Among its products,the ones that bear mention are the Courier express services, Logistics services and Freight forwarding services. UPS’s primary business is the time-definite delivery of documents, products and packages across the world. In the last decade, the company has extended its services to less than truckload transportation and even supplies chain services.

The cargo (or freight) department refers to goods or produce that is transported for commercial gain, with the help of ships and aircrafts. Intermodal vans, trucks or trains can also be used, but the most convenient method of transport is with the help of containers, through long-haul cargo transport. Therefore, qualified staff is required to fill UPS freight jobs.

As far as staff goes, UPS employment is available for both entry-level and qualified professionals who understand the company’s vision. According to statistics, UPS employs roughly 423,500 staff (358,400 from the U.S. and 67,400 internationally). Most UPS careers are dedicated to drivers, package handlers, clerks and technicians. The benefits, working environment and salaries offered by UPS are so good that the company has only had one nationwide strike in history, and that was over 15 years ago.

If you are a dedicated, self-motivated individual, who believes in hard work and you want to be a part of something big, then a UPS career is right for you. The possibilities for growth are virtually endless when it comes to UPS, so don’t wait any longer. Or maybe you should wait until you finish reading all the tips we have to share regarding the UPS job application submission, UPS Interview Questions & Answers, UPS employee benefits and UPS careers. Then, if you’re still interested in working for UPS, go online and fill out a UPS application.

UPS Online Job Application

For the holiday season, UPS is planning on hiring 90,000-95,000 seasonal employees. In other words, you have even more opportunities for finding a great full- or part-time job. You can send in your UPS online application form via the official site or apply through Facebook & Twitter. If you disregard the UPS holiday jobs, you still have plenty of opportunities for long-term careers in entry level positions or managerial ones.

UPS is known for actively promoting its employees from within, so this will not be “just another job” for money. It is the type of job that can make it or break it for your career. It is, therefore, vital to have the proper knowledge on how to land a job with UPS.

If you are looking for a great opportunity for financial and professional growth, then go online at and fill out a UPS application online form. There are hundreds of employment opportunities all around the globe and UPS is looking for the best and the brightest hard-working individuals to fill these positions. UPS couldn’t have become one of the world-wide leaders in package delivery service without the hard work and dedication of its employees. If you want to be a part of something truly great, go online now and fill out a UPS online application.

Official website: or go to for career information

Minimum Age for Employment at UPS

The minimum age for a UPS employee is 16 years old. However, there are some positions that have a higher minimum age requirement – such as a driver. For more specific information on age and other employment requirements, visit the UPS website at If you find that you fill the requirements, then complete an application for UPS and start on your path to a fulfilling career.

UPS Hours of Operation

Hours of operation for UPS employment positions vary between locations and from job to job. There is hardly an hour when UPS isn’t on the move, which makes it easier for UPS to work with just about anyone’s schedule. Keep in mind, though, that if you receive a flexible schedule from UPS you should also be willing to cover more difficult occasions (holidays or weekends) if you are required to. For more specific information on hours of operation, go online to If you find that you may have an ideal schedule, then fill out a UPS application online.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Entry-Level UPS Careers and Income

Available UPS careers: local sort supervisor, package handler, truck driver, distribution supervisor, order processing representative, dockworker, UPS package handler job, I.T. associate, fleet mechanic, package delivery driver, administrative assistant, international freight specialist, automotive mechanic, warehouse associate, UPS driver jobs, UPS freight jobs, dispatch associate, customer support representative, road driver, inventory control associate, local sort supervisor, package center supervisor, package data supervisor, automotive mechanic, UPS warehouse jobs, order processing representative, plant engineering maintenance mechanic.

Careers at UPS range from entry-level positions, such as part-time package handler and driver helper, to drivers, all the way to upper-level management and corporate office careers. UPS offers competitive pay rates and flexible schedules. And, since UPS is a world-wide company, you should not have any trouble finding a job in your area. For more specific information and to find a UPS job application, go to

Average UPS Salaries:

  • Average UPS pilot salary: 190.600$/year
  • Average UPS package delivery driver salary: 53.350$/year
  • Average UPS supervisor salary (part-time): 23.466$/year
  • Average UPS Package Handler salary (part-time): 21.687$/year
  • Average UPS driver salary: 74.330$/year
  • Average UPS driver helper salary: 18.700$/year

There is a reason why so many online reviews praise and encourage new job-seekers to apply at the delivery company. UPS careers are the best place to get started, because the company loves to hire from within. It will also invest time and money into new recruits that show dedication and strong performances.

At the moment, UPS is providing training programs for employees and offering competitive salaries for individuals that live up to the task and understand the company’s core values. If you are qualified to hold one of the UPS jobs enumerated above, why wait any longer? The faster you submit your UPS application on, the higher the chances that you will be considered for hiring. Let’s take a look at the three, most popular and easy entry-level UPS jobs:

Package Delivery Driver: these are the guys who gave the company its unique nickname. They wear iconic brown uniforms during working hours and are in charge of delivering packages to customers. For this purpose they must maintain good physical health and they must be able to successfully perform manual labor. Obviously, a driver’s license and above average interpersonal skills are necessary for this UPS career.

If you want to advance within the company as a package delivery driver you must learn to be on time (because overtime will annoy customers), even during holiday seasons. UPS careers are also available for seasonal package delivery drivers who assist the regular staff during busy periods (holidays etc.). the UPS driver salary for package deliverers begins at 25,000$/year and may rise to as much as 70,000$/year based on performance.

Local Sorter: another career that you might be interested in is that of a local sorter. The job duties and responsibilities of a sorter include standing, bending, lifting heavy objects, and stooping during the duration of a shift. In general, local sorters work full-time, five days a week (a total of 40 hours). For this job, entry-level applicants will be considered only if they demonstrate strong, capable and motivated personalities.

During the interview process, this personality traits should be obvious to the hiring staff. Keep in mind, that a certain amount of stress will be expected in this career, as you will have to struggle with deadlines. If you think you have what it takes for this job you should submit your UPS application right away. The typical UPS local sorter salary varies between 8.00 and 10.00 dollars per hour. Tenured associates will win approximately 40,000$ per year.

Inside Sales Representative:Job description and duties for inside sales representatives are generating business with local and small companies as well as keeping older customers on a commercial level. In order to be successful in this UPS career you must demonstrate excellent communication and sales skills. In addition to this, you will be required to learn and know UPS products and services.

Before being hired full-time you will have to undergo a six weeks training at company-sponsored facilities. The main facility for training can be found in Phoenix, AZ. To obtain this UPS career you must own a bachelor’s degree and have sound decision-making abilities. Inside sales representatives should also work well within a team. The average salary and compensation rate for this type of job falls between 30,000$ and 45,000$ yearly. Do you think that this type of job matches your skillset? If the answer is yes, you should definitely send in your UPS online application as soon as possible.

UPS Careers in Management

UPS employment for management positions is also possible. The International parcel shipping company is always searching for educated managers with experience in the retailing industry. Management careers at UPS offer attractive pay rates as well as generous benefits packages. UPS is looking for highly-motivated individuals with a passion for efficiency and hard work to go online at and fill out a UPS application. UPS careers in management are highly desired positions.

That being said, UPS is looking for someone who can really knock their socks off. Go online and fill out a UPS application and show that you have what it takes to be the best manager UPS has ever had the privilege of hiring. Needless to say, anyone can become a manager, may it be the entry-level applicant or the university graduate. For the entry-level UPS employer this will mean years of experience gained within the company, and for the Uni graduate it will mean an impeccable CV and retailing industry knowledge. High management positions may be reviewed by the CEO.

Basic Tips for Applying at UPS

To be considered for UPS hiring, a job-seeker must first create a profile through the company’s career page ( and sign in with it. Remember your identification details. The next step would be to apply for multiple available positions that are relevant to his education and experience. To do this, job-seekers must navigate to the My Applications tab on the left side of the screen. You will gain access to a list of jobs and employment form with extensive description and requirements. After you have pin-pointed relevant careers you can fill in and submit your UPS online application. Keep in mind that it will take approximately two weeks to inform candidates of official hiring decisions.

Filling out a UPS employment application is one of the most important steps of becoming a UPS employee. It is the first thing the hiring manager at UPS is going to see about you. It’s their first impression of you, so make sure it is a good and lasting one. When filling out a UPS application, make sure you do the following:

Sell yourself! It’s been said countless times before and you’ve probably heard it before, but that’s because it’s true. In order to impress your prospective employer, you really need to put your best foot forward and highlight all the great things about you that would make someone want to hire you. It’s important to include any relevant work experience or education or other type of training you have. Include any awards you’ve won, any scholarships you may have received for school. If you had/have a high GPA in school, put it on the application. It’ll be impressive.

Be concise. You may have mountains of experience and job-related expertise, but unfortunately, there usually isn’t that much room on a UPS application form. So, you’ll need to be concise when you include what information you decide to include. And when deciding on which information to include on your application, be picky. Don’t include something that isn’t relevant, or that isn’t that impressive. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – UPS certainly won’t! If you do not have enough time to fill out your UPS online application, wait until you have at least 30-50 minutes on your hand. You want your application to shine! Pilots, handler, loader and preloader specialists will have to go through a verification process to be considered for a position.

Be thorough. When you finish filling out the application, read through it again. When you finish reading through, bug your friend for a bit. Ask them to read through it as well. When they finish reading through it, read through it yourself again. If you see anything that could be improved on, then improve it. Don’t leave anything blank. If a question is not relevant to you, simply mark it “N/A”, that way the UPS employer reviewing your application will know that you didn’t just accidentally look over a certain part of the application. If you are sure you have been as thorough as possible, send in your application, and then relax – it’s now out of your hands and into the capable hands of a UPS employer.

Official site: www. UPS

Your UPS application should have no spelling or grammar mistakes if you want to be taken seriously by the company. You should manage in creating correct application. If possible, include any additional materials and information about your career (example: cover letter, CV, references etc.). There may be no print out or PDF version of the UPS application but this doesn’t mean that you can’t go to the store in person and enquire about job openings. This may help you land a job faster. If a hiring manager answers your questions in the store this may lead to an on-the-spot interview.

Advanced Tips for Applying at UPS

A few other things to keep in mind after you’ve filled out a UPS job application form:

Follow up. This is the best way to find out more about the status of your UPS online application. After you have submitted your application online, find where the store for which you applied is located. Follow up by going in to speak with a hiring manager or the HR representative who is in charge of hiring. Offer a smiling face and a confident handshake to go along with that impressive application you submitted.

Alternatively, you can use the UPSjobs login to access your online profile. From here you can check the status of your applications, as well as new openings for a position that you are interested in. There will always be UPS part time jobs and full time jobs available on the career profile, you simply have to keep an eye open for new opportunities.

How to get a job at UPS? It’s actually quite simple if you respect the following tips:

  • The first thing you must do is find out more about United Parcel Service jobs, company vision and requirements. From the official page you should get the phone number, starting salaries information, data about chains, airlines and other partnerships. Did you know that UPS package handler jobs also offer health care benefits because they are physically demanding jobs? Also, drivers can work with package operaters or the freight division. Almost every job has UPS benefits; you just need to find out more about them by reading full descriptions.
  • Once you have completed your research you should go to the careers page on the UPS site ( The default setting on your login page will be “package handler” but you can change this with a click of the mouse. Other jobs include mechanic, driver, logistics expert, executive career, truck driver, helper etc.
  • You are advised to apply for a UPS career at your nearest city or location. You can do this by searching with ZIP or State parameters.
  • Through the UPS official site you must complete a profile which includes all the information that we have shared above. In order to check the status of your UPS online application you must provide your SSN and pass code to the created profile.
  • Additional tips: freight drivers are required to have a certain age and specific experience. Arm yourself with sufficient information before submitting your application.

UPS Job Application Status

Not that you have sent your UPS job application in, there is only one more thing you can do: wait to be called to an interview. With your online profile on the United Parcel Service careers page you can check the status of jobs and applications (through the My Applications tab). If you do not receive a call within two or three weeks, and the status of your application does not change, you can contact a hiring manager for more information. This can be done online, via email, on the phone or by visiting one of the nearest USA UPS locations. Checking the status of your UPS job application might give you the advantage, because hiring managers will probably do an interview on the spot.

Benefits at UPS

There are plenty of UPS employee benefits that you should know about. Besides the fact that UPSjobs salaries are very good, non-wage perks are also worth your attention. Benefits that all UPS employees can expect to enjoy are friendly co-workers, a welcoming work environment, impressive pay rates, and flexible hours. In addition to this, long-term employees who prove their worth will also be eligible for tuition assistance, financial planning employment benefits, wellness programs, 401 (k) retirement plans, medical, job security, savings account, dental, vision and prescription drug plans, to name a few.

If you’ve been part of the time for some time you will also have access to life insurance, disability coverage, paid time off for holidays and other occasions and healthcare spending. UPS store jobs are demanding, and the company knows how to treat its employees well. For more information on more tangible benefits, contact a local UPS store or visit (

UPS Job Interview Tips& Hiring Process Information

Everyone at UPS has the opportunity to grow, whether they’re fresh graduates or experienced managers. But before you can lend your talent to the global leader in logistics, package delivery & supply chain solutions, you must prove that you are a worthy member to the hiring staff. Let’s take a look at a few UPS job interview tricks that will help you nail the job.

Most entry-level interviews for positions like trucking loader, package handler, or driver helper begin with a tour of the building. If they are successful, they move on to one-on-one interviews or panel meetings with hiring managers. In general, UPS interviews include 10 to 15 candidates at a time for seasonal positions (the holidays are coming!). During this process, a hiring manager will spend several minutes with each applicant before he makes a decision.

Applicants looking for UPS employment that entails manual labor should dress business-casual for the UPS interview. Overdressing will not necessarily increase chances of getting hired. However, you should show enthusiasm, dedication and genuine interest in the UPS store careers. If you are asked for a tour, you should come 10-15 minutes earlier to familiarize yourself with the rules and hiring manager. For the entry-level interview you may also be required to pass a criminal background check. Does UPS drug test? The answer is yes.

For UPS driver jobs or UPS truck driving jobs you will probably have to go to an one-on-one interview with a panel of managers or other supervisor. One interview is enough for the hiring staff to make up its mind regarding employment. On the other hand, if you are applying for UPS management positions, you should know that there will be multiple interviews with multiple hiring managers. All in all, the UPS interview isn’t difficult, but you have to be prepared for it. Keep your interview answers concise and to the point, maintain eye contact, hold a good posture and you will be fine.

Read more about the Interview process on

Let’s take a look at some frequently asked UPS interview questions.

Frequently Asked UPS Interview Questions

  1. How would you motivate an employee who is depressed?
  2. Tell me about a time you disagreed with a decision from a manager. How did you move forward?
  3. How would you resolve a conflict between two co-workers?
  4. Can you lift more than 70 pounds?
  5. Are you able to lift moderately heavy packages every day?
  6. How old do I have to be to work for UPS?
  7. Can you use a tractor or trailer? What about large trucks?
  8. How well do you work under deadlines?
  9. Are you good with directions?
  10. Could you work for a long period of time while turning, bending and walking?
  11. Why do you want to be in full time management?
  12. What’s the most attractive part of the job?
  13. Is your drive more than 20 minutes?
  14. Tell me about a goal you met and how you achieved it.
  15. Tell me about a time you had a disagreement with a co-worker. How did you overcome it?
  16. Are you available in the holidays and weekends?

Dress to impress. Before you go in, iron your shirt. Make sure whatever you decide to wear when meeting your potential employer looks professional. Something to keep in mind, when meeting a hiring manager, is to not be underdressed. You might even want to overdress, by about one degree. So, if the UPS dress code is a shirt with a collar and slacks, then wear a tie with slacks – leave the coat at home. Or, if you’re a lady, wear a business skirt and a collared shirt. Leave them confident in your ability to meet their expectations.

To access the UPS Online Application directly, click here.

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