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United States Marine Corps Employment

The U.S. Marine Corps, a branch of the U.S. Army, has its beginnings in the colonial forces battling the British, with the 1775 formation of  Continental Marines battalions mustered in order to provide infantry support by sea to the revolutionaries.  The U.S. Marines have fought and served in every American war and conflict in the centuries since, a proud service record of which you can be a part when you complete a United States Marine Corps online application for employment.

United States Marine Corps Jobs Available

You may complete a United States Marine Corps application form for positions such as the following: Maintenance Management Agent, Soldier, Clerk for Personnel, Operator of Field Radio, Clerk for Administration, Linguist for Middle East Cryptology, Combat Engineer, Postal Clerk, Metal Worker, Intelligence Agent, Survival and Water Safety Teacher, Imagery Analysis Agent, Rifleman, Ammunition Technician, Scout Sniper, Machine Gunner, Machinist, Electrician, Infantry Assault, Anti-tank Missile, Logistics and Embarkation Agent, Air Delivery and Airborne Agent, Landing Support Agent, Field Wire, Field Artillery Cannoneer, Operator of Field Artillery Radar, Reconnaissance, Marine Combat Teacher, Martial Arts Teacher, Marksmanship Teacher, Small Arms Weapons Teacher, Engineer and Equipment Mechanic, Small Craft Mechanic, Drill Instructor, Leader of Infantry Unit, and Technician for Electronics Maintenance.

Minimum Employment Age at the United States Marine Corps

The United States Marine Corps job application online is open to any person who is at least eighteen years old (or seventeen years old if parents or guardians sign permission), and as old as twenty-seven.

Important Tips to Apply Online with the United States Marine Corps

  • Go to the Go Marine Corps webpage and select the tab labeled “Making Marines” in order to find out about career paths and jobs currently available, the general and specific qualifications required for Marine Corps positions, a tool enabling you to search among the jobs available, and an array of other resources, in addition to a hyperlink to the United States Marine Corps online application.
  • To be qualified for a United States Marine Corps job application form, you need to have finished high school with a diploma, or hold a G.E.D. as well as fifteen college credits of coursework.

Most Common Positions with the United States Marine Corps & Income Information

The ASVAB (an acronym for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) tests applicants to help them identify their strengths and interests, assisting them in deciding—with the advice of their recruiter—which career paths within the U.S. Marine Corps would be best suited to their skills. Every successful United States Marine Corps job application leads to salaried positions, which may be in any of the following areas: propulsion systems and fuel, operations and business, medicine and health, military intelligence, administration, space exploration and natural science, technology and electronics, emergency response and management, applied science and engineering, upkeep of facilities, repair and maintenance, development of future technology, ground vehicles and transportation, legal work, transportation and logistics, special operations, computer sciences, or material and weaponry.

United States Marine Corps Benefits

As the saying goes, “Once a Marine, Always a Marine.” Once you complete your boot camp training, you will have benefits for your entire lifetime. Professional development and training are among the most widely touted benefits of any career path within the U.S. Marine Corps.  The Marine Corps offers job training for operational and technical positions and offers opportunities for professional training for prospective health care providers and lawyers.  Your United States Marine Corps application might lead you to a commissioned officer’s position or an enlisted position, and either way you will benefit from the perks of the TRICARE health insurance coverage for Armed Forces service members, disability and life insurance coverage, provided housing, retirement and pension plans, benefits for veterans, and access to services for soldiers and families.  Special pay will be given for specific jobs for the United States Marines, in addition to which, you will be eligible for tax breaks and food allowance.

To access the United States Marine Corps Online Application directly, click here.

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