If you are interested in a career in the insurance industry, you need to find the right company that will suit your needs. It will not be that difficult to find a job but it might take some time with a long list of companies at your disposal.

In this article, we will save you time and effort by making a list of the top and most popular insurance companies to work for. We will investigate the potential of each of the companies to make it a bit easier for you to find the right company to work for.

Read on and see for yourself which one of these companies is the one where you will start your career.

Morgan Stanley

With its headquarters located in New York, this insurance company is one of the highest-paying companies to work for. Even though they do not sell their own in-house insurance policies, they broker through a list of other insurance companies to negotiate the best options.

Morgan Stanley has a high staff retention rate while employees stay in their service for an average of 4.4 years. These statistics indicate that the average employee at this company is quite happy and would rather keep working for them.

It appears to be an excellent option for a high achiever who wants to work with this company if the more than 68,000 seemingly satisfied employees are any indication.


The slogan of this insurance company with a high employee count is, “Working together, we are one.” They have offices all over the world, and thus, working for them can allow a global citizen to work in up to 54 different counties.

This company has a wide range of financial and insurance products they provide to their customers, so the job opportunities are diverse. Chubb also has a range of benefits for their employees which includes great retirement packages and good health care to name a few.

In-depth training and special projects are only the beginning of a career with a lot of potential for development for all their employees.

QBE Insurance Group

This company is listed in the top 20 insurance and reinsurance companies globally, with branches in 37 countries. They have an excellent rotation rate of just over five years, which means people clearly do not move on quickly to other companies.

Its mission is to build the strongest partnership with its customers and they are successfully achieving this goal all around the world. With a large employee base of more than 12,400, they are one of the great leaders in the insurance industry.

You will start with quite a high entry-level salary and your potential for personal growth is ever-present in this insurance company.

ProSight Global Inc. – ProSight Specialty Insurance

Based in New Jersey, ProSight is a medium-sized insurance company with just over 350 employees and a lot of growth potential. With a high retention rate of about 4.5 years, their employees tend to stick with them for a while, which speaks volumes. 

With a high average salary, this company provides a good base for their employees with great benefits to go with it. The products provided by ProSight are sold through a limited group of retail partners with a broad distribution base.

If you are interested in growing with a lot of potential, this will make a good choice while enjoying a good work environment.


Healthmarkets is a medium-sized insurance company with just more than 500 employees and a wide range of job opportunities for those interested in the industry. Healthmarkets provides affordable health insurance plans for individuals, families, and small businesses with a list of benefits included in their plans.

Employees enjoy a healthy working environment and quite a high average annual salary to keep them happy and loyal. With a high diversity score and retention rate of more than five years, this is an excellent company with whom to start your career.

They’re continually hiring because the company has excellent potential to become a huge market actor in health insurance.

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company

With a very high retention rate of nearly seven years, the employees at this company seem very happy. With a high diversity and a healthy work environment, it is no wonder people do not tend to leave the company to find a career elsewhere.

When joining the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, you can be sure to start with a higher than average entry-level salary to begin your career. With a long list of jobs, there is a lot of potential for anyone who cares to join this company as an employee.

Based in Novato, California, this insurance company provides a list of personal, casualty, and commercial property insurance packages.

Hand holding umbrella wood block cover Insurance icon

Partners Group

With its offices based in Portland, OR, this company is one of few leaders in the insurance industry with about 1500 employees. They do not have a high retention rate, which is about 3.6 years, but they do have a high average annual salary.

While the lowest salaries in this company are in the region of just over $40,000 annually, it is still a bit higher than others. Qualified lawyers may find a good position and environment at this company, but they also have a range of other job opportunities.

Joining this company can provide you with a foothold in the real estate industry and benefit from the insurance-related packages that they offer.


Axa is a company with great potential and a high growth rate where you can work in a very friendly and diverse environment. With offices in 54 countries and about 153,000 employees, this company has a retention rate of 4.1 years, indicating a moderately strong sense of loyalty among employees.

A high average annual salary will keep you happy while also enjoying a lot of professional growth and training opportunities. Flexible hours and a healthy work environment will make it a great place to start your career in the insurance industry.

They are based in New York and their mission to protect people and put their customers and individuals first will make you feel at home.


These are only a few of the top insurance companies to work for if you want to start a new career in the insurance industry. Hopefully, the companies listed in this article will help you make decisions that will last a lifetime and a happy career.