The Best Companies to Work for in NYC

Looking to move to New York City?

If you live in New York City (NYC) or are thinking about moving there, you might be wondering, “Which companies are the best to work for in NYC?” To get an answer, you’ve come to the right place. We will discuss some of the best companies to work for in NYC below.

NYC lives up to its name of being “The City that Never Sleeps” because it is always hustling and bustling. It is home to many companies and industries of all sizes, including start-ups, large corporations, and small firms, opening the door wide for job opportunities in every sector. 

It is the number one place students and new college graduates apply to for jobs. With over 19 million people in New York, over 8 million have made New York City their home, and it is bound to keep increasing due to the wide range of job opportunities.

However, one of the biggest issues many face is pinpointing the best NYC companies to work.

Well, you are in luck, as we have put together a list of the top companies in NYC where you can find great jobs. Whether your dream is to work in the best small firms, start-ups, or tech companies, we’ve got you covered. This guide will help you find the perfect place to work and build your career.

Is Getting a Job in New York City Easy?

“Is it easy to get a job in New York City?” is one of the most common questions asked or searched for when people are looking to get a job in New York.

One thing you need to know is that the ease at which a job is gotten, no matter the location, depends on several factors, including educational level, experience, skills and expertise, and the job/role demand.

New York is a land of high job demands and opportunities, and although they are bound to these factors, getting a job in New York is easy. This is because there are always high job demands from industries like warehousing and storage, education, healthcare, hospitality, transportation, support services, and more. It’s safe to say that in New York City, no company is inferior as each is best in their operations and what they offer,  

So, technically, it is easy to get a job in NYC because there are always jobs. However, it can also be quite difficult because New York City is filled with smart, career-oriented, and energetic people who raise the competition high to get these jobs.

Top Companies to Work For in NYC 

Here are some of the best companies to work for in New York City.

1. American Express

Based in Manhattan, American Express is one of the top financial services and insurance companies available. Known for its commitment to creating an inclusive company culture and ensuring employee satisfaction, American Express is one of the best places to work in New York City.


If you are into computer software, this is one of the best tech companies to work in. NVIDIA is one of the leading software designers and manufacturers in the world today.  NVIDIA has ton’s of opportunities! Find more about working for NVIDIA here.

3. Healthcare

If you are into healthcare, you are in luck. The healthcare industry is one of the largest industries in NYC actively hiring. There are so many open positions across various roles, from doctors and nurses to IT professionals, physical therapists, psychologists, dietitians, and more.

Some of the best healthcare systems you can apply to include:

All these healthcare systems have branches in various places, which makes it possible to apply to anyone close to you while working under the umbrella of the company.

4. ServiceNow

Here is a company that understands the importance of a healthy work-life balance and offers attractive benefits to all employees. ServiceNow is a digital solution well-known for its innovative technology. It is a great place for anyone in the tech industry.

5. Wegmans Food Market, INC.

Wegmans is one of the best in the retail industry because it partners with local agencies, farms, and food banks. It prioritizes the well-being and satisfaction of its employees and offers attractive benefits and a conducive workplace environment.

Note: Wegmans is far away from the city so if you are okay with the long commute, this is a really amazing company to work for.

6. Deloitte

Deloitte is a global leading company in consulting, accounting, and professional services. Perfect for people for jobs in accounting, auditing, consulting, tax, or technology. Deloitte offers a wide range of career opportunities, and one of the things that makes it stand out in the workforce is its commitment to creating a supportive culture that values collaboration, diversity, and inclusion. Overall, it is an amazing place to work in New York City. Looking for more info on working at Deloitte? Check out this article!


This is a start-up tech company that offers more than a normal start-up company would. Offering benefits that are above the standard, such as paid time off, a $5,000 travel stipend, free lunch, and up to $750 per year for gym memberships, it is no wonder is one of the best tech companies to work for in NYC.

Not only do you get to build yourself, but you also get to try your hand at so many things outside your field.

8. Procore

This is a very popular company in New York City. Offering construction management, real estate, and software engineering, all in the same company, you can imagine how great it will be working there.

It is one of the best companies for software engineers, and although it is in the mid-sized company segment, it is the best in offering amazing work culture.


New York City is a great place to start your career (if you are working for the first time) or expand your career (if you are changing jobs or looking for something different). It is, after all, the home of some of the top companies today.

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, in the medical field, in the media industry, a game developer or player, a finance specialist, or in construction, NYC has job opportunities for everyone.