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Employment with Orange Leaf

Orange Leaf is an innovative national frozen yogurt company that boasts a unique position at the forefront of the industry. The Orange Leaf sells frozen yogurt in a self-serve style where customers can choose their flavors and toppings. Customers earn loyalty rewards points with every cup that they buy from the Orange Leaf. To show their adaptability in a modern market, the company uses the hashtag #BEORANGE to express the company’s emphasis on individuality and customer choice. If working for them sounds tempting, check out the below Orange Leaf application outline.

The Orange Leaf began as a small shop in Oklahoma relatively recently in 2008. In less than a decade, the company has expanded to over 300 franchises around the United States and beyond. Orange Leaf stores operate as independent franchises. Stores are often hiring Team Members, Assistant Managers, and Managers.

People who enjoy working in the food service industry and customer service may enjoy a position with the Orange Leaf. Operating in this environment may sound interesting. However, this guide will get you started with your Orange Leaf application, and maybe take you there.

Orange Leaf Job Application

If you are ready to apply to work for Orange Leaf, you will want to start your Orange Leaf application process by contacting your local store to see if they have any open positions. You can find your local store using the Orange Leaf website. If your local store is hiring, they will most likely ask you to come in and fill out a paper application. After you complete the form and return it to the store, a manager from the store will contact you within a few days to schedule you for an interview.

The company occasionally posts Orange Leaf on websites like Indeed and Snagajob. The links you can see above will direct you to any current Orange Leaf positions currently posted online. If you choose to apply this way, all you need to do is upload a resume and follow the prompts given to you by either website. Typically, this involves an easily apply feature that allows you to log into your account on the job website and submit a pre-populated form with your information and resume already included.

From there, a hiring manager from the Orange Leaf store for which you applied will contact you for an interview. There is no online Orange Leaf application. Therefore, interested individuals may need to check with their local store frequently before being able to apply. Some of the most popular Orange Leaf stores are in the following areas:

  • New York City;
  • Houston;
  • Cleveland;
  • St. Louis;
  • Indianapolis;
  • Raleigh, NC;
  • Columbus;
  • Cincinnati;
  • San Antonio;
  • Oklahoma City;
  • Louisville;
  • New Orleans.

Remember there are over 300 Orange Leaf stores. Be sure to check the store locator tool to find all the Orange Leaf locations near you.

Application Status

Except for management positions, the Orange Leaf application and hiring process typically takes one week or so to complete. Some applicants will move through the process faster and receive an offer within a few days. Hiring managers usually contact candidates over the phone.

Applicants are encouraged to check in with their local store if they haven’t heard from a manager within 36-48 hours after turning in an Orange Leaf application. Applicants can also visit stores in person to check on their request. Hiring managers prefer if you try not to come in during peak business hours to ensure that they can meet you.

Minimum Requirements to work for Orange Leaf

  • You must be at least 18 years old to work for Orange Leaf.
  • You must be comfortable interacting with customers and helping keep the store clean and inviting.

Orange Leaf Working Hours

All Orange Leaf locations operate during the same hours:

  • Mon-Thurs: 11:00 AM-10:00 PM;
  • Fri-Sat: 11:00 AM-12:00 AM;
  • Sun: 11:00 AM-11:00 PM.

Income Expectations

Orange Leaf job descriptions are simple and easy to adhere to. Entry level employees find it easy to get a handle on store operations and expectations. Most team members start out earning minimum wage. However, employees can earn pay increases over time as they prove consistent and stellar performance. Orange Leaf hires new employees on a rolling basis for the following positions:

  • Staff Member: Staff members help customers purchase their snacks, make helpful suggestions, and keep the store clean. This job requires standing and lifting to 25 pounds at a time. Staff members may work with only one or two other employees during shifts. This requires teamwork and prioritization to get everything done during one shift. The staff members start at minimum wage for their state and earn more income over time.
  • Shift Leader: The shift managers of each store are responsible for opening and closing stores on time and according to company policy. These employees count registers, clean equipment, and interact with customers during the day. Also, shift leaders are direct supervisors for team members and may also assist with recruiting, hiring, and training new employees. Shift leaders make between $8.00 and $10.00 per hour depending on location and experience.
  • Manager: Managers at the Orange Leaf are responsible for maintaining equipment, arranging repairs when these are necessary, keeping track of inventory, recruiting and training, and scheduling. Typically, managers develop strategies and different ways to increase sales. Manager salaries are between $30,000 and $35,000 per year, depending on experience.

Other Careers with Orange Leaf

The Orange Leaf offers independent franchises to those interested in owning their stores. You can fill out a quick online form to have franchising information sent directly to you. Just visit the franchise section of the Orange Leaf website to find the form.

Orange Leaf offers franchises in standalone stores, airports, and shopping centers in over 200 locations around the U.S. The company places new franchise owners in mentorships with other partners to create a supportive atmosphere which focuses on success.

Basic Tips for Applying with Orange Leaf

When working on your Orange Leaf application, you should remember that the company values individuality and excellence in customer service. The following tips will help you complete a successful Orange Leaf application:

  • Call your local store first to inquire about open positions;
  • Follow up in person to complete your job application forms;
  • Turn in completed forms within 24-48 hours;
  • Follow up with your store via phone or in person within one to three days after turning in your application;
  • Be sure to check in with your store during non-peak hours so that managers will be available to meet with you;
  • Smile during in-person interactions;
  • Emphasize your customer service work experiences.

As an applicant, you should prepare to answer traditional interview questions such as:

  • Why do you want to work at the Orange Leaf?
  • How much experience in customer service do you have?
  • Do you work well under pressure?

Benefits of Working for Orange Leaf

Employees enjoy a variety of advantages working for Orange Leaf:

  • Paid training;
  • Free frozen yogurt (in limited amounts) during shifts;
  • Flexible hours to meet your needs;
  • Optional overtime during holiday seasons;
  • Advancement opportunities for employees with a high amount of motivation.

Every Orange Leaf franchise is just a little different. Stores have the flexibility to put their spin on the brand to make it a success in every town where there is a store. Employees are encouraged to bring the same individuality to the work that they do.

Frequently Asked Orange Leaf Applicant Questions

Some of the most commonly asked questions from Orange Leaf applicants reveal their answers below as you prepare to complete your Orange Leaf application.

  • Can I apply online? There is no online application since Orange Leaf stores operate as franchises. Contact your local store and follow the procedures above to apply.
  • What does a typical shift look like for team members? Team members work in small teams to ensure that all equipment is clean and working. A regular shift consists of helping customers make their own choices for their yogurt toppings, ringing customers up and taking payment, and following operating procedures as described by the store manager.
  • What should I expect after I turn in my paper application? Most qualified applicants are contacted within a few days after turning in their applications. A manager will most likely call you to set up an in-person interview. These interviews are one-on-one. Employment offers are usually made by the end of the week.
  • What if my store says they aren’t hiring? You are welcome to call back in a few weeks. Orange Leaf stores hire on a rolling basis based on need. You can also check online job sites for possible listings.
  • What should I know about the products that Orange Leaf sells? Orange Leaf has a variety of flavors that are both traditional and original. They have no-sugar-added options and lactose-free The store offers many topping options that customers can put on (or in) their yogurt treats in their exciting atmosphere.
  • Why aren’t there more types of positions available with Orange Leaf? Orange Leaf stores are operated as small franchises. Franchise owners go through a separate business application process. Therefore, they typically hire small teams of dedicated employees to replicate the efficient business model that the original owner designed.
  • If I don’t hear back from the store in a few weeks, am I able to re-apply? Yes, but you should follow up with your local store either in person or over the phone to check on your first application’s status. Managers are impressed by applicants who follow up on their applications as this shows initiative and drive.

Working with Orange Leaf

Orange Leaf is looking for employees who work well with small teams and diverse groups of people. Efficiency and excellent customer service are necessary skills to be successful within the Orange Leaf company. You should be willing to jump right into the company culture and do your part to help make the store a success. One thing that sticks out about Orange Leaf is their upbeat focus on expanding the brand through social media. #BEORANGE is one way that the company is increasing their visibility as a national frozen yogurt shop.

While other self-serve frozen yogurt chains are popping up around the country, Orange Leaf is unique in their approach to making their stores feel like more of an experience, not just a snack stop. If you want a career where you can be unique, help other people have fun while they are enjoying their favorite frozen treats, and enjoy a variety of company benefits, your Orange Leaf application is just a phone call away. Check with your local store today to join the #BEORANGE team.

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