The best place to start a job search is on the internet. While companies once accepted applications in person, most businesses now only take them online. If you have an interest in working at a retail business like Save-A-Lot, then it is important to know the correct Save-A-Lot application process.

Looking for Job Opportunities

If you’re wondering whether a company is hiring, then you need to look for job openings on their website. However, there doesn’t need to be current openings to apply for a job at some companies, like Save-A-Lot. Instead, they allow people with interest in their company to apply for retail or corporate positions for future openings.

Where to Submit an Application

To start the process of applying to a company, such as Save-A-Lot, go to their website and look for a link or tab labeled “Job Opportunities.” On the Save-A-Lot site, they have two options, one for “Hourly Opportunities,” and a “Career Area.”

Before you begin searching for the application and fill it out, learn more about the company by going to the “About Us” page. Many businesses have their history, mission statements, and other information about the company and the types of work atmosphere they have tried to create on this webpage.

Hourly Workers

If you want to work as an hourly employee, select that option and use the search feature on the website to look for jobs by zip code, the name of the city and state, or you can look at their current openings. However, if they don’t have openings in your area, you can still apply for future opportunities at a store located within fifty miles of your home.

Apply for an Hourly Position

Whether you find an opening that you’re interested in or the types of job openings they may have in the future, click the provided link and read the information about the position. This information usually includes:

  • A full job description.
  • Requirements for the job.
  • Physical Requirements for a position.

Save-A-Lot also offers job video previews for their positions. After reading all the information, click “Apply Now.” Most business will have applicants start an account on their site, which allows them to start an application and come back to it if they are interrupted when filling it out. The account also is where messages from the company can be sent to an applicant.

Once an applicant registers an account, they will receive a confirmation of their account via email. Then, they can upload a resume to include with the other information they will go on to fill out. If you send your resume, don’t forget to add a cover letter to it. However, a resume is not required for applying for an hourly position.

Next, applicants will fill out their personal details, such as their name, address, phone number and Social Security Number. Fill out the forms thoroughly, along with the application. If the information is missing, it can cause your application to be passed over when companies are ready to interview for any of the openings for which you’re qualified.

Along with the personal information section and an application, there may be other information that needs to be filled out. The grocery company has applicants fill out an arbitration agreement, disclosures, and answer pre-employment questions.

Fill everything out thoroughly or note on the application that you’re applying for your first job, if that’s the case. An application that isn’t completed will often not be taken seriously, but if a hiring manager can see this is the first job you’ve applied for, then that can make a difference when they decide whom to interview.

After filling in any information, always go back and read it to make sure it’s accurate. Make changes if necessary, then submit the information.

Career Opportunities

If you’re interested in a career position with a company like Save-A-Lot, go to their “Career Areas” webpage to learn about which areas within their company they offer. For instance, for this retailer, they list:

  • Store Management
  • Multi-Unit Leadership
  • Distribution Opportunities
  • Corporate Opportunities

Click on the links to read more about these career areas for Save-A-Lot.

If you click the red “Search Management Opportunities” box, you will find openings for the four career areas. Otherwise, you can search for openings by the state for which to apply. Like the hourly opportunities information, you should read the job descriptions thoroughly.

This information includes the type of relevant experience you should have, education level, certifications, knowledge, and the skills and abilities you will need to have to qualify for the career position within the company. They will also include any relevant physical requirements that may be necessary.

Submit a Resume

Before uploading your resume, make sure the information on it is up-to-date. Sometimes people forget to include updated information about their current job, like their supervisor’s name if it’s changed or the number of years they’ve worked at the company.

Also, write a cover letter that does a good job of promoting your skills, education, and knowledge about the position for which you’re applying. All applications look the same after reading the first 20 or so, and the cover letter can help you stand out from the other applicants trying to get the same position.

After uploading your cover letter and resume, you’ll fill out a personal information section, an arbitration agreement, and other information required for a career position. The process may also include sending copies of certificates, references, and any licenses that you hold.

As already mentioned, you’ll want to review all the information included in your forms and make any changes before submitting them to the company. Fill everything out thoroughly, make sure the information on your cover letter and resume is up-to-date, and upload the appropriate documents.

After Submitting Application

Once your resume and/or your application have been submitted, the company will review them. If they have an opening near you for an hourly job or a career area opportunity, they will contact you for a phone interview if you qualify for the position.

You may also undergo a panel interview, a drug screening, background check, store walk-through, and other evaluations that they may request. The process could take a long time unless there are several openings in your area. Save-A-Lot, like most retailers, may open new stores and require employees to fill the positions they have open.

Following Up on a Job Application

After submitting your application, you don’t need to sit around and wait until the company contacts you. Instead, you can follow-up on the resume or application you’ve submitted. However, before contacting the company, there are a couple of things you should do first.

Check for Response Times

If you’ve had any correspondence with the company, such as a hiring manager, review that information for a date in which they said they would respond back to you. Wait until after that date to check up on your application.

Add Follow Up Information to Cover Letter

When you write out a cover letter, include your plan to follow up on your application by a specific date. The only time you shouldn’t add this information is if there are instructions not to call or contact the company after you’ve applied to them.

How to Follow Up

Unless you’ve submitted an application in person, then following up by going to the business isn’t necessary, and it probably isn’t a good idea. As with most large companies, their Human Resources offices are usually in a central location, such as their corporate headquarters, not at the location where you applied.

Send an Email

One of the ways that an online application or resume submission can be followed up on is by sending an email to the HR department. However, if you sent your information to a specific person, then you should address the email to him or her. Include your interest in the job and suggest meeting for an interview in your email.

Social Media

Many companies have profiles on LinkedIn so that you can send a follow-up inquiry through their account. If you have an employer’s name, then you can search LinkedIn for the hiring manager or the department manager’s email and send the follow-up inquiry to them.

Call Them

If you have the phone number of the company, use it for your follow-up inquiry. This method will give you the chance to voice your interest in the job and company over the phone, and briefly explain why you would be a good fit for the business.

When following up on your resume or a Save-A-Lot application, always be professional and polite. Even though the process can be frustrating, try not to let that come through in your voice or email. Address anyone professionally by using Mr., Ms., or Mrs. with their last name.

Keep your phone conservation or email message short and polite, so you don’t take up too much of their time. Reiterate your interest in the company and then leave the ball in their corner to contact you about the company and the job for which you’ve applied.