As one of Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For, QuikTrip jobs are different from your average retail experience. QuikTrip doesn’t believe in the corporate re-shuffle: their organization is committed to hiring from within stores. All employees are eligible for various bonuses, and some even receive a share of the company’s profits that can total up to nearly $6,000 on average.

It’s no secret that QuikTrip is well regarded among convenience and retail stores, but how do you get a job there?

With 700 stores across 11 states, QuikTrip has positions available near you. Here’s the complete guide to the QuikTrip application, careers, and jobs.

Where to Find Jobs at QuikTrip

Want to work at a QuikTrip store? Most applicants begin their journey online.

Visit the Jobs section QuikTrip’s website and click Apply under Store Jobs.

Once you’re there, choose your market (the city you prefer to work in) and click Proceed to Application.

The form asks if you:

  •    Have a valid social security number or work permit
  •    Are under 16, over 16, or over 18
  •    Prefer full-time, part-time, or either

You’ll then get to choose what positions you’re interested in:

  •    Relief assistant
  •    Night assistant
  •    Days
  •    Evenings
  •    Nights

From here, you have the opportunity to select your ideal schedule and enter your details.

Minimum Age for Employment at QuikTrip

Applicants for a part-time store clerk position must be 16 years of age to apply.

Night assistants and managers must be 18 years old.

Each state sets legal scheduling requirements for minors.

Getting a Job at QuikTrip: What It Takes

Working at a QuikTrip-owned convenience store requires more than a standard application. You’re also expected to sit for an interview. While most part-time jobs hold meetings in their store, QuikTrip goes one step further: candidates are invited to the local corporate office to test their skills.

And they will test your skills.

The next time you fill up at QuikTrip, pay with cash and notice how you receive your change. Every single transaction is counted out by the staff member in their head. There’s no number on the screen showing the amount of change due.

QuikTrip does this to ensure everyone counts their change twice: once when the cashier pulls it out of the drawer and again when he or she hands it to the customer.

To make sure you’re capable, QuikTrip tests your math skills before or during your interview. Rather than seeing all the math as off-putting, understand it as an opportunity to improve your calculation skills.

Once the interview is in full swing, the interviewer asks about the hours you’re willing to work. QuikTrip values flexibility so that shifts during peak periods receive the right coverage. You should be willing to work either weekends, evenings, or holidays without ruling out any of the three entirely.

QuikTrip also prides itself on customer service and much of the reason the organization promotes managers instead of hiring them is to ensure their precise brand of customer experience shines through.

Prepare to be asked questions like:

  •    How do you put customers’ needs first?
  •    How would you handle a conflict with a customer?
  •    What would you do if you found out that a colleague was violating the QuikTrip honesty policy?
  •    Have you created merchandise displays before? Do you know how to make a creative and attractive presentation?
  •    Have you worn a uniform before?
  •    Are you interested in leadership?

Take your interview seriously.

QuikTrip says that only 5 percent of all applicants survive the interviews, orientation sessions, and training. They aren’t afraid to let you go if they realize during training that you’re not a good fit.

Types of Jobs Available at QuikTrip

QuikTrip offers two different store positions to new applicants: store clerk and assistant manager.

QuikTrip Store Clerk

Store clerks provide customer service on behalf of the QuikTrip company. As a clerk, you will stock shelves, clean the store, and provide customer service by ringing up customers promptly and answering customer questions.

If you’re a new QuikTrip employee, you go through 34 hours of training during your first shifts.

Many store clerks are part-time staff members, but full-time employment is also available. QuikTrip stresses schedule flexibility: part-time hours allow you to go to school or hold another part-time job, but some sales periods need to be covered, so some shifts are non-negotiable.

QuikTrip Assistant Manager

Assistant managers are hired from the street or promoted from the store clerk staff.

Every store features five full-time management positions. QuikTrip believes that they can’t find the kind of commitment or culture outside the store: they have to focus on promoting from within.

QuikTrip Job Descriptions and Duties

What will you do on your average day at a Quiktrip store? It depends on your position.

Store Clerk

As a store clerk, you’ll take care of almost every aspect of the store bar administrative duties.

QuikTrip doesn’t assign roles. You won’t work the register one day and in the kitchen the next. During your shift, you might:

  •    Work the cash register
  •    Stock shelves
  •    Create displays
  •    Fill fridges
  •    Work in the kitchen
  •    Take out the garbage
  •    Clean up litter outside
  •    Clean the bathrooms

Every member of the team is expected to contribute. If you’re not willing to perform every task involved in running the store, you might not be a good fit.

Assistant Manager

Entry level assistant managers receive full control of the store during their shift. As a member of the management team, you’ll supervise part-time employees, provide customer service, and help with various store tasks.

Being an assistant manager doesn’t mean you get out of taking out the garbage. Management and even corporate employees spend time on the shop floor to participate and improve the processes that help QuikTrip operate.

Career Development at QuikTrip

QuikTrip may hire assistant managers off the street, but all other managers were once store clerks.

You may start out as a store clerk, but you can work your way up to become the assistant manager or to second assistant, first assistant, and the full-time store manager. QuikTrip says that part-time employees also get a fair shake: most of the company’s full-time staff started out on part-time contracts and rehired for full-time hours.

The hierarchy is as follows:

  •    Part-time store clerk
  •    Entry level assistant manager
  •    Second assistant manager
  •    First assistant manager
  •    Store manager

How Much Do QuikTrip Employees Make?

QuikTrip employees make a competitive wage at $10 per hour.

The relief and night assistants are given a set 46-hour schedule per week and receive $11 per hour.

QuickTrip Bonuses

In addition to their salary, part-time store clerks earn a bonus after spending six months on the job. A second bonus – the anniversary bonus – begins accruing after your first full year on the job.

Relief and night assistants on full-time contracts also earn an annual profit bonus as thanks for their commitment to the company. Those bonuses vary according to geographic region.

Here are some of the average annual profit bonuses by city or metropolitan area:

  •    Atlanta – $6,100
  •    Charlotte – $4,700
  •    Dallas – $6,300
  •    Greenville – $4,700
  •    Iowa – $3,500
  •    Kansas City – $6,900
  •    Omaha – $3,500
  •    Phoenix – $5,700
  •    St. Louis – $4,600
  •    Tucson – $5,700
  •    Tulsa – $6,300
  •    Wichita – $3,500

These bonuses make a huge difference in pay because relief and night assistants earn $11 per hour. If you’re eligible for an annual profit bonus, you might receive two to nearly four months in income in bonuses.

What You Need to Know About Working at QuikTrip

QuikTrip is a unique experience because although everyone performs every task, the operations in the store are nailed down to a science. It is hard work, but it isn’t chaos. From customer service to cleanliness to merchandising, there is a system to follow to make your life easier.

The benefits of working at a place like QuikTrip include the opportunity to move up and the flexible scheduling. Store managers schedule long shifts with unsociable hours. Prepare to show up at 5 o’clock in the morning for a ten-hour shift.

However, the flexibility makes these shifts doable. For example, the relief clerk arrives to take over for employees who are sick or too tired to come in or complete a shift.

Flexible working hours are great, but sometimes it can be taken too far. Because of the nature of the work, QuikTrip lets employees take breaks when they want and need them, and managers don’t schedule breaks. Because of this, you might find yourself finishing up a shift without having a break, which isn’t legal. You’re required to take a minimum amount of break time per eight hours.

What Do You Think?

QuikTrip is a good job for anyone who likes to be busy, doesn’t mind a dynamic work environment, and is interested in gaining leadership experience in a retail setting. Flexible scheduling, bonuses for part-time employees, and a relief member to ensure you’re never understaffed helps keep the stores running.

Like all retailers, your real life experience with the QuikTrip application, careers, and jobs will come down to the location and management of your store.

Whether you see QuikTrip as a starter job or an opportunity for management experience, it may be worth applying if there’s a store in your city.