Pet Supplies Plus, a Michigan-based pet supply retailer, offers a friendly environment for customers and their pets. The store even has biscuits available at “nose-level” for visiting canines. The chain has 430 stores nationwide and offers plenty of job openings for clerks, roomers and shift supervisors.

Pet Supplies Plus is a retail pet supply chain founded in Redford, Michigan in 1988. It offers pet food, toys, and other supplies, as well as grooming services. Their stores also sell fish and small animals, such as turtles and lizards.

Pet Supplies Plus Application, Careers and Jobs​​​

The chain has 430 stores, mainly in the Eastern and Midwestern U.S., as of 2017. Pet Supplies Plus provides many of the products and services offered at PetCo, PetSmart, and other large pet supply retailers. The store was named the 49th most coveted franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine and the most popular pet store franchise of 2018.

Company History

Jack Berry and Harry Shallop founded the chain, in part, to give supermarket-type convenience to pet supply stores. Some stores are owned by franchisees, and the company actively seeks new franchise owners.

Pet Supplies Plus Application, Careers and Jobs​​​

Redford Naturals is the company own all-natural dog and cat food product line, and it is highly-rated by dog food review sites and online customers. Many stores feature adoption events, and biscuits are displayed in stores so dogs can easily eat them when shopping with their pet parents. (Pets are allowed in all stores.)

Most stores have large parking lots and are located in high-traffic areas. Small stores measure up to 6,000 square feet, and larger stores are between 9,000 and 10,000 square feet. You’ll find grooming services and self-service dog washes in many PSP locations.

Pets are allowed to walk through the aisles of the Pet Supplies Plus stores. This store provides treats, chew toys and other such products which are located on low shelves making it possible for dogs to reach them.

General Information for Applicants

Applicants must be at least 17 years old to work for Pet Supplies Plus. A love of pets and animals, along with good communication skills, are the primary criteria for entry-level positions as a cashier, clerk or sales associate, or any retail position with the company.

Pet Supplies Plus Application, Careers and Jobs​​​

Many help-wanted listings for jobs at Pet Supplies Plus contain few desired qualifications for prospective employees. Prior experience in the position will give you an edge in being hired, however.

You can fill out a Pet Supplies Plus application online at their website, at, or, or ask for a paper application at one of their stores.

Answer all application questions as accurately as possible. Don’t rush to finish the form. If you take your time and answer all questions completely and honestly, it will improve your chances of getting an interview.

Team Members (Clerk and Stock Positions)

Pet Supplies Plus Application, Careers and Jobs​​​

Store team members at Pet Supplies Plus perform many functions. They may work as a cashier, stock products, help customers decide which items to buy, feed animals and clean their cages, unload delivery trucks, or answer customers’ question about caring for pets.

Candidates must be at least 16 years old, be able to stand for long periods of time and lift 40 to 65 pounds. You must also be able to work flexible hours, including nights and weekends. You may need to pass a drug screening to work at certain stores.

Candidates should have a good knowledge of pets, animals and pet products to assist customers. You may be assigned different tasks depending on operational needs.

Another in-store position, Store Cleaning Specialist, involves cleaning, sweeping and mopping floors, dusting shelves, cleaning restrooms, and ordering cleaning supplies.


Retail management positions at PSP require prior store supervisory and customer service experience, but a love of and familiarity with animals is just as important.

Pet Supplies Plus Application, Careers and Jobs


A PSP store manager has the following responsibilities:

  • Ensuring customers and pets receive excellent service
  • Following the company’s operational rules for store activity
  • Making sure the store is clean, safe and well-organized
  • Promoting the PSP brand
  • Recruiting and employee training
  • Improving store sales
  • Working with the community during store events

Pet Supplies Plus Application, Careers and Jobs​​​

Reliable transportation and the ability to climb ladders, kneel and bend are also important. Drug screening may be required.

Shift supervisors answer customers’ products about pets and pet care, but they also assist store managers in enforcing store procedures. You will take over for store leaders when they are absent or busy with other tasks. Shift supervisors make sure employees adhere to company safety, cleaning and animal care policies.

You’ll also enter cashier records, make signs, change product prices, and help recruit new employees. Shift supervisor applicants must be 18 years old, have two years or more of retail experience, and have their own transportation.

They must also have excellent customer service skills and know to use Microsoft Word. Applicants should have a flexible schedule, be able to climb ladders, kneel, and lift up to 50 pounds. You may need to take a drug screening test, depending on the store location.

An assistant store manager acts as a liaison between team members and upper management. You will create a positive atmosphere for customers and team members and help the store manager and other members of the management team ensure that all Pet Supplies Plus operational rules are followed.

You may help the manager analyze sales result for your particular store, coach team members, engage with the local community during marketing campaigns or store events and do any work the store manager assigns

Corporate and Payroll

Corporate and payroll jobs are located at the company’s headquarters in Livonia, Michigan.

Pet Supplies Plus Application, Careers and Jobs​​​

A payroll coordinator works with 200 stores to process bi-weekly and weekly payroll using the Paychex system and other attendance software. Requirements include processing hours from biometric clocks in corporate stores and entering them in the Paychex system and making sure employees receive all checks on time.

You’ll need to maintain employee electronic files and delete former employees’ records from the system. The payroll coordinator processes annual W-2s runs reports, verifies employment and unemployment compensation, and ensures that all wage information is computed accurately.

The PSP website sometimes has openings for positions such as merchandising assistant in the Michigan headquarters. This job requires a high school diploma, but a Bachelor’s degree in a marketing-related field is a plus. Other corporate jobs include eCommerce Product Manager.

There is little information on corporate financial or legal openings for Pet Supplies Plus online. Contact the company directly or talk to a recruiter who specializes in job placement for retail executives to learn more.


Pet Supplies Plus has distribution facilities in Seymour, Indiana and other locations.

Pet Supplies Plus Application, Careers and Jobs​​​

A warehouse team member assembles merchandise for delivery to stores, picks customer orders and transports items to delivery platforms with forklifts. You’ll conduct inventory as needed, weigh orders and report quality issues.

Warehouse team members may fill out a Pet Supplies Plus application on the company website, in person at a facility, or through a third-party site like There are daytime and overnight distribution team shifts available.

A facilities assistant at the distribution center cleans work areas, disposes of damaged or infested products, monitors jams on the cardboard line, and ensures the facility is clean. Applicants must have an Associate’s degree, three to five years as a Maintenance or Facilities Manager or equivalent vocational training.

An operations supervisor is in charge of supply chain functions. He or she assigns work to meet customer SLAs cost-effectively. You must have Lean/Six Sigma/5S experience for this position. The supervisor ensures the facility meets AIB standards, and that it complies with federal, state and OSHA policies.

The operations manager position requires three to five years of warehouse and distribution experience, and the same amount of supervisory experience. You must be able to work with RF guns, printers, PCs, and have Manhattan WM experience. Applicants must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.

Grooming Positions

Groomers need to bathe, trim, brush and condition pets’ coats. They must style pets according to standards for the breed or owner’s instructions. Groomers must have good communication with pet owners and recommend appropriate products or services for pets.

Pet Supplies Plus Application, Careers and Jobs​​​

You’ll need to assist team members with other store tasks during your downtime and keep the grooming area neat and well-stocked. Groomers must complete a course in Safety, Bathing and Brushing from the Grooming Academy.

A potential groomer can fill out an application if he or she has one or more years of experience as a pet groomer and a training certificate, or be willing to participate in the PSP groomer training program and have one year of successful retail or service industry experience.

You must be able to lift a pet, equipment or stock weighing 50 pounds or less.

Some PSP locations have openings for Pet Bathers. This part-time position requires one year of working with animals.

Submit a complete Pet Supplies Plus application with the proper qualifications to get an interview with the company. Like other places of employment, opinions about the work atmosphere vary widely depending on location and employee. PSP offers employee discounts, and many employees are eligible for health insurance coverage.