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Employment at Office Depot

Office Depot is a company that provides essential supplies and services for businesses. The company stores everything that a business might need from paper to technology to furniture. In 2013, Office Depot merged with OfficeMax. The corporate headquarters are located in Boca Raton, Florida. An Office Depot application is entirely online and is a seamless process.

This article covers the Office Depot application process in detail, specifies typical requirements for store and management level positions, gives helpful interview tips, and covers possible types of questions that may be asked in an interview.

Office Depot Application

This section of the article will review all parts of the Office Depot application process. The first thing that should be done is to create a talent profile. It takes a minute to complete the talent profile and it links to existing social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook, and an email account.

Another way to proactively seek out employment at Office Depot is to attend one of the various job fairs where they will be. These job fairs are intended for corporate positions. People interested in store jobs should complete an online application.

The following are company departments listed as filters that can target and limit the job search for an Office Depot application.

  • call center
  • construction
  • E-commerce
  • finance
  • information technology
  • internal audit
  • legal
  • loss prevention
  • merchandising
  • printing facility
  • contract sales
  • real estate
  • stores operations support
  • stores
  • stores distribution center
  • supply chain
  • transportation and logistics
  • warehouse operations

The vast majority of the positions for corporate Office Depot applications are located in Boca Raton, Florida.

Within each of those departments there are specific positions. The positions within the call center are:

  • National Account Representative
  • Project Manager Database Support Consultant

Construction positions are:

  • manager for store optimization
  • senior analyst for facility systems
  • construction director

E-commerce positions are:

  • E-commerce business analyst
  • digital marketing manager

Positions for the finance department are:

  • financial analyst
  • accountant
  • licensing coordinator
  • tax intern
  • director of SEC reporting
  • tax manager

Some of the IT positions are:

  • associate developer
  • IT manager
  • systems engineer
  • security architect
  • quality assurance analyst

Internal audit positions are:

  • senior manager
  • internal auditor
  • internal auditor manager

There are currently three open positions in legal and they are:

  • senior paralegal
  • assistant general counsel
  • legal support coordinator

The loss prevention positions are:

  • senior shortage control analyst
  • shortage control data analyst

Merchandising has to do with identifying purchases to make and some sample positions are:

  • senior category merchant
  • associate category merchant
  • category assistant

Printing facility positions are:

  • customer service representative
  • shift operations lead
  • customer programs lead
  • solutions development manager

There are several dozen contract sales positions. Examples are:

  • account manager
  • senior business development manager
  • furniture designer
  • pricing analyst

Real estate positions are:

  • store optimization coordinate
  • senior manager of real estate
  • category manager
  • senior real estate analyst

Stores management support positions are all store management positions.

Store positions are the Office Depot employees that a customer would be most likely to see working. Roles such as the ones listed below are typical.

  • print services supervisor
  • retail sales consultant
  • retail merchandising stock associate

Store distribution center jobs are:

  • equipment operator
  • warehouse associate

Supply chain positions are:

  • manager of supply chain analytics
  • supply planner
  • inventory demand planner
  • senior analyst forecast

All transportation and logistics positions are delivery drivers.

Typical warehouse operations positions are:

  • warehouse associate
  • maintenance mechanic

At the top of the Office Depot application page there is a menu consisting of tabs for military, frequently asked questions, locations, search jobs, create a talent profile, and review existing job applications. Below this menu are three boxes to tailor a job search. These three boxes are keywords, category of job, and location.

The next section of the Office Depot application website is a call for current job fairs. Featured jobs are listed next but it is unclear how these jobs were selected as featured. The final section on the careers page is the option to create a talent profile to link existing information in social media accounts for recruiters to review.

To apply for a job, the applicant should choose how they are going to use the search bars. To specify the type of job, keywords can be entered or a job category can be chosen. In addition, the third search bar is to limit the search to a specific location. It is not possible to search for more than one job category or more than one location at a time. The only search bar that is pre-filled is the job categories.

To filter between part and full-time employment, the applicant should specify part or full-time as a keyword. Applications must be completed online. There are three options to select after selecting an open job. The candidate can either apply immediately, notify recruiters that one is interested in the job, or to add the job to the cart and continue searching. Officially applying for a job requires registration.

Office Depot applications must be completed online. They do not accept mail, phone, or paper applications. To create an online profile, the applicant should select the “join now” button on the main careers page. An email address is required. The profile can be connected to social media accounts. Required information for the talent profile is first and last name. Encouraged information is most recent job, most recent or current employer, and highest level of education.

To complete an Office Depot application requires completing an average of ten steps. While not all information is required on every page, filling out as much information as possible can lead to a quicker turnaround on the status of the application and can also show the company that you want to work there because time was taken to submit a complete application.

Job Application Steps

  1. Create a targeted or general job search. Do this using the three search boxes in the Office Depot application page.
  2. Select an open job that is of interest. Click on this job.
  3. Review the responsibilities and requirements for the particular position.
  4. Complete registration with the Office Depot career website. The registration requires entering a valid email address, password, and agreeing to abide by the policies of the job application process.
  5. Choose to apply without a resume, with copying and pasting resume text, or to apply with a resume.
  6. Complete required personal information such as name and address. Required information on this page is name and phone number.
  7. Choose to add another job to the current Office Depot application. Prior to doing this, it is important to save the information entered in the application.
  8. Complete preferences such as start date, preferred location, type of employment, days of availability, and expected pay.
  9. Complete forms asking for education history, work experience, degrees, possible language skills, references, and referral information.
  10. Click submit and complete the job application.

Minimum Age for Employment at Office Depot

The minimum age to work at Office Depot is 16 years old. Office Depot does hire people with no experience. People with no experience should apply for store positions or college internships.

Store positions like cashier, customer service representative, retail sales consultant, or retail merchandising stock associate are perfect jobs for people with no experience. College internships occur at the corporate level and are a great fit for students looking to gain experience.

Office Depot Hours of Operation

Office Depot has consistent hours of operation. The store is open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday-Friday, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM Saturday, and 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Sunday. The hours can change depending on holidays or observance days. In that case, the customer should call their local Office Depot store to learn the hours on those days.

Entry Level Office Careers and Respective Income

The most popular positions for entry-level employment are for a retail sales associate and a sales consultant and print service worker.

A retail sales associate’s primary responsibility is to interact with customers and maintain knowledge over products that office depot carries. The position starts at minimum wage, but frequent raises can occur. The highest pay for this position is $12.00 dollars an hour.

A sales consultant and print service worker stay within the print center. This job requires knowledge of different printers, copiers, and scanners. The average wage for this position is between $8.00 and $9.00 dollars an hour.

Office Depot Careers in Management

A person who is filling out a management Office Depot application needs to have prior retail experience. They must be an effective salesperson and motivate other employees to meet sales goals. Being flexible and able to adapt to a variety of conditions are both important qualities for a manager. They need to have experience in the POS register system and the Work Force Management Systems. They do not have to work in a similar store, but they do need to have worked in another retail store.

Basic Tips for Applying at Office Depot

The evaluation of an Office Depot application begins with the pre-employment assessment answers. It is important to remember that the hiring managers will look over all parts of the job application. Even if you feel the information being entered is repetitive or not helpful, it could be going to different parts of the company.

The remainder of the job application process will vary depending on the type of job. While sales associate positions may only need to complete a couple of interviews with different store managers, higher level positions will require multiple rounds of interviews and demonstration of the skill set needed for a particular job. It is a good idea to look over what different parts of the job interview matter in hiring decisions. James Hollandsworth, Richard Kazelskis, Joanne Stevens, and Mary Edith Dressel wrote a comprehensive article on how varied communication impacts interviews.

Prepare for possible interview questions by investigating what other people have been asked who went through a job interview for the same job. Create sample answers to those questions. However, make sure that the answers are not strictly memorized. Confident candidates who appear to have well-prepared but natural answers will stand out in the interview pool.

After completing the job interview it is a good idea to follow-up with everyone that you interviewed with and write them a thank you email or phone call for taking the time to conduct the interview. This is a simple but often overlooked step that can remind the hiring manager(s) of why you are the right person for the job. This follow-up should include a thank you and a reminder of the best parts of the interview.

Benefits of Working at Office Depot

The benefits of working at Office Depot depend on the nature of employment. Part-time employees will not receive the same benefit package as full-time employees. Features of the benefits package are comprehensive medical insurance, 401k retirement plan, possible cash bonuses, disability income, paid time off, employee assistance program, and matching gifts for education.

Office Depot is committed to contributing to the community through partnering with diverse suppliers and giving back. In addition, a special category exists for supporting businesswomen. Not only do they support female entrepreneurs, but they also have a female executive team and create female advisors for up and coming businesswomen in the company.

Office Depot Interview Tips

Candidates who have been asked to interview for an Office Depot job should prepare to take a personality assessment. Depending on the level of job, the number of interviews a person completes varies. For a store management level position, there were about seven different interviews for a candidate. Whereas, for a print specialist position, two interviews can be expected.

Some of the types of questions asked in an interview revolve around describing your personality, core values, and how these complement your work commitment. For management or corporate level positions, questions may also be asked about their leadership style or how they would discipline an employee who violates policy.

To successfully prepare for an Office Depot job interview, the applicant should review the company culture and history of Office Depot. Being prepared with facts about the company shows you are genuinely interested in the job and can also allow you to ask relevant and pointed questions during the interview.

Make sure that your resume is current and speaks to the job you are applying for. Resumes can be tweaked to showcase the most relevant skills based on the Office Depot job description. Reviewing sites like Glassdoor, becoming knowledgeable about the company, preparing possible answers to interview questions, and creating a relevant resume are all strategies to take when going into a job interview for Office Depot.

In summary, there are a variety of positions to apply for at Office Depot. These positions suit a range of experiences and locations. However, most of the jobs that are not at stores or distribution centers are in Boca Raton, Florida. The website to apply for jobs is easy to use and completing as much information as requested ensures optimization of the website.

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