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Time Warner Cable (TWC) is the second largest telecommunications company in America and a global leader in the media and entertainment sector. It operates in 29 U.S. states and it offers clients a wide range of multimedia packages, including cable and internet services. Send in your Time Warner application today to be a part of a dynamic company focused on providing its clients with a top entertainment experience.

Time Warner Application

If you are interested in a Time Warner career, then you need to know that you have to send in your Time Warner job application online, since a printable jobs and employment form is not available with the company.

The first thing you need to do is access the Time Warner official website, www.timewarner.com, and click on the Careers button on the top right hand menu. You will be immediately redirected to the Time Warner Cable careers portal, where you can look for Time Warner jobs.

On the Time Warner Cable careers portal, www.timewarner.com/careers, you will find information about the various departments and industries where you can find jobs, as well as a detailed view of the careers at Time Warner in the Areas of operation menu on the top left hand corner of the page.

You can read about the company’s policies, the Time Warner benefits and its views on diversity and ecology in the ‘Working with us’ menu on the top left hand corner of the page.

Then click on the ‘Search for Jobs’ button to begin browsing the Time Warner job openings. You will have to choose a Time Warner division and the right area of interest and industry for you. Then you need to put in your location.

You will be presented with a list of Time Warner careers in your area, along with their application status. Click on the Time Warner job titles, read the full description in order to get a better idea about the positions and choose those that are in line with your professional background and ideals.

When you find one or more jobs that you want to apply to, just click on the Submit to job button to begin filling out your online Time Warner Cable application.

First, you will need to create an account on the Time Warner careers portal. For this, you will need to provide your e-mail and create a password. Then, you can choose secret answers to three security questions.

There are three ways you can create your Time Warner application:

  • Via the Time Warner Application Portal
  • Via Facebook
  • Via LinkedIn

If you choose to create your Time Warner application via the Careers portal, you will have to go through these four steps:

#1 Submit Resume/ CV

In this step of the Time Warner application form, you can upload your resume and cover letter from your computer or you can write it/ paste it in the provided text box

The Cover Letter step is optional, but it is strongly recommended that you take the time to write one

#2 Resume/ CV profile information

In this step of the Time Warner application form the information from your resume will be transferred into three main categories:

  • Contact Information
  • Work Experience
  • Education

Some information from your resume might not have been transferred correctly or completely, but this step of the application process allows you to add any extra details that you think would be relevant to your Time Warner application

Make sure that all the fields in the contact information tab are filled out because the Time Warner Cable hiring specialists will use this information to get in touch with you

You can include any additional information about your work experience and education, so that your Time Warner application is complete

#3 Questions

This part of the Time Warner application form consists of a short questionnaire about the following topics:

  • Your experience in the field of the Time Warner career you have chosen
  • The salary that you expect to receive from your Time Warner job
  • Whether or not you would be willing to relocate for the Time Warner job
  • Whether or not you are sending your Time Warner application from a mobile device
  • Whether or not you will require sponsorship for an employment visa

#4 Confirmation

This is the final step of the Time Warner application process that requires you to confirm that you are ready to submit your employment form

If you are not yet convinced that you want to send in your Time Warner application, you can click on the Save as draft button and rethink your application at a later time

Minimum Age for Employment at Time Warner

The minimum Time Warner hiring age is 18, so if you are looking for Time Warner employment you need to be aware of the fact that this is an eliminatory criteria that you have to meet in order to be considered for any of the many Time Warner careers.

Time Warner Hours of Operation

Due to the nature of the company, the Time Warner hours of operation are 24/7, which means that Time Warner employees in the Tech sector need to be there full time in order to make sure that the services offered by the company are flawless.

The Time Warner Business and Corporate sector on the other hand abides by standard schedules, unless there is an emergency situation that needs to be dealt with outside regular work hours.

Entry-Level Time Warner Careers and Income

Entry level Time Warner careers are excellent stepping stones to high level positions, as Time Warner advances its most promising employees and supports their professional development within the company.

Customer Services Representative – Job Description and Duties

The Time Warner Cable Customer Services Representative interacts directly with Time Warner clients and provides them with assistance for the technical difficulties they are experiencing with their Time Warner merchandise (cable boxes, remotes, DVRs, modems, etc.).

He/she will address them in a polite manner, so that they can feel properly taken care of throughout the discussion. He/she will maintain calm all throughout the conversation and will try to solve any issue that the client has in a timely manner.

Customer Services Representative – Salary and Compensation

The Time Warner Cable salary for this position starts at an hourly rate of $9.00, but as the Time Warner employee develops in the position, this initial rate can be increased up to $18.00 per hour.

Aside from the base Time Warner Cable salary, the Customer Services Representative is also entitled to a series of bonuses, in order to encourage them to give their best every single day. These bonuses include:

  • A Cash Bonus – starts at $1,000 per year and can be increased according to the performance of the Time Warner employee.
  • A Profit Sharing Bonus – the Time Warner employee is entitled to a fraction of the profit he/ she has generated for the company.
  • A Commission Sharing Bonus – meant to offer employees a financial incentive to improve their abilities.

Time Warner Careers in Management

Time Warner Managers are excellent multitaskers who are able to stay in touch with the latest advancements in the world of technology and multimedia, but who are also able to develop strategies that can make the company remain relevant and enticing to the public and then to enforce them by thoroughly preparing  members of the team.

Project Manager – Job Description and Duties

A Time Warner Project Manager will coordinate a team of highly trained professionals to put certain strategies into action. He/she will conduct the training process for each of these employees and make sure that they are properly prepared to maximize the performance of the entire team.

Project Manager – Salary and Compensation

The Time Warner salary for the Project Manager position starts at an annual rate of $60,000 but depending on the specific project and the influence that the he/she has on the team’s performance, this rate can increase.

The highest Time Warner salary for this position is $116,000 per year. Naturally, the Project Manager is also entitled to a Cash Bonus that averages $6,000 but that can reach as much as $16,000.

Basic Tips for Applying at Time Warner

The Time Warner application portal is extremely accessible and, as such, submitting your Time Warner job application will not require too much time. However, take the time to read the following list of tips, as they could make a difference for the outcome of your application:

  • Before you upload your resume to your Time Warner application, read it again to make sure that you read it again to make sure that it includes all the information you want the Time Warner Cable hiring specialists to see.
  • After you upload your resume, you will need to check the outcome of the data transfer in the Resume/CV Profile Information section.
  • Take your time to review every section and proceed to edit out any mistakes or make any additions that you think are necessary.
  • You should regard this section as a condensed version of your resume, so make sure that it includes the most important details about you.
  • Use this step of the Time Warner Cable application to proofread the information you have entered, because spelling mistakes are highly undesirable.
  • Do not skip the Cover Letter section, as this is your opportunity to address the Time Warner hiring specialists directly and explain to them why you would make an excellent candidate for the Time Warner career you have chosen.
  • Be realistic and sincere about your salary expectations because this will save both you and Time Warner a lot of time

Benefits at Time Warner

Time Warner offers a comprehensive benefit pack to its employees, because the aim of the company is to make them feel appreciated and cared for. Here are the main Time Warner benefits:

  • Time Warner Cable Employee Benefits: healthcare plans (medical, dental, vision, prescription plans), basic life insurance, short & long-term disability, financial plans and retirement plans.
  • Health and Wellness Time Warner Benefits: on-site fitness centers, on-site health services, special programs for pregnant time warner employees.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Dependent Care
  • Child Care Options

Time Warner Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

The Time Warner Cable hiring specialists will process all the Time Warner job applications sent via the careers portal and will ultimately select the most valuable candidates for Time Warner employment.

You should expect a phone call from the Time Warner Cable hiring specialists within a few days and up to a few weeks. You will then be scheduled for an interview with the department manager or the Human Resources specialists.

The number of interviews required for Time Warner employment varies among the departments of the company and the higher the career level, the higher the number of interviews will be.

As such, you need to start your preparation for the Time Warner interview as soon as you get the call. Read about the history of the company and about its development along its many years of experience. Don’t forget to get acquainted with the packages offered by the company and the programs it broadcasts.

Then examine every one of the responsibilities of your chosen Time Warner career and try to think about how your professional experience prepares you to perform them. Furthermore, you need to think about what you could bring to the Time Warner career and what you would add to the already mentioned responsibilities, as this would be a tremendous exercise for your interview.

The deeper you get into your personal assessment, the better prepared you will be at the Time Warner job meeting because the interview answers you will be able to provide will be more complex.

Lastly, you need to consider your interview attire, as this will have quite a significant impact on the overall impression you will make. Choose a business style outfit and include a key accessory that can be easily noticed.

Frequently Asked Time Warner Interview Questions

Typical Time Warner interviews include three phases:

#1 A general interview with a Time Warner Cable hiring specialist.

This will be focused on assessing whether or not you are a good fit for the Time Warner career you have chosen

You should expect general interview questions such as

  1. Why have you chosen to apply to Time Warner?
  2. What would you say is your greatest quality? What about your greatest flaw?
  3. How important do you think teamwork is in your chosen Time Warner career?
  4. Do you enjoy working as part of a team or do you prefer working alone?
  5. What is your availability for employment?

#2 A one-on-one interview with the supervisor/superior Time Warner employee for your chosen Time Warner career

The discussion will be focused on the main professional achievements that present you as a solid candidate for Time Warner employment.

You should expect to be asked to elaborate on certain parts of your Time Warner application.

This is the part of the interview where your preparation will be extremely useful, because you will be able to present the main qualities that enable you to perform your Time Warner career at a masterful level.

#3 A one-on-one interview with the Manager of the Time Warner Department

This part of the interview will focus on your professional qualifications and what you can bring to the Time Warner career.

The Manager will ask you specific questions about your chosen Time Warner job to evaluate whether or not you would have the required approach to the job.

Remember to stay calm and to make eye contact with the interviewer, so that you can establish a solid connection with him/her. Provide complex interview answers and try not to digress from the topic of the question.

The tips and tricks shared above should help you ace the Time Warner application process. If you keep in mind our suggestions you will get the Time warner career of your dreams in no-time. Good luck!

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