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  Menards Application – Employment at Menards

Menards has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a local agricultural supply store – it is now a hardware giant in the country, with close to 300 stores across 13 states. If you are interested in hardware or DIY and would like to work at Menards, you can apply for a job using the Menards employment application.

Menards Online Job Application

The application for Menards is available to download and complete at their careers website, or alternatively you can submit the form electronically. The Menards application online is very easy and quick to complete, so you can be well on your way to finding your next job today!

Minimum Age for Employment at Menards

The minimum employment age at Menards is 16 years.

Menards Hours of Operation

Mon – Fri:  7am – 10pm

Sat:  7am – 9pm

Sun:  8am – 8pm

Entry-Level Menards Careers and Income

Menards careers vary from entry-level positions to management and corporate jobs. Entry-level careers are suitable for those who have no experience in the retail industry or are just looking for casual work with flexible working hours. Positions that can be applied for using the Menards online application are: Sales Associate, Shipping Clerk, Stock Associate, Guest Services Associate, Receiving Clerk, General Laborer, Data Entry Clerk, and Cashier.

The average yearly salary for some selected entry-level positions at Menards are as follows:

Sales Associate – $26, 000 / year

Cashier – $22, 000 / year

Guest Services Associate – $25, 000 / year

Stock Associate – $18, 000 / year

Hardware Sales Associate – $21, 000 / year

Menards Careers in Management

If you have specific qualifications or management experience, then Menards could also have a career available for you! Menards is always looking for qualified professionals and managers to join their management team, as well as those with corporate skills to work in the head office. You can apply for the following management and corporate positions with the Menards job application form: Commercial Sales Contractor, Printed Advertising Technician, Imports Specialist, Project Manager, Fleet Mechanic, Quality Assurance Developer, Manager-in-Training, Department Manager, Estimator, Assistant Manager, General Store Manager, and Controller.

The average yearly salaries for management positions at Menards are:

Department Manager – $43, 000 / year

Manager-in-Training – $29, 000 / year

Assistant Store Manager – $45, 000 / year

Human Resources Coordinator – $31, 000 / year

Account Service Manager – $38, 000 / year

General Store Manager – $51, 000 / year

Basic Tips for Applying at Menards

When completing your Menards job application, bear in mind that this is the first opportunity your potential employer will get to assess your suitability as an employee, so you should attempt to come across in as professional a manner as possible. To do this, you should take your time when completing the form, give thoughtful, accurate responses and take care to not make any spelling and grammar errors.

Benefits at Menards

Menards workers receive a host of additional benefits, apart from excellent pay and the opportunity to work in a supportive environment. The benefits package that you will receive will vary according to your job position but may include medical insurance, life insurance, disability coverage, and paid vacation leave. Those in corporate and management positions may also be eligible for a 401(k) retirement savings plan.

Menards Positions and Salary Information

If you are an individual 18 years old and above, you can apply for jobs on offer at Menards. Their hiring process makes working for the company ideal for high school students. Typically, the managers work with the school calendar, and employment experience is not necessary to land the job. The regularly accessible entry-level openings are:


Typically located at the store entrance, a cashier needs to create a positive and lasting impression on the customers. You make an even better candidate for cashier job postings if you are available to work early morning and evening hours and on weekends.

As a candidate, you do not need to have previous work experience for current openings; though, if you are familiar with the retail sector and sales process, you earn valuable points during the hiring process. The cashier’s responsibilities include efficiently ringing customer items, neatly bagging merchandise, and promoting reward programs.

The job postings are available as part-time and full-time jobs, with cashiers making an average wage of $10.00 per hour. If working as a cashier while pursuing extensive career options, you can aim to become a head cashier. The pay for head cashiers is approximately between $12.00 and $14.00 per hour.

Sales Associate

If you are a personable and upbeat person with top-notch organizational skills and self-motivation, you are a good fit for the sales associate job openings. Since they are usually situated on the sales floor, workers serving as associates oversee the general presentation and cleanliness of merchandise and stores.

In addition, a sales associate needs to interact with customers, offer product recommendations per customer requirements, and respond to customer concerns.

Working merchandise knowledge or the ability to understand store products could earn a job seeker an edge over the competition.

Other shift responsibilities include relieving cashiers as required, replenishing necessary stock, or accomplishing manager-assigned tasks. A sales associate will earn more than minimum wage.

Department Manager

If you are interested in applying for future management openings directly, you need to have significant knowledge of household enhancement tactics and products and possess leadership skills. A high school diploma or its equivalent, a management internship, and having completed a college education puts you in a better place in the job application.

Previous leadership position employment generally retains its status as a necessity for consideration. Since it is a full-time position with high responsibility, the job of a department manager has a higher salary ranging between $28,000 and $35,000 annually and management bonuses.

Common job responsibilities include:

  • Supervising associates.
  • Taking inventory.
  • Providing detailed tips to customers on using department-assigned products.
  • Taking care of payrolls.
  • Creating work schedules for staff.
  • Addressing complaints and concerns of customers quickly and directly.

Warehouse Team Member

The warehouse team member opening is a position you should consider applying for. The job descriptions here are rather straightforward when working in a warehouse. First, you will need to adhere to the security measures and guidelines in your operation. Furthermore, you should be fit because you need to lift, carry, pull, and push heavy boxes. Warehouse team members carry out operations like stocking products and organizing shelves on a daily basis.

Call Center Representative

You can also make a job application for the call center representative position. Here, you will work from an office responding to dealers’ and customers’ calls. The company also offers brief training. Furthermore, you will need to offer customer service and support, informing them on products and prices, among other details.

Link to Menards’ Career Site

The Menards application is available for download and completion HERE.

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