McKesson Application

Employment at McKesson

Submit your McKesson application for a chance to work at one of the most successful pharmaceutical companies in America. Founded back in 1833, McKesson currently employs as many as 70,400 people worldwide. It specializes in pharmaceutical production, household products, medical technology and healthcare services and it is currently the 11th company on the Fortune 500 list.

McKesson Application

All applicants are required to send their McKesson application online via the company’s employment portal. You can access the portal at, where you will find all the available positions at the company. You can conduct your research according to job title and location so that you can find the position that is best suited for you.

You will be asked to set up a personal account on the portal and then you can proceed to fill out the McKesson application form. We are going to walk you through each section of the form so that you know exactly what you have to do.

  1. Resume

This is the first section of the McKesson application form and you will be asked whether or not you would like to upload your resume to the form. Please note that this is entirely optional and that you may proceed to fill out the form even if you do not provide a resume.

  1. My Personal Information

This section of the McKesson application form requires you to provide your main contact details. Please note that the Human Resources department will use this information to contact you in regards to your assessment.

  1. Education

For this section of the McKesson application form, you will have to provide an outline of your academic background. You will only have to mention the main details about the programs you have attended.

  1. Work Experience

You will have to provide information about your previous work places for this section of the McKesson application form. As for the Education section, you will only have to provide the main details about your previous workplaces.

  1. Certification

For this section of the McKesson application form, you will have to mention the main details about the certifications you have obtained. Please note that you will have to mention the issue date of the certificate, as well as the expiration date.

  1. Diversity Statement and Veteran Definitions

Please note that this section of the McKesson application form is entirely voluntary. If you feel comfortable disclosing such information about yourself, please answer the questions regarding your gender, race, ethnicity, and veteran status.

  1. Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability

This section of the McKesson application form is also voluntary. If you feel comfortable providing this type of information, you will be able to self-identify as a disabled person.

  1. Employment Questions

This section of the McKesson application form entails a series of questions meant to assess your ability to cope with the employment requirements. You will be asked whether or not you are legally allowed to work in the United State and if you are above the minimum age of employment. There will also be questions regarding your specific job-related skills.

  1. e-Signature

For this last section of the McKesson application form, you will have to certify that the entire amount of information you have provided for the form is accurate, to your knowledge. Please note that this section is mandatory and that you will not be able to submit your form unless you provide your e-Signature.

After you add your electronic signature, you will be able to submit your McKesson job application to the Human Resources department for assessment. Please note that you will be able to monitor your application status on the careers portal so that you know when your formal assessment has been completed.

Minimum Age for Employment at McKesson

Company policy dictates that all candidates for McKesson employment are over the age limit of 18. Please note that all candidates below this limit will be automatically excluded from the application process. Young job seekers are advised to apply for internships at the company because they will have the opportunity to learn from highly trained professionals.

McKesson Hours of Operation

Due to the focus of the company, the hours of operation differs considerably from one department to another. The corporate sector abides by the standard schedule while the production and research sectors need an extended amount of time to conduct all of their activity.

Entry-Level McKesson Careers and Income

The full list of available positions can be found on the official McKesson job application portal. Depending on your area of expertise, you can apply for one of the following employment categories:

  • McKesson careers in Distribution Operations
  • Medical McKesson careers
  • McKesson jobs in Technology
  • McKesson careers in Sales/ Client Management
  • McKesson jobs in Finance and Accounting
  • Customer Care McKesson jobs
  • Project Management McKesson careers
  • McKesson jobs in Marketing/ Communications
  • McKesson careers in Human Resources
  • Administrative/ Clerical McKesson jobs
  • Internships
  • McKesson jobs in Data Management
  • Legal McKesson careers
  • McKesson jobs in Public Affairs
  • McKesson careers in Executive Management
  • McKesson jobs in Engineering

Material Handler – Job Description and Duties

This is the entry-level position in the Distribution department and it entails a considerable amount of physical work. Material handlers will be involved in receiving, shipping, storing and distributing company products, parts, materials, and equipment. The main physical requirement that all candidates need to meet is being able to perform lifting.

Material Handler – Salary and Compensation

The starting McKesson salary for this position is an hourly rate of $11.00, but this rate will be augmented as the employee gains experience in the position. The highest salary for the Material Handler position is $21.00. Additionally, outstanding performances will be rewarded with performance-based bonuses.

McKesson Careers in Management

Those interested in a career in management can apply for McKesson employment by submitting an online jobs and employment form on the company’s official application portal.

Project Manager – Job Description and Duties

Project managers will coordinate their teams so that the main objectives of the department are met and if possible, even exceeded. They will make sure that each member of the team in assigned the best possible tasks according to his/her abilities so that the productivity level of the entire team is as high as possible.

Project Manager – Salary and Compensation

McKesson salaries for project managers range from an annual rate of $41,000 to a whopping $140,000 for experienced employees. The average salary for this management position is $85,000. Please note that this is only a base salary and that employees will also receive performance bonuses.

Basic Tips for Applying at McKesson

The McKesson job application provides you with the option of adding your resume and we strongly recommend that you do because this will depict you as a very involved applicant. Furthermore, it will be in your best interest to provide as much information about yourself as possible because the Education and Work Experience sections will only require you to include basic information.

You will need to provide an updated version of your resume to the employment form, so make sure you review it once again before you upload it. Include your most recent position, even if you are currently working there. Moreover, make sure that you include all the details about your academic and professional background which are relevant to the McKesson career you are applying for.

Most sections of the McKesson application form are quite easy to fill out, but we would like to advise you to keep your resume close by while you do that so that you can add the complete information. It will take you approximately 20 minutes to get through the entire form, so make sure you have access to a secure internet connection for the entire duration of the application process.

Advanced tips for Applying at McKesson

It is very important that you review the information you add to the McKesson application form after filling out each section because you will not be able to do so before submitting your form. Spelling and grammar mistakes are unacceptable in a job application form, so make sure you review it thoroughly.

Pay special attention to the contact details section of the form because the McKesson employment specialists will have to use to get in touch with you. Also, make sure you fill out all the sections of the form, even if they are not mandatory.

Benefits at McKesson

McKesson benefits packs are meant to make employees feel appreciated and to improve their live outside work so that they perform better during their time at the company. These the main benefits that employees are entitled to:

  • Healthcare McKesson benefits

Aside from the solid medical, dental and vision plans, there are many other McKesson benefits that employees have access to, such as free biometric screening, Weight Watchers, the Quit for Life smoking cessation program, gym discounts, and flu shots.

  • Compensation McKesson benefits: Competitive salaries, Employee Stock Purchase Program.
  • Retirement McKesson benefits: 401(k) Retirement Plan.
  • Continued Learning: Education Assistance Program, Discounted tuition costs.
  • Paid Time Off McKesson benefits
  • Special McKesson benefits: McKesson employee discounts.

Depending on the career level and the experience of the McKesson employees, the contents of the benefits pack will differ. Entry-level employees are entitled to the basic pack from the beginning of their career at the company. Then, as they are promoted to higher-level positions, they become able to access more advantageous offers.

McKesson Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

The McKesson employment specialists will assess all of the applications and decide which are the most promising candidates. The process might take from a few days to a couple of months, depending on the career level of the position, the number of candidates for the job, and the moment when the position needs to be filled.

The selected applicants will then be contacted by the McKesson employment specialists in order to schedule an interview. The exact duration of the interview process also depends on the career level of the position.

Company policy dictates that candidates for entry-level McKesson jobs must go through at least two job meetings so that they may be assessed by the Human Resources specialist and the hiring manager of the department. The standard interview process for higher-level positions entails, at least, three interviews, so candidates need to be ready for a lengthy assessment procedure.

We advise you to get familiar with the company’s evolution over the years and with the main products they produce because this will enable you to provide complex interview answers. Opt for business casual outfits if you are applying for entry-level McKesson careers and for formal attire if you are aiming for a higher-level career at McKesson.

Make sure you get to the assigned interview venue at least 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time, as this is standard procedure. Try finding the best route to the venue and make sure you leave early so as to avoid being late.

Frequently Asked McKesson Interview Questions

We are going to provide you with some examples of McKesson interview questions so that you can get an idea of the tone of the job meeting. Please note that you will likely not receive these specific questions. However, practicing your answers will prove to be an excellent exercise for the actual interview. Take a look!

  • Why have you chosen to apply for McKesson employment?
  • What is your expected salary for this McKesson career?
  • What in your professional experience makes you a good candidate for this position?
  • How would you handle a stressful situation in the workplace?
  • Which would you say are your strong suits?
  • In your opinion, how important is teamwork in the workplace?
  • What was the most successful moment in your previous career?
  • Would you say you have a strong eye for detail and accuracy?

Would you be comfortable with a flexible work schedule?

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