Interested in working in the fashion industry? Maurices may be the place for you. You can be a sales associate (or, more accurately, a stylist) helping people create new looks, or you can work in management, at the home office, or in the design center. Here, learn about the maurices application, careers, and jobs.

Maurices Application, Careers and Jobs

From a single store in Duluth, Minnesota, maurices has blossomed into a chain of over 1,000 stores with more than 9,000 employees.

At maurices, you’ll be part of something bigger. No longer a single entity, the company has been acquired by corporations who have in turn been purchased by more prominent corporations. Currently, maurices is part of a group that includes other big-name fashion companies. The result is a stable company, well-established in the fashion industry, that continues to grow.

What does this mean for you? As an employee of maurices, you’ll likely experience job security, a professional atmosphere, and an energized, progressive environment. Further, you’ll be an integral part of the fashion industry.

Maurices seeks to be a positive, pleasant place to work. Of course, hard work and dedication are imperative, but this doesn’t that the atmosphere is unpleasant. Many employees describe it as a fun and friendly place to work.

One of the maurices mottos is “People First.” They have a commitment to hometown values over a big, corporate feel. They will value you as a person, and you’ll be encouraged to be your authentic self. They want you to learn, grow, be curious, and have fun no matter your position in the company.

If you would like to work at a place where advancement is possible, maurices could be an excellent fit for you. The company believes in rewarding skilled, motivated employees by promoting from within.

If the idea of working at maurices intrigues you, check out available careers.

Maurices Online Job Application

To apply for any job with maurices, do so online. The corporation posts all current positions; listings are updated at least once daily. Click on one you’re interested in, read the full job description, and if you think you’re a good fit for the position, click “Apply” or “Apply with LinnkedIn.”

Find the job listings here. This page lists all jobs available within any of the ascena clothing companies. To view only the maurices positions, simply check the box beside “maurices.”

Another way to get to the job listings is to visit, scroll to the bottom, and click “careers” in the “Company” column.

Minimum Age for Employment at Maurices

The maurices corporation doesn’t have a “minimum age” policy. States establish minimum ages for different types of jobs, so maurices follows the laws of each state.

Maurices seeks the most qualified person when hiring for each type of position; therefore, age isn’t a primary employment factor.

Maurices Hours of Operation

Most maurices stores follow standard retail hours. Frequently these hours are 10:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday through Saturday and approximately 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Sunday. Hours may vary from store to store, however.

Positions at Maurices

Hourly wages and salaries vary according to your location and your job position. Most employees make more than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Jobs with more responsibility and education requirements pay more than other positions. All employees have the opportunity to earn raises and promotions.


Careers at maurices range from part-time positions in your local store to positions in the home office in Duluth, Minnesota. The jobs you can do vary depending on where you are. This overview will give you a general idea of the types of careers maurices offers.


Home office

These positions are located in the corporate office:


Creativity and design meet financial planning. It’s this blend of fashion and business that keeps the company growing.

Planning and Allocation

Merchandise doesn’t arrive at stores by accident. These employees work to make sure that each store receives what it needs in the quantities it needs.

Store Operations

If you are in an operations position, you’ll help provide corporate support to the retail stores.


Financial experts make sure everything is in the black, and they facilitate growth rather than decline.


The marketing team connects and establishes relationships with customers.

Human Resources

The HR department hires and contributes to the growth and development of employees.

Real Estate

This team seeks new markets and develops new store locations.

New York Design Office

In the heart of downtown Manhattan, you’ll find the maurices fashion design office. This team designs looks, researches and develops materials, sets seasonal trends, and so much more. If you have a background in fashion design, consider applying for a position in the maurices design office.

Retail Store Locations

The majority of maurices employees work in the retail stores, interacting with customers and helping them create their ideal look. This list is a glimpse of some of the available positions in maurices stores.

Stylist (Sales Associate)

As a stylist, also called a sales associate, you’ll be one to work directly with customers. Your role will be to help them enjoy clothes shopping at maurices and to assist them in creating new looks with different pieces.

Stylists also merchandise the store—placing new merchandise, making displays to inspire shoppers, and other related duties. All employees are expected to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of the store.

Manager/Assistant Manager

Managers interact with customers and also supervise employees, ensuring that everything runs smoothly with problems resolved in a timely fashion.


Occasionally, maurices stores, as well as the corporate office, seek interns. If you are a college student desiring an internship with maurices, check the job postings site to see if opportunities are listed.

Tips for Applying and Interviewing at Maurices

All applications begin online. To distinguish yourself from other applicants, be sure to complete the entire form. Leaving some questions unanswered diminishes opportunities to showcase who you are.

The company places a high value on people and involvement. Without fabricating things, list and describe anything you’ve done in the community, for neighbors, or more. If you have any experience in fashion or retail, be sure to mention that as well. Show the people who oversee hiring that you match the maurices values and have things to bring to the company.

Benefits of Working at Maurices

Maurices is an industry mogul, and as such, they have the resources to offer their employees financial and health benefits.

Financial Benefits

Maurices offers competitive pay. Your hourly wages or annual salary will be on par with or exceed that of other clothing retailers. You’ll receive paid time off for sick days and other needs. They also provide adoption assistance, tuition assistance, and offer an emergency assistance program called Dimes from the Heart. Dimes from the Heart is a grant of up to $2500 to cover emergency expenses.

Earn money for current living expenses, and save for retirement with the 401(k) plan offered to you as an employee. Of course, you can save more money and still look fashionable by taking advantage of the generous 40% discount given to employees.

Health Benefits

Maurices not only provides insurance benefits, but they also give employees plan options, so you can choose health insurance that’s right for you. In addition to health insurance, maurices offers dental and vision plans, too, if you’re interested.

Programs like Health Advocate and Doctor on Demand help you take charge of your health and wellness. And if you’re working at the home office, enjoy free use of a gym and energy room for fitness classes. Also at the home office, you and other employees can participate in the Mindfulness Program for your mental health and work satisfaction.

Pause Days

At maurices, you’ll be part of a company that values community involvement and volunteerism. The company donates time and financial resources. So employees can volunteer and show their community spirit, maurices has a Pause Day every quarter.

On Pause Day, you can put your regular responsibilities on hold in order to volunteer or engage in team-building activities. It’s a day that is designed to benefit you and others in the community.

Winspire — and More

Another benefit of working at maurices is the opportunity for recognition for doing exemplary work. maurices gives both recognition and rewards to top employees. From the annual Vision Ceremony honoring forward-thinking employees who move the company forward to the regular recognition of jobs well done on any given day, this company will appreciate and recognize your hard work and positivity.

Winspire is a unique, all-expense paid trip in which top store leaders get to relax and interact with each other and members from the home office.


Maurices invests in its employees. They love it when good employees remain with the company, and they seek to promote from within. To facilitate growth and advancement, they offer maurices University at the home office in Duluth and the Business Achievement program at their stores. Wherever you are and whether you work full- or part-time, you can learn, grow, and advance.

Interesting Facts About Maurices Careers

Remarkably, maurices opened its first store in northern Minnesota in 1931—during the Great Depression. In a time when the economy forced many businesses to close, and unemployment meant that many people had to make their own clothing (if they could afford fabric, that is), E. Maurice Labovitz opened his first clothing store.

Maurices isn’t your ordinary clothing store. Maurices means quality and, above all, fashion. With its team of fashion designers, maurices helps its customers set trends where they live. As a maurices employee, you’ll be part of the fashion industry.