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Manpower Inc. is a 22 billion dollar revenue, multinational human resource consulting firm which was founded in 1948 by Elmer Winter and Aaron Scheinfeld. The company has its headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The company is part of the professional services industry, and it provides recruitment, assessment, training, development, outsourcing, workforce consulting and career management for its customers. Manpower was acquired by Blue Arrow of Britain in 1987, but it regained its independence only 4 years later. The first offices of the company were located in Chicago, Illinois. However, starting with 1954, Manpower began to expand throughout the United States by offering franchise business opportunities to interested parties. By 1956, it had already become an international company. Here are a few key moments for Manpower temporary agency:

  • 1956 – Manpower locations & offices in Montreal & Toronto, Canada and the UK
  • 1957 – Manpower locations & offices open in France
  • 1963 – Manpower locations & offices open in South America
  • 1964 – Manpower locations & offices open in Asia

On 30 March 2011, the company changes its name from Manpower Inc. to ManpowerGroup, in order to better reflect its product offerings. Under the parent name, services like ManpowerGroup Solutions, Manpower, Experis & Right Management were also revamped. Statistics show that the ManpowerGroup has over 3.900 offices in 82 companies. They even have an office in the web-based universe “Second Life”. The customer base of Manpower is absolutely incredible. The corporation services over 400.000 companies, including multinational giants such as IBM, Danahar, ntl and Monsato. As far as staffing goes, Manpower employs approximately 30.000 direct associates and 4.4 million workers per year.

One of the oldest staffing firms in the industry, Manpower, is regularly hiring individuals who can fill positions in the accounting, IT, HR, marketing, design, sales, hospitability, administrational and vocational fields. Before you submit your Manpower job application, you should read the following guide which contains tips and tricks, salary and compensation information, interview advice, and other important information about the company.

Manpower Job Application Online

When it comes to first impressions, there are no second chances. That is the main reason why you should make your Manpower application online great. There are several ways that you can apply with the company, but the most effective way is through the company’s career page (on Please note that some job openings are for specific nationalities, and therefore, they are not presented in English.

Head on over to the official website. The company has provided with extensive material like “Land that Job and Succeed Long Term”, and other advice that will make the Manpower application process easier. On the careers page you have several options. You can either read the “Work for Us”, “Career Resources”, and “Safety”, or you can go to the JobSearch tab. You can enter you’re keyword and search options such as classification, position, location, job type etc. to filter relevant results. You will be presented with several relevant Manpower careers that you can choose from. In order to submit your application you must use your Manpower jobs login or register an account with the company.

Official site: www.manpowerjobs

Minimum Age for Employment at Manpower

How old do you have to be to begin to receive consideration for Man power jobs? If you submit a Manpower application, only applicants over the age of 18 will be considered for hiring, regardless of the position that they are competing for. Management and administrative Manpower jobs require some level of experience.

Manpower Hours of Operation

Typical Manpower hours of operation start at 9:00 AM during the weekdays. Manpower locations are closed during the weekend. Associates will be required to work extra hours, and maybe even during holidays or weekends, so make sure to display availability for work in your application.

Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Saturday – Sunday: Closed

Entry-Level Manpower Careers and Income

Available Manpower jobs: full-time and part-time staffing specialists, recruiter, human resources consultant, call center/sales recruiter, permanent placement consultant, sales executive, sourcer, and customer care representative.

Submit your Manpower job application knowing that you have a chance to become part of a world leading company. Talent and dedication is what the company seeks in its future associates. Manpower jobs are all about leadership and commitment. Despite high unemployment, Manpower continues to hire and demand engineers, consultants and more. Not only this, but it also offers great non-wage benefits for eligible candidates. Several online reviews point to the fact that a work experience with Manpower Temp agency is very rewarding.

Manpower serves most of the country, as well as international locations. Workers can use the recruitment services from Manpower in order to obtain short-term, contract work with great pay. Moreover, Manpower also collaborates with Fortune 500 companies to connect job seekers with employment opportunities. Many applicants have secured careers with Goodyear or IBM, as well as work with local companies for the automotive, administrative, logistics or landscaping industries. All in all, you can apply for work through Manpower online, or you can apply for work with the company (you can secure a position in the firm, or with third-parties through the career portal).

Lastly, the company offers training and development for job-seekers who wish to hone their skills and acquire more knowledge in the technology, sales, administration and operations fields. Manpower temp service employees are allowed to use the company’s resources at any time, regardless of their affiliation.

By visiting, you can start searching for jobs both as a job-seeker and as a client. Manpower .com is where matches happen, and anyone can find a great job opportunity for a competitive salary.

Most job opportunities at Manpower involve desk-work in office settings. Huge companies regularly use the hiring agency to outsource projects and fill clerical or managerial functions. The most popular jobs right now can be found in design, IT, accounting and marketing. Manpower Temp service employees work nine-to-five and have one lunch break. Weekends are free. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Manpower jobs:

Manpower jobs as Consultants: A consultant has to provide recruitment services to customers. A positive outlook on life is required. All types of business require some form of recruitment or hiring services in order to operate. The job description and duties of a Manpower consultant is to seek and help job-seekers create a successful match with a company. He/she must advise the potential candidate on what he must do to take his career to the next level.

In order to start a consultancy career with the company, you must submit your Manpower application online. You could also check recruitment agencies near you. As a Manpower Consultant you will be expected to plan recruitment procedures, hire new staff, collect data on candidates and encourage young students or professionals to submit their job applications.

Manpower jobs at a Branch Office: There are at least 650 Manpower locations around the world. Therefore, the company needs large number of employees on the frontlines of their business. Employees with the branch office must deliver exceptional customer service and solutions to clients (example: career guidance, quality opportunities, survey completion, job seeking assistance etc.). Teamwork is extremely important within the branch office, because most projects must be accomplished by a large workforce. If you have the ability to work in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment you should definitely consider submitting your Manpower job application.

Head to the Branch Office Careers section of the official website ( and click on the “Find offices” or “Find jobs at a Branch office” option. You can find countless of job opportunities in different Manpower locations such as Maryland, Chicago, Michigan, Raleigh, San Diego, NC etc.

Manpower jobs at the World Headquarters: According to the company’s description, the headquarters on the riverfront of downtown Milwaukee, is the place where all job-seekers want to be. It is the place where employees build on their thought leadership. Individuals with experience in finance, human resources, information technology, corporate affairs, marketing, sales and operations will definitely fit in. At the moment, the company’s headquarters is home to over 900 employees. Do you think you have what it takes to join the company’s headquarters? Submit your Manpower application now.

For more information about headquarters career you should visit the “World Headquarters” section on the official page of

Manpower Careers in Management

Managers are highly valued by the company. While some will fill important available positions with the Manpower temp agency, others will have the opportunity to outsource their work at the company’s partner firms. As we already mentioned, Manpower also promotes job opportunities with local or Fortune 500 businesses. Use the online portal at com to browse through available management positions.

Individuals with strong leadership and organizational skills, as well as experience in one of the before mentioned fields will be considered for employment within the company. A higher level of education is also required. In general, managers are responsible with staffing duties, they must outline schedule, tasks and deadlines for employees, and they must also track financial performances of the company. Some managers will also be in charge of training new recruits and offering them feedback.

Basic Tips for Applying at Manpower

The rule of thumb with Manpower careers is to know exactly what you want. Applicants who have a clear goal in their specific industry usually fare a lot better during the placement process than job-seekers without a specific goal. We advise job hopefuls to review employment histories before applying for work with the Manpower temp service agency, in order to organize career goals. Of course, if you are submitting your Manpower application simply to obtain extra income, you will require less preparation than individuals who are looking for a significant break in their industry.

Manpower is working together with Jobipedia, NAM, ASA (American Staffing Association), ASQ (American Society of Quality), Military Spouse, AARP, SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), Junior Achievement and the U.S. Department of labor to help job hopefuls secure employment.

From the company’s career page you can click on “Jobsearch” and begin your search. You will immediately stumble upon job listings. Use the filters on the page to narrow down your results. Job openings vary from receptionist, to bar attendant, IT expert and even designer. Each job posting has an extensive description of responsibilities and required education. If you are interested in a position you can begin your Manpower job application process. The jobs and employment form is very basic. You must share personal information such as address, eligibility for work, phone number, citizenship etc. You will also be asked to attach your Resume and relevant documentation (example: cover letter, reference list). Read the privacy policy before submitting your Manpower application. You can also submit multiple applications at the same time.

Another option would be to apply strictly for Manpower jobs (note that the above application process is also extended to partners and local companies). Go to the Manpower official website ( and head to the Branch office or Headquarter jobs sections. Read the information and click on Job search. You will be redirected to this page.  As you can see, this is an advanced search which requires more information about your qualifications, education and willingness to travel. You can also select the type of job that you want (Contract or Staff). Every job opening has an extensive description of requirements, responsibilities and qualifications. Carefully read through the entire document before you submit your Manpower application

The next step would be to use your Manpower employee login (or register an account) in order to submit the application. You can accompany the application with a resume or cover letter. Make sure that it is error free. Spelling and grammar mistakes will decrease the chances of getting hired. You should also highlight only skills and experience that are relevant to the position.

More information (including the employee handbook) about the job application process can be found on the official guides of the company –

Lastly, if you are not sure what type of career is best for your education and experience, you can let the company find the best careers for you by updating your profile on the careers website.

Manpower Application Status

In general, the company contacts job-seekers within a few days from submitting their applications online. It is up to you to accept or reject placements made for you by the company. Most career-oriented natures of positions will require you to agree to drug screenings and background checks before official hiring. If you aren’t contacted by the company within a week from submitting your application, you may follow-up with a phone-call or email. Avoid being rude or to persistent.

Benefits at Manpower

Aside from the fact that Manpower careers offer some of the best salaries on the market, the company also has some great work benefits for employees under contract. One of the major advantages of a temp-to-hire position is the ability to receive formal offers upon completion of a contract. Full-time associates that qualify for benefits packages will have access to corporate financial planning assistance, healthcare and life insurance, paid time off, 401 (K) retirement plans, employee assistance programs, leaves of absence, medical plans, prescription drug plans and tuition assistance.

More info:

Manpower Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

The company greatly values creating quality relationships with customers and staff by utilizing a comprehensive knowledge base for all aspects of an operation. If you approach the Manpower application process as a job seeker you should know that the interview process is pretty basic. If you are careful when constructing your profile, the agency will find jobs that are relevant to your skills. Interview offers are made available shortly after applying for jobs. During the interview, Manpower Temp agency wants to test your personality, work ethic and dedication to your career. To obtain more opportunities for work you should remain flexible and display your availability for longer work hours.

If you are applying for jobs in the corporate department you will have to prepare for an extensive interview. In order to submit your Manpower application for corporate careers you have to navigate to a different section on the website. Complete the assessment test, application and attach your resume. You will receive a call or email from a recruiter to set up an interview. Potential candidates must face rounds of interview before they receive employment consideration. Occasionally, a third interview with the regional director will be set up.

More info on: www.manpower

During the three interviews candidates will have to answer to common topics such as work ethic, professional experience and personality. Hiring staff will display interest in job seekers who prove tolerance for repeated setbacks and who display strong leadership and organizational skills. Irrespective of the type of interview that you have, you must respect a few rules. First of all, you have to dress for the occasion. A business casual or business attire should be enough for the occasion. Make sure you offer a strong, firm handshake and that you maintain eye contact with the hiring personnel. Before you leave, don’t forget to thank the interviewer for the opportunity. Following up with the hiring staff after the interview process will demonstrate that you are genuinely interested in the position.

Now that you know the basic tips for interview process, you will be able to research interview answers and interview questions. We have provided several examples below.

Frequently Asked Manpower Interview Questions

  1. What domain are you most knowledgeable in?
  2. Aside from this position, what other types of Manpower jobs have you applied for?
  3. What is your ideal job?
  4. Do you have any call center experience
  5. Are you available for work now?
  6. When would you be ready to start?
  7. How would you describe great customer service
  8. When a project didn’t turn out the way you expected, how did you handle the situation?
  9. What would you do if you had trouble placing a client in a job?
  10. Tell me about a time when you exceeded your manager’s expectations

What would you do if one of your co-workers would steal from the company?

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