Long John Silver’s Application

Long John Silver’s Application – Employment at Long John Silver’s

Long John Silver’s is looking for hard-working, motivated, friendly people to fill positions at their restaurants throughout the country.  They need bright, energetic people that are willing to join crews right now. If you like to meet new people and work in a team environment, submit a Long John Silver’s application form.  Long John Silver’s offers its employees comprehensive, paid on-the-job training allowing and encouraging you to reach your full potential. At Long John Silver’s many of their  managers and corporate employees first started their careers as Crew Members. Complete a Long John Silver’s application today and start receiving the great pay and benefits they offer.

Long John Silver’s Online Job Application

If you’re interested in Long John Silver’s careers, unfortunately Long John Silver’s does not offer a Long John Silver’s online application at this time. Instead, interested people who follow the “Work for Us” link at the left of their store locator page are offered a search for nearby restaurants, and encouraged to complete a Long John Silver’s employment application in person.

Minimum Age for Employment at Long John Silver’s

You need to be at least 16 years of age to complete a Long John Silver’s application form.

Long John Silver’s Hours of Operation

Long John Silver’s store hours vary somewhat by location but typically are within the hours of 10am and 11pm. This affords a flexible schedule with no early mornings or late nights.

Entry-Level Long John Silver’s Careers and Income

Long John Silver’s employs entry-level people as Crew Members and Shift Leaders. Some of the duties and responsibilities, as well as benefits are as follows:

A Long John Silver’s Crew Person is an entry-level position with pay typically starting at minimum wage, usually an increase is possible following a short probation period. Crew members’ duties include preparing food and operating cash registers, as well as regular cleaning and maintenance of the restaurant. Long John Silver’s likes to promote from within and a hard-working Crew Member may quickly be promoted to Shift Leader or Manager.

A Long John Silver’s Shift Leader can also be an entry-level position, although preference is often given to those applicants with some prior fast food experience. Shift Leaders are in charge of overseeing Crew Members, ensuring that jobs are being done and that all company procedures are followed. Shift Leaders often assume the duties of the restaurant’s manager when absent, resulting in wages starting above that of a Crew Member.

Long John Silver’s Careers in Management

Long John Silver’s employs Assistant Managers, General Restaurant Managers, and Area Managers. A management position requires previous supervisory experience in the retail or food service industry. Each position has increased responsibilities:

A Long John Silver’s Assistant manager is the first level of the management team. Assistant Managers are often basically in training and answer to the Restaurant Manager. Together they assure that company procedures are adhered to in respect to: quality, profitability, and customer service and satisfaction. The Restaurant Manager is responsible for hiring, training, and all day-to-day operations of their restaurant.

The Area Manager oversees a number of restaurants within a geographical area. The Area Manager works closely with each restaurant’s management team to optimize all aspects of business.  The greater responsibility results in an above average salary, and an attractive benefit package.

Basic Tips for Applying at Long John Silver’s

Before completing an application for Long John Silver’s, you should research the available jobs. This allows you to apply for the position that you are best suited for. The internet contains information about the expectations, responsibilities, and benefits of the various positions. Once you have found a position which interests you, complete the Long John Silver’s job application form and double-check that all information is complete and accurate before submitting.

After you complete a Long John Silver’s job application, you might take the chance to introduce yourself to the restaurant’s manager and relate your interest and eagerness to begin work at Long John Silver’s.  A good first impression may result in your Long John Silver’s application being reviewed quickly.  Treat the meeting like a job interview, and be sure to dress appropriately, and keep a pleasant, friendly attitude.

Advanced Tips for Applying at Long John Silver’s

When submitting a Long John Silver’s application for a management position, be sure to include all prior experience and qualifications that are related to the desired job. Pay attention to detail to ensure the accuracy of all information.  In addition to the Long John Silver’s application form, you will need to submit a well-written and up-to-date resume, being certain to include all pertinent information and experience. The resume should be used to highlight the personal skills and achievements that make you the best candidate for the job.

Benefits at Long John Silver’s

Long John Silver’s invests in the well being of its employees by offering them a comprehensive package of benefits designed for a better quality of life. After meeting the minimum requirements, you can become eligible for the following benefits:

Crew Member Benefits:

  •   Flexible Hours
  •   Paid Training
  •   Excellent Opportunities for Advancement
  •   Free Meals

Shift Leader/Management Benefits:

  •   5-day work week (48 Hours for Assistant Managers and above)
  •   Paid Vacation
  •   No Early Mornings/Late Nights
  •   401(k) Program (for Asst. Manager and above)
  •   Health, Life and Disability Insurance (for Asst. Manager and above)
  •   Free Food
  •   Structured Training
  •   Advancement Opportunities

Complete a Long John Silver’s application today to be on your way to enjoying these and all the other benefits of the Long John Silver’s team.

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