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You are on this page because you want to obtain one of the many available Merck careers. But before you can get started with the Merck application process, there are a few things you should know about the company. Be a part of a group that is dedicated to preserving and enhancing lifestyles around the world. Be motivated by that objective and feel good to relocate to a workplace where you can perform greatly each day. Merck offers a variety of pharmaceutical profession possibilities from research, growth and business technological innovation to marketing and drug sales. Whether you are already an established scientist or you have just completed your education, you will discover a wide range of career possibilities at Merck. Behind every one of their pharmaceutical products, there is a team of scientists and researchers who are experts in their field. People whose relentless passion for discovering new methods to prevent and cure illnesses are matched only by an undeniable dedication to medical quality and individual protection. Diversity is a fundamental element of Merck’s business methods and they value and enhance variety for Merck employees. The company seeks the services of the best professionals, who together learn the different requirements of an international market. Merck’s dedication to variety does not stop at selecting its employees. They believe that motivating variety in Merck employment increases interaction, group collaboration and personal or professional growth. The company has a wide range of programs that improves and encourages teamwork and provides social media possibilities for workers. They are striving to motivate performance in addition to everything they do to benefit their clients and the organization. Merck has an award winning Military Recruitment Program that focuses on making use of the core values that characterize Military personnel by reintegrating them into the pharmaceutical industry. Their current goal is to hire 100,000 veterans by 2020. The future seems bright so you should fill in your Merck application today! Official site: www.merck.com Official career site: Merck Careers Below is our complete guide to Merck Jobs as well as a step-by-step walkthrough for the Merck application process.

Merck Application Process

The Merck job application portal (www.merck.com/careers) features a variety of different job possibilities in all key divisions. You can search for Merck jobs by various requirements e.g. locations, departments, job titles and you will be presented with a selection of Merck jobs that fit the criteria you have introduced. You have the option of applying for any of the listed Merck jobs or you can set up an account on the Merck job application portal and request an e-mail based job-posting alert, so that you can find out about any upcoming Merck employment opportunities that might be in line with your qualifications. The registration process on the Merck job application portal, including filling in the Merck application will take less than 10 minutes. After you have an authorized account, make sure to keep your information updated, so that they include all changes about your contact information, professional background or credentials. If you are considering applying for a Merck career, but you still have some doubts about a few things, then take a few minutes to read the following recommendations for a Merck application. Start by looking through the Merck Careers page for Merck jobs that might be appropriate for you. You can conduct the selection according to job area, location, keyword and other criteria. All the positions related to your requirements will appear instantly. Apply online through the Merck job application portal by sending in your CV with a cover letter and linking any degrees, accreditations or recommendations. The Merck hiring team will send back an e-mail to confirm that they have received your application.

Minimum Age for Employment at Merck

Merck strictly opposes child labor of any kind and as such, the pharmaceutical company only offers employment to people above the legal hiring age. This may differ slightly from country to country and even from state to state, in the U.S., but it usually is 16. All Merck jobs candidates should respect the company’s hiring age policy, because the Human Resources department will rectify all inadequacies once they become aware of them.

Entry-Level Merck Careers and Income

Here are some of the departments where job seekers can choose to apply for Merck jobs in the company’s Human and Animal Health Sector:
  • Discovery and Preclinical Sciences
  • Analysis Sciences
  • Medical Research
  • Medical Operations
  • Quantitative Sciences
  • Regulating Strategy and Security Operation
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Drug Sciences
  • RNA and Screening
Merck Manufacturing offers a wide range of Merck careers for anyone who is interested. The production process of Merck Pharmaceuticals and providing life-improving products is an important aspect of what they do.
  • Operations: Managers, Plant Technological Innovation (electric, resources, HVAC), Facilities Technicians, Maintenance Preparing, Technicians, Affiliates in divisions such as Sterile Production, Filling or Non-Sterile Procedures
  • Science and Technology: Procedure Technicians and Researchers, Approval Technicians, Product Packaging Technicians, Technology Engineers
  • Quality: Top Quality Assurance Experts, Item Release, Environmental Tracking, Quality Control Specialists
  • Global Procurement: Buyers and Planners
  • Supply Chain Supervising: Factory Functions, Strategies Planning
The company’s international assistance sector features crucial assistance and business servicing in many developing industries.
  • Human Resources
  • Finances
  • Details Technology
  • Law Field
  • International Compliance
  • International Communications and Public Affairs
  • Community Policy
  • Global Healthcare Affairs
  • Management Support
The experts from Merck’s Advertising and Product Promotion Department focus on providing Merck pharmaceutical products to countless clients around the globe. They are enthusiastic about their line of work. They pay attention to clients in order to comprehend their necessities and provide valuable product options and an extensive selection of alternatives. These are the departments where you can apply for a Merck career in this sector:
  • Business Field
  • Marketing
  • Revenue and Account Supervision
  • Professional Support
  • International Market Access
  • Medical Area Affairs
Merck Animal Health provides vets, farm owners, pet owners and government authorities with the largest range of veterinary medication, vaccinations and preventative care products, along with solid alternatives and solutions. This Merck Department is devoted to protecting and improving the well-being of all creatures.
  • Sales and Advertising
  • Research and Science
  • Technological Services
  • Production and Operations
With an internal and external emphasis on drug company structures, it is vital to learn how Merck employees perform marketing and advertising in order to satisfy all client needs and increase company results. As a part of a top marketing team, Merck employees will make, build, lead and perform customer involvement concepts focused on improving the quality of client engagement, developing strategy applications and improving client encounter and efficiency. The Merck employees from this department will ensure positioning in accordance with the US Incorporated Customer Involvement Strategy and will work alongside brand marketing, advertising, financial commitment analytics and various organizations or professionals. The personnel will be accountable for prescription drug or vaccine manufacturers.
Key obligations consist of the following:
– Performing in-depth research of client-level engagement information (non-personal or in-person sales) that will be delivered in an Involvement Analytics panel – Recognize styles, make use of marketing and client segmentation and other promotional tools to develop and improve health care strategy applications and client engagement programs – Work together with main stakeholders or agencies (mass media, etc.) to indicate route and source investment strategies – Track third-party researches and growing styles to inform and assist suggestions – Monitor strategy efficiency vs. goals through the dashboard – Associate with financial statistics to locate data-driven ideas via advanced analytics. – Recognize strategy optimization possibilities in-flight – Analyze new customer engagement possibilities and source partners to enhance client experience – Implement vendor management including evaluation, acquiring, conformity, performance and collaboration progress.

Clinical Research Associate – Job Description and Duties

A Clinical Research Associate will work on various field based projects and will develop relationships with key institutions in order to perform the demands of these projects as best as possible. He/ She will support the program level site selection strategy and will focus on the rapid deployment of resources towards the projects that require them. The Clinical Research Associate will work alongside the Clinical Research Manager and will follow his/ her instructions in regards to the development of the various scientific projects.

Clinical Research Associate – Salary and Compensation

The base salary for this Merck job ranges from an annual amount $55,000 to $92,000, with an average of $73,600. There is also a Cash Bonus for this position, that is awarded according to the performance of the Merck employee that varies between $5,000 and $6,000.

Scientist, Engineering – Job Description and Duties

This Merck job is available with the Pharmaceutical Development Department and entails planning, conducting and evaluating pharmaceutical process development studies. The main responsibilities of a Merck scientist are data analysis, physical testing, technology and process evaluation in accordance with the safety and good manufacturing practices. He/ She is expected to posses strong problem-solving and communication skills and to be proficient in the Quality by Design concept.

Scientist, Engineering – Salary and Compensation

The base salary for this Merck job starts at an annual rate of $69,000 and can get as high as $87,000. The average salary for a Merck Scientist is $77,900 and the is completed by a Cash Bonus in accordance to the Merck employee’s performance, that averages around $4,000.

Merck Careers in Management

There are opportunities for Merck careers in Management in each of the company’s departments. Those interested in these Merck careers should check the job application portal regularly for new openings and apply to those that are in line with their qualifications and area of expertise.

Manufacturing Manager – Job Description and Duties

The Manufacturing Manager will supervise his/ her team of employees across one or more shift, with the aim of meeting each shift’s objectives and making sure that the quality requirements and those of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are respected at all times. He/ She will collaborate with the other Managers within the department and with the staff, so as to promote continuous improvement policies for his/ her team. The Manufacturing Manager will ensure that the financial objectives for each shift are met and that the costs are permanently at their lowest.

Manufacturing Manager – Salary and Compensation

While the exact salary for this Merck job has not been disclosed publicly, the average annual rate may reach $100,000. There is also a Cash Bonus available for this position, that is meant to reward the valuable initiatives of Merck employees.

Sr. Clinical Trial Manager – Job Description and Duties

The Clinical Trial Manager will oversee all the processes involved in both domestic and international clinical trials with the aim of ensuring that these are in line with regulations. He/ She will develop and enforce the clinical trial plans and materials (including monitoring plans) and then will proceed to supervise the conduct and development of each clinical trial. He/ She will work alongside QA to monitor the levels of compliance and acceptability of every step of the trials, so as to ensure their continuance. The Clinical Trial Manager will develop close work relationships with all the Merck employees and consultants involved in the trials, including the physicians and the entire research staff.

Sr. Clinical Trial Manager – Salary and Compensation

The base salary for this Merck job starts out at an annual rate of $90,000 and can get as high as $96,000. There is also a comprehensive bonus pack for this position, that includes a Cash Bonus of $5,000 on average. The size of the bonus is determined by the performance and the achievements of the employee.

Advanced tips for Applying at Merck

The Merck Human Resources (HR) team will assess your resume according to the required professional skills for the Merck job you have applied for. The time frames for responses differ by location, but generally an answer will be sent to you within a month’s time, whether or not they will schedule you for a job meeting. Then, they will arrange one or two interviews (via phone and in person) with an employer, as well as with a HR manager. Before you fill in an online Merck application, it is essential that you consider what your strong points, weaknesses and passions are. Be conscious of your social abilities and if you have already confirmed them. The Merck job must match your persona, your objectives and your capabilities. A Merck job application must be complete and error-free. At the same time, it has to be effective and with an individual trait. It is really essential for you to focus on your Merck application and the position you are looking for. The company is interested in knowing exactly why you are applying for a Merck career.

Merck Application Status

You can check the application status for every Merck job that you might want to apply for by using the Merck job application portal on the Merck Careers page. There you will see if you can still submit an application for your desired Merck position, and you can check to see when the application period has ended afterwards.

Benefits at Merck

One of Merck’s policies involves keeping its employees safe and making sure that they feel appreciated in their job. By introducing a solid series of benefits, the company is assuring that Merck employees are allowed a certain level of comfort outside the workplace that can enhance their work performance by eliminating a significant amount of stress from their lives. The Benefit Pack at Merck includes as follows:
  • Solid Medical, Dental, Vision, Prescription Drug and Wellness Plans
  • Paid Vacation, Flexible Work Arrangements
  • An Education Assistance Program, as well as an Employee Assistance Program
  • Day Care Centers and Resource and Referral Services
  • Corporate Discounts
  • 401(K) Retirement Savings Plan, Pension
  • Financial Planning and Banking Services
  • Insurance

Merck Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

The Merck job application process requires you to send in:
  • Your C.V.
  • Your cover letter
  • Accreditations and various referrals
The cover letter should be limited to one page, and it shouldn’t be just an addition to your C.V.. Point out clearly and briefly why you are suitable for the job and why you are looking to work at Merck. When writing your C.V., begin with the most recent professional information and go back to previous jobs and qualifications. This makes it much simpler for people to read and to identify the key factors. Incorporate all the information that you deem relevant to the Merck job you are applying for. Take the time to prepare for the interview, and make sure to practice in advance. Think about the your most and least flattering traits and achievements and come up with constructive methods to integrate and illustrate these. It is also essential to have solid motivation for what you consider your greatest assets for the specific Merck job and for the company. It is polite to introduce yourself and to talk about your C.V. at the start of the interview. For this objective, it is necessary to prepare a brief individual presentation instead of restating the information in your C.V.. You should also describe what inspires you, talk about any motivating factors and highlight your own features. Pay close attention to the interviewers and if you should have any concerns, do not refrain from making inquiries. Also, prepare a few questions that might be asked during the meeting for Merck jobs. Remain genuine and sincere and do not act like a different person than you truly are.

Frequently Asked Merck Interview Questions

1.   What are interviewing resources used during Merck job meetings? Any combination of performance designs and choice surveys, competency-based tests or online discussions. 2.   Will you be able to know your scores on these assessments? No, the scores on each part of the evaluation will remain in total privacy with the HR group. 3.   What happens if a candidate does not want to take these tests? People who want to be taken into consideration for a Merck career must perform the entire evaluation procedure. Applicants who do not complete the tests from start to finish, will not be capable to progress in the candidate selection procedure. 4.   Why are such hiring resources being used? These hiring resources are used in order to recognize top skills for current Merck jobs and to assure reliability across candidates on the long run and to advertise variety by using hiring elements that are technically confirmed to do it this way. 5.   How should you dress for a Video Situation Study? For this part of the Merck interview, you should be dressed exactly as you would be if you go to a conventional face-to-face job meeting with the interviewers. 6.   What should you do if you lose your online connection during a job interview? Do not panic. Just close your Internet browser, restart it, verify the accessibility of your invitation and then re-launch your conference. You will come back to the last unanswered query. If you’re looking for Merck interview answers you should check out Glassdoor and Indeed.com. Official site: www.merck.com Official career site: www.merck.com/careers/ This concludes our guide for the Merck application online process. If you have further inquiries feel free to contact us or leave a comment below. There are plenty of Merck Careers available so you should secure a position in no time! You can find the jobs and employment form on the official portal.

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