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KFC Application – Employment at KFC

Today, very few people can honestly say they’ve never been to KFC at least once or twice in their lives.  No matter whether people are looking for a quick meal on lunch break, or a place to take a casual date, you can rest assured that KFC’s loyal customer base will remain stable for years to come.  This is just one of many reasons why filling out a KFC application will provide you with plenty of long-range career advantages.

KFC Application Online

If you are interested in KFC careers, you will need to start off by filling out a basic application. You can submit your KFC application online at the KFC careers page.

Minimum Age for Employment at KFC

Even if you are an immigrant, you must be at least 16 years old before you can fill out the KFC application online form.  That said, if you want to be a manager, you must be at least 18 years old to apply for these jobs.

KFC Hours of Operation

Since KFC is open 7 days a week, your work hours will most likely fall between 10 – 11 am and 6 – 9 pm.  Those who prepare foods or clean may also start and end their work hours a bit earlier or later depending on the needs of the facility.

Entry-Level KFC Careers and Income

Regardless of your age or background, when you fill out the KFC application, you can apply for a number of entry-level jobs. These jobs include: food preparer, cashier, maintenance technician, sales associate, and cleaner.

KFC Careers in Management

If you are interested in applying for management-level positions via the KFC application online, you will have several to choose from. These include: shift and general manager as well as assistant management jobs.  Individuals that are offered management-level jobs after filling out the KFC online application can expect a starting salary that ranges from $25- to $60,000 per year.   That said, if you are applying for a shift supervisor position, your wages will be closer to $10.00 an hour.

Basic Tips for Applying at KFC

While you are filling out the KFC application, it is very important to realize that the ailing job market translates to very high competition for these jobs.  No matter whether you want an entry-level job or a more advanced position, you will need to be very careful when you fill out the application as well as when you deliver it. In some cases, you may even be offered an interview when you arrive at the restaurant.

If you are not sure about what to wear, you should start off by finding out if the KFC you plan to work for has employees that wear uniforms while working jobs that you plan to apply for.  If you notice uniformed staff members, then you should seek to wear semi-casual clothes that will help you feel comfortable.  While some people may tell you to wear your best clothing when you are seeking any type of job, you should realize that some companies want to know more about whether or not you can fit into specific work settings. Unfortunately, if you wear the wrong clothes, you will immediately create an impression that you will not fit in very well if hired.

Advanced Tips for your KFC Application

No matter whether you are just beginning to fill out the KFC application form, or you are ready to deliver it to the restaurant, it is important to consider the kinds of management scenarios that may come up.  For example, if you want to be a team leader or a shift supervisor, you will need to demonstrate that you have a flair for motivating people and ensuring they keep an upbeat outlook while working. Since KFC is known for friendly, dedicated customer service staff members, your KFC application form should include keywords that help you convey this type of personality.

Individuals that get an interview after delivering an application for KFC should always be prepared to talk about experiences where they had to resolve disagreements as well as lead others to excellence.  Even if you have no direct work experience in this capacity, you can talk about things you have done at home or while volunteering in your local community.  No matter what you are talking about, it is very important to present a balanced emotional outlook.  For example, if you are talking about a situation where there was a lot of anger, it will not be of much help if you smile, laugh, or giggle while discussing the event.  On the other hand, showing no emotion at all may be just as bad.

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Benefits at KFC

A number of people that fill out the KFC employment application are surprised to find that KFC offers benefits that exceed the industry norm.  Among other things, they offer 401(k), life, health, dental, and eye care insurance.  Individuals that are interested in wellness programs are sure to appreciate being able to use the gym located in most facilities as well as take part in a number of other programs aimed at ensuring each worker remains as healthy as possible.  You can also get a discount on meals as well as take advantage of paid training opportunities as they arise.   KFC also offers flexible schedules, a certain number of paid sick days, and paid vacation time.  If you are interested in going to college, or are already a college student, KFC also offers tuition assistance programs and scholarships.  No doubt if you are as committed to excellence in your studies as you are work habits, you will find many opportunities to make a better life for yourself while working at KFC.

If you are looking for long term employment and excellent benefits, you should put KFC at the top of your job hunt list.  Why not choose a company that delivers delicious food to its customers and also knows how to give the best to each employee?

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