Getting a job at Berkshire Hathaway is a process, and you will be required to go through some prequalification stages before receiving a job offer. Your likelihood of being hired will depend on your suitability for the job and performance during the hiring process.

This article is going to shed some light on the recruitment process of Berkshire Hathaway to help you ace that job hiring process for your dream job.

What is Berkshire Hathaway’s Recruitment Process?

The recruitment process of Berkshire Hathaway is similar to any job application process. You will be required to go through some stages, which include an online job application, an online aptitude test, and an interview.

Online Job Application

This is one of the easiest stages, and you are required to complete your job application online. All open vacancies are advertised on the particular subsidiary career website. For example, if you are applying for a customer representative position at Acme Brick company, you will go to the company’s career website and complete your job application process.

You are required to fill in all the mandatory fields before you can submit your job application. Some of the information required includes your personal details, academic qualification, and work experience. You are also required to upload your resume. You can always find your application status on the website. 

Online Aptitude Test

Some jobs require you to complete an online assessment test. Once you have completed your job application, you will be invited to undertake an aptitude test for numerical and verbal reasoning. Again, you are required to pass a minimum threshold to proceed to the next stage.

The trick to passing an aptitude test is to complete as many practice questions as possible beforehand. This will help you improve your speed which is the main thing being tested here; assessment questions are not hard and time is limited.

Interview Process

If you get through the aptitude test, the next stage is the interview process. Some jobs do not require an online assessment, and you will go directly to the interview stage. You would want to structure your CV well and modify it to the job requirements, as this is what will determine if the recruitment team will call you for an interview.

A tip to acing your interview is preparing beforehand. First, ensure you read the job overview and understand what is required. Then, do a mock interview with a friend and try to answer commonly asked questions in Berkshire Hathaway interviews. You can find the questions on common job sites such as Indeed and Glassdoor. Mock interviews allow you to structure your sentences well with minimal stuttering. Also, it helps build on your confidence.

The managers will be looking at whether you will fit into the company. Understand the company’s values and goals and ensure you demonstrate them in your answers during the interview.

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How Long Does Berkshire Hathaway Recruitment Process Take?

The recruitment process in Berkshire Hathaway is quite straightforward and fast. On average, it will take you two weeks after the job application before you are booked for an interview. After the interview, you will wait for a maximum of one week to receive a job offer or a regret email.

However, you should note that some job hiring processes will go for more than a month; for example, sales representative and managerial positions are estimated to last up to 65 days. On the other hand, some job hiring processes, for example, brokerage positions, take only four days. 

Can You Get a Job in Berkshire Hathaway Through Referrals?

Apart from applying for the advertised jobs online, you can get a job through a referral. A connection in the company can refer you to a particular position in the company. The managers will call you directly for an interview. The chance of getting a job through referral is decent as you are pitching yourself directly to the seniors in charge of the company. Ensure you demonstrate that you can excellently perform your respective duties.

Berkshire Hathaway always looks for people with integrity, energy, and initiative. As you build your connections inside the company, ensure that you cultivate these values. With these values, you can easily fit into the company and it will be easy for your connection to refer you to the company.

Career Opportunities in Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway offers a variety of career opportunities from entry-level to senior level. Common career opportunities include real estate agents, administrative assistants, customer service representatives, sales associates, claims adjusters, accountants, and office administrators. The likelihood of getting a job that suits you with Berkshire Hathaway is high, thanks to the many subsidiaries.

Why Should You Consider Working at Berkshire Hathaway?

Berkshire Hathaway is for you if you are a self-driven person with great initiative and looking for a place to grow your network and career. The company empowers and trains its employees to look for their leads. You will love this company if you appreciate individual responsibility.

In addition, Berkshire Hathaway is ideal for you if you are looking for a company where you will be rewarded based on your effort, especially if you are into brokerage. The company pays a good commission depending on your sales. Another great feature about working in the company is the ability to work from home. If you do not need help from managers or colleagues, you can conveniently work from home.


Getting a job in Berkshire Hathaway is similar to getting a job in any other company. You must successfully go through their recruitment process before being offered a job. Understanding what is required of you in every recruitment stage will increase your likelihood of getting a job.

Additionally, you can get a job in the company through a referral. If you have tried applying to the company with no success, then maybe it is time to create connections in the company. When you are referred by an employee, especially one with a good reputation, the chances of getting that job are significantly higher.