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Halloween City is a subsidiary of the major franchise Party City. Party City is an American retail chain that supplies and sales party supplies, decorations, candy, costumes, ribbons, cups, Halloween products and party favors. It is currently operating more than 750 retail centers under the name of Halloween City, Party City and Factory Card & Party Outlet brands. The first Party City store opened in back in 1986, in East Hanover. By 1992 it had already opened stores in Georgia and Tennessee. At present it has grown into a nationwide chain with a multitude of stores.

For the job seeker this is great news because it means great opportunities for employment, especially for entry-level positions. Halloween City offers seasonal employment to people with different backgrounds and education. If you like to party or organize events, then you will be a perfect fit for Halloween city. Not only are careers at this company fabulous, but they will also enable you to earn a respectable salary while doing what you like. The first step to starting a great career is submitting your Halloween city job application online or in person. But before you start filling it out let’s take a closer look at Halloween city job requirements, salaries, perks and Interview tips.

Halloween City Job Application

Operating under the Party City umbrella means lots of job openings for enthusiastic job seekers. Halloween city provides clients with party supplies and costumes with the help of 400 superstores that always need new workforce. In general, an employee will take on a seasonal role, but there are also available positions for the entire calendar year.

Official site: www.halloweencity.com

Everybody knows that getting hired for a Halloweencity job comes down to creating an attractive Halloween City job application. But how exactly can you create a job application that your employer will notice? You will have to do some serious research. Here are a few tricks that will help you:

  • Get the Right Mindset: Many job seekers have the tendency of underestimating themselves when it comes to evaluating their abilities. When filling out your Halloween City job application you should ask a friend to help you. Confidence and self-evaluation capabilities will definitely help you in the process. In addition to this, you should also have superior knowledge about the company’s vision. Can you convince a customer to purchase a product? How? It may sound difficult at first, but understanding the challenges of the job will be reflected in your Halloween city job application.
  • Think like your employer: You should know from the start that an employer can quickly tell the difference between an exceptional job seeker and an ordinary one. The hiring manager will not spend more than a few minutes on an application, so you must make sure that the most important information is easy to see. What you are trying to do now is to sell yourself to a particular position. Therefore, you must only highlight skills that are relevant to the job. For example, your ability to work individually will not be required at a Halloween city position, where teamwork is vital.
  • Get background information about the company: Another thing you should consider is conducting proper research about the company. This is actually the first step to securing a job with Halloweencity. It is also an easy thing to do. Simple head on over to the official site and read a little bit about the company’s history and vision. It is extremely important in today’s job market to be informed.

Minimum Age for Employment at Halloween City

The job requirements for most entry-level positions is 16-years-old. However, you might be required to be 18 or over to fill a position with higher requirements. Halloween jobs are generally available for everyone, but it may imply some heavy lifting and retail experience.

Halloween City Store Hours

The Halloween city superstores are open seasonally. During the Halloween season most shops are open around the clock, so you should be available for work in the weekends and late hours of the day.

Entry Level Halloween City Careers and Income

Halloween City Careers: cashier, stock associate, assistant manager, store manager, sales associate

Because it is a seasonal retail chain, Halloween city doesn’t necessarily hire long term employees. However, there are several Halloween city locations that are looking for long-term positions for managers and associates. There is also an option of working seasonally and being invited to return each year. The company requires its employees to assist clients who are making purchases, find special orders and promote the appropriate accessories. Halloween city trains its employees to offer the best customer service through pulling multiple options, inquiry and listening to patron suggestions.

Entry level careers include, but are not limited to sales floor associates, stock associates, cashiers, dressing room attendants and sales floor associates. The most important traits of an employee would be a positive attitude and availability. Exceptional interpersonal skills and flexible schedule options are a must. Let’s take a look at the most popular Halloween city jobs.

Halloween City Cashier Jobs: The responsibilities of a cashier are very similar to those of other retail stores. A cashier is required to operate registers, itemize customer purchases, finalize sales and receive payment. In addition to this, cashiers must also assist with special orders, customers and merchandise. If a manager or patron requires help executing payment methods, the cashier must help. To ensure that the job goes smoothly, the cashier must always have a friendly attitude and helpful personality. Lastly, strong team work ethic is a must. The starting salary for a cashier at Halloween city is minimum hourly wage, with opportunities of non-wage bonuses.

Halloween City Sales Associate Jobs: Most Halloween city job openings are available for sales associates. These employees should convey an outgoing, friendly attitude at all times so that the client is pleased. Primary attributes include, but are not limited to answering patron questions, restocking merchandise, helping with purchases and assisting fitting rooms. The ability to work both full and part-time hours, in the weekends and long work nights is absolutely essential. The minimum hourly wage for a sales associate is 8.00$/hour.

Halloween City Management Position: Management staff is hired to directly oversee entry-level employees. Some manager may be moved to full-time positions if they prove that they are invaluable for the team, but most administrative roles are seasonal. The list of responsibilities includes coaching personnel, meeting store sales, overseeing profitability goals and operations and more. It is also required of a Halloween city manager to open and close the store, ensure customer satisfaction through returns, exchanges & purchases, and making sure that crew members are productive. Only job seekers 18 and older are allowed to apply for the job. Only job applicants with spectacular communication and organizational skills are considered for the job. Assistant managers in between 11.00 and 12.00$/hour, and store managers earn more than 16.00$ hourly wage.

Basic Tips for Applying at Halloween City

There are two options for applying for a job. You can either send your application on the Halloween city website, or you can do so in person. We recommend you to apply online because this will allow you to create profiles and applying for several jobs at once. The application form must contain basic information such as career experience, background data and general assessment. Be prepared to put aside between 40 and 50 minutes in order to fill out the Halloween city application.

It is very important to gather pertinent information beforehand to smooth your way through the process. It is common sense not to have misspellings and grammar mistakes. If you choose to apply in person you can either look for the Halloween city phone number to find out what job openings you have near you, or you can go to the store in person.

Once you have completed the Halloween city job application you will be one step closer to your desired position. Job description and duties will be described to you by the hiring manager. Because it is a seasonal job, applicants should send in their applications in summer months to make sure that the hiring personnel has enough time to go through all papers. Because Halloween city is a subsidiary of Party city, applicants should always check with the specialty retailers for application status, positions, store openings and updates. Showing genuine interest in the position and putting relevant questions will help.

Benefits for Working at Halloween City

Besides great salary and compensation, working for Halloween city holds several other benefits. Because it is a seasonal business it means that you must be ready for fast-paced, team-oriented work. On the bright side, the retailer promises competitive pay, paid training and flexible working schedule. You will also benefit from juicy employee discounts for costumes, decorations and supplies. If you are offered a long-term job you will also benefit from retirement plans (like the company 401 (k) plans), health coverage, and employee assistance programs.

Halloween City Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

Halloween city careers are available for job seekers from September to late November every year. Halloween city job hopefuls usually complete the hiring process during mid-summer, and prepare for the job until September. The company is always looking for staff members with a passion for Halloween, festivities and parties. After the Halloween city job application is over, hiring staff will undergo phone screening for eligible candidates, then move to face-to-face interviews. Although the phone interview is a sort of formality, hopefuls should try to leave a lasting impression, because this may lead to the next step of the hiring process.

Once the candidate is accepted for the one-on-one interview, he/she should prepare for the interview. In general, this means reading more about Halloween city and reviewing their work history. A surefire strategy of getting the job is demonstrating alignment with company vision and displaying skills required for the job. Halloween city will only offer job and employment form chances to individuals that make a good impression and are able to interact with customers in an enthusiastic and professional manner.

Here are a few Halloween City Interview tips that you should consider:

  • Dressing in business casual attire is essential for creating a good first impression.
  • Punctuality is also important. As a matter of fact, you should show up five to ten minutes early
  • The interview process follows the typical pattern: the hiring staff will inquiry about job history, availability, and personality. Make sure you tell them about your schedule and availability for flexible hours to gain consideration.
  • Managerial applicant tips: In general, Halloween city managers are hired from within the company because they already have an idea about how the company works, and what its vision is. There are also employment opportunities for new comers who can prove their experience in the field or who have worked with the company in previous seasons.
  • Always conclude the meeting with a firm handshake and wide smile. Also express gratitude for being considered or send a personalized thank-you card.

Frequently Asked Interview Questions

Let’s take a look at some of the most common interview questions that you might encounter during your Halloween city job application process. For the interview answers, you should get in contact with a former employee.

1.       Do you know anyone who works for Halloween City?
2.       How long would you expect to work with Halloween City if hired?
3.       Why should Halloween city hire you?
4.       What do you know about Halloween city?
5.       What is your greatest weakness?
6.       Why do you want to work for Halloween city?
7.       If you were hiring a person for this job, what would you look for?
8.       Do you think you are overqualified for a position within our company?
9.       Tell us about a time when you helped resolve a dispute between others
10.   Would you say that you are an individual worker, or team-player?
11.   What position would you prefer on a team, when working on a project?
12.   What do you think are the most important qualities for this position?
13.   What would you do if your replacement was late for work?
14.   What do you think about Halloween City costumes?
15.   Do you have previous experience in the retail industry?

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