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Speedway is an American chain of gas stations and convenience stores, located in the Midwestern part of the United States. The company, which now owns Speedway, was founded in 1959 and it is headquartered in Enon, Ohio. The initial name was Speedway 79 and this gasoline chain was based in Michigan. It operated for the first half of the 20th century, and was acquired by the Ohio Oil Company, now known as Marathon, and transformed into the present combination of gasoline station and convenience store. Speedway gasoline and convenience stores offer fuel, various types of merchandise, food, and beverages, both hot and cold. Recently, the company opened “Speedy Cafes” in some of its stores, where customers can order by choosing foods and beverages on a touch screen computer. While the customers pay the receipts, the orders are prepared. As this new concept gains success, more and more Speedway stores will offer this type of service. Self-service gasoline stations were increasingly popular in the United States in the 1950s and, as they became legalized in more and more states, the company decided to implement this system throughout its chain. The number 79 was dropped, and the chain became known only as Speedway. This chain is the largest in central Ohio, and it is constantly expanding. In May 2014, Speedway acquired Hess Retail Holdings LLC and with it over 1,200 Hess locations along the East Coast and the Southeast.

This acquisition increased the Speedway number of stores to over 2,700 company-owned and operated locations in 23 states. This makes Speedway the largest company-owned and operated convenience-store chain in the United States by revenue and the second largest by store count. As the number of Speedway stores and gas stations increases, so is the number of Speedway employees. Speedway is constantly hiring new employees both for gas stations and convenience stores, but also to fill its corporate needs.

Official site: www.speedway.com

Official career site: Speedway careers

Speedway Application Process

Candidates who want to start one of the Speedway careers can find many Speedway employment opportunities within the company. There are two ways of applying for Speedway jobs and there are many ways to find out the many Speedway available positions. Candidates can either go through the listings on the various recruitment websites who advertise them, or they can go directly to the Speedway official site, www.speedway.com. Here, they can click on the careers link, which will take them to the company’s official recruitment page – Speedway Careers.

On this page, candidates can choose one of the five different type of Speedway careers the company offers. These are Hourly Store Positions, Field Management, College Internship, Corporate, and Transport Drivers. Once clicking one of these options, a pop-up window will appear which will allow candidates to choose the state they want to work in. The states are separated into three regions: West Region, Southeast Region, and East Region. Those who choose the Southeast Region and are looking for store Speedway careers, are instructed to apply directly at the Speedway store they are interested in. For the rest of the regions, they can apply online. To choose a region and start the Speedway application process, candidates need to simply click on the yellow “apply now” button at the end of each region’s listed states.

A new page will open, and the first thing candidates need to do to begin the Speedway application process is to provide their five-digit zip code. The next thing they need to choose is the type of Speedway careers they are interested in, like Food Service Specialist, Corporate Office, or Non Store Professional. Of course there are several options available aside these. After choosing one, the Speedway application system requires candidates to also choose a specific store. The system lets candidates know the distance between their zip code and that specific store, a very helpful feature that allows candidates to pick the closest location.

After selecting all of the above, the candidates need to click the “NEXT” gray button, located at the bottom right of the page, in order to continue with the Speedway job application process. The following step requires candidates to give their personal information, such as their full name, address, their daytime phone number, and also answer a few important questions, like:

  • Are you at least 18 years of age?
  • Are you eligible to work in the United States?

The Speedway application process also requires candidates to fill in their Social Security Number. If candidates want to, they can also fill in their driver’s license details and their email address. None of these two is mandatory, but the candidates looking for a driver’s Speedway job might consider giving this information too. The next part of the Speedway application process requires candidates to state the highest completed grade level of their education.

The name of the school, as well as the major they graduated in, is not mandatory, but candidates should also fill these boxes. It is helpful to give as much information as possible, because this will help the Speedway hiring manager make a correct assessment of the candidate.

After giving this information, the Speedway application process requires candidates to state whether they have completed any specialized trainings. These trainings include Business or Trade Schools, correspondence courses, or Military service training courses. If not, they can simply check the “No specialized training” box. The next part requires candidates to say whether they have served in the military and the details regarding this. If they haven’t, they can check the “No active U.S. military duty” box. None of this information is mandatory, but, again, candidates should consider completing these sections.

Following this step is the part where the candidates need to give some information about the position they are applying for, such as:

  • Salary desired
  • Type of salary (hourly, weekly, monthly, or annually)
  • Availability (full time or part time)
  • Are there any days you are not available? If yes, please list days and the times unavailable.
  • Total hours available per week
  • Date available

The next step of the Speedway job application process allows the candidates to list their employment history, starting with the most recent employer. This part of the Speedway application process is not mandatory, but it is advisable to complete it nonetheless.

It is very important for the hiring manager to have as much information about the candidate as possible and the work experience is the most important one. What is mandatory, however, is for the candidates to give at least two personal references, which should not include relatives or former supervisors. The maximum number of personal references candidates can list is three.

The following part of the Speedway application process requires candidates to answer a few questions and also provide additional details, depending on their answers:

  • Have you previously been employed by Speedway LLC or any of its affiliates? If yes, select the most recent company.
  • Have you been convicted of a crime? If yes, give date, location (county & state), and type of offense.

After completing this step, candidates need to confirm that all the information they have given so far is accurate, to authorize Speedway LLC to conduct any investigation it deems proper regarding their background, and to confirm they understand that, if hired, this application becomes a part of their official employment record.

The next part of the Speedway application process requires candidates to give their written authorization for Speedway to obtain consumer reports and/or investigative consumer reports on them at the application stage and at any other point in their employment, for employment related purposed. To sign this authorization, the candidates need to reconfirm their Social Security Number and also provide their birth date.

Following this step, the candidates have to complete the Applicant Diversity Questionnaire, which is optional. The information it requires is:

  • Gender
  • Referral source
  • Position applied for
  • Race

Another optional feature of the Speedway application process is to upload a resume. Candidates don’t have to do it, but, if they have a well-made resume, they should, because this can increase their chances of being selected for an interview. After this step, they can review their Speedway jobs and employment form, and check for any mistakes.

If they find any mistakes in it, they can simply edit that part of the Speedway application form without having to go back. After doing this, the candidates can submit their online Subway application, and the system will confirm whether it is registered. This was the final step of the Subway application process.

If you want to check your Speedway application status you can do so by contacting the store, sending an email or checking in person.

Minimum Age of Employment at Speedway

The Speedway minimum age of employment is 18 years old. But this age requirement does not apply to all Speedway careers. Some of them have special age limits that may vary from one state to another, and other Speedway jobs do require some prior work experience, and this makes them inaccessible for people this young. Driver Speedway jobs also have different age requirements, so the best thing candidates can do before applying at Speedway is to check the age requirements for that specific Speedway job.

Speedway Hours of Operation

Speedway stores have a round the clock schedule. Although the Speedway hours of operation may vary from one location to another, they are usually opened 24 hours a day, every day of the week. If candidates want to know more details about the schedule of a Speedway store, they can either find that information online, or ask directly at the location.

Entry Level Speedway Careers and Income

The company offers many entry level Speedway careers, and they can either be within the store, or at one of the company’s offices. The company offers many Speedway internships in various departments, and it even has a separate page with the Speedway entry level available positions on the official careers page. The most common store Speedway careers candidates can find available are Food Service Specialist, Sales Associate, Cashier, Customer Service Representative, Food Steward, Gas Station Attendant, Maintenance Technician, Shift Leader, Assistant Store Manager, and General Store Manager.

Corporate Speedway careers offer a great variety of available positions in fields such as Administrative, Legal, Finance, or Marketing. Drivers can also find many Speedway jobs available, as long as they meet all the requirements of the company.

Speedway Food Service Specialist Job Description and Duties

This is one of the many entry level Speedway jobs candidates will constantly find available. The Speedway Food Service Specialist serves the food customers and offers outstanding service. The Speedway Food Service Specialist is also responsible with meeting the required stock levels and presentation standards for the merchandise of his or her department. Of course, there are other responsibilities a Food Service Specialist has and these include:

  • To go through all the steps of the Food Service program during their interaction with customers.
  • To prepare and present the food offerings in compliance with the store’s rules and procedures.
  • To greet customers in a positive and friendly way.
  • To employ suggestive selling techniques and to offer items samplings to customers in order to increase their department’s sales.
  • To maintain their working area clean and at standard levels, according to the safety rules and regulations.
  • To manage the inventory and make sure the stocks are at the required levels.

The requirements candidates need to comply with in order to qualify for these Speedway jobs are not complicated and they don’t ask a certain level of education. But there are a few criteria that a successful candidate needs to meet, like:

  • To have great customer service and communication skills.
  • To have a friendly and positive attitude.
  • To be able to work in shifts which include weekends and holidays.
  • To be physically fit in order to be able to bend, stand, and reach throughout the working hours.
  • To be able to carry and lift up to 50 pounds occasionally.

Speedway Food Service Specialist Salary and Compensation

A Speedway Food Service Specialist is an hourly job, and this means that these employees have an hourly based salary. The hourly pay for a Speedway Food Service Specialist starts at $8 and can go as high as $10. It varies according to location, shift, work experience, but also according to the food department they work in. Being am hourly based Speedway job, employees in this position can take extra hours and shifts in order to increase their weekly pay.

Speedway Careers in Management

Speedway careers in management are varied. The company needs qualified and experienced employees in its stores, but also in its corporate offices. If corporate Speedway careers in management are not accessible unless the candidates have the proper education and enough working experience, store Speedway careers in management are easier to get. All store Subway employees are offered training and can, in a fair amount of time, reach this level. The most common store management Speedway careers are Assistant Store Manager, Store Co-Manager, and General Store Manager.

Speedway Assistant Store Manager Job Description and Duties

The Speedway Assistant Store Manager position can be considered the first step for those who are looking to start climbing the Speedway management ladder. A Speedway Assistant Store Manager has many responsibilities and is required to help the General Store Manager with the daily activities. Some of these job responsibilities include:

  • To manage the food service program, including stocking and inventory.
  • To guide and help the members of the team.
  • To make sure all the item displays follow the company’s rules and procedures.
  • To maintain the store at standard levels of cleanliness and safety, in compliance with the rules and regulations.
  • To offer exceptional customer service.

The requirements for these Speedway careers are more complex, and include:

  • To have a valid driver’s license and a reliable means of transportation.
  • To provide proof of car insurance.
  • To have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • To be able to work in shifts which include weekends, evenings, and holidays.
  • To have excellent customer service and communication skills, and a positive and friendly attitude.
  • Some supervisory experience in a similar environment is preferred, but not mandatory.

Speedway Assistant Store Manager Salary and Compensation

A Speedway Assistant Store Manager has an hourly based salary which increases over time. The minimum hourly salary of a Speedway Assistant Manager is $10 and can go as high as $15. It varies due to location, shift, and work experience. The average yearly salary of a Speedway Assistant Manager is around $30,000.

Basic Tips for Applying at Speedway

With so many Speedway jobs available, it is no wonder many people are interested in applying at Speedway. There are two ways in which a candidate can do this. One of these is to apply directly at the store they are interested in. For the candidates located in the Southeastern region of the United States it is also the only option. This means that they have to print their resume and submit it in person, but they will also be required to fill the Speedway jobs and employment form on the spot. They need to make sure they have enough time to do this.

The candidates, who want and are able to apply online for Speedway careers, need to keep in mind a few important things. The first step for them is to go to the Speedway official careers page, choose the store they want to work in, and the position they want to apply for. Once they have done so, they need to begin the online Speedway application process and go through all its steps. It is an easy application process, and the candidates don’t have to give too much information. However, there are a few basic tips for applying at Speedway they need to consider:

  • They need to make sure all the information they provide is accurate, especially the Social Security Number, which they will be required to repeat at the end of the Speedway application process.
  • The same tip applies to their phone number, which the Speedway hiring manager will use to contact them to schedule an in person interview.
  • Even if the Speedway application process allows the candidates to choose how much information to give, it is advisable to give as many details as possible. This way, the candidates’ assessments will be as accurate as possible.
  • Before submitting their Speedway online application, candidates should review the information given in the jobs and employment form.
  • If some of the information is inaccurate or incomplete, they can easily correct it.
  • They should also make sure there are no spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • They need to complete the entire Speedway application process for their Speedway job application to be complete and successful.

Benefits at Speedway

Speedway offers many benefits to their employees. One of them is the flexible schedule for those who work in the stores, whether on a part-time or full-time basis. Speedway employees can qualify for up to 6% Customer Service Bonus pay, which can greatly increase their salary. Those who want to continue their education can do so and are encouraged by the company which offers substantial tuition reimbursements.

There are other Speedway benefits available for employees, including the classic ones. Speedway employees have health insurance, life insurance, retirement saving plans, and paid vacation time. Some of these benefits vary from one state to another. Also, they can vary due to the number of years an employee has worked for the company. All Speedway employees have the benefit of being trained on the job and of being offered the possibility to advance in their Speedway career.

Speedway Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

Speedway job interviews are different from one type of career to another. Job interviews for corporate Speedway careers are complex, and usually require more than one in person interview. Some of them also require some skills assessments. Job interviews for store Speedway jobs are usually simpler, and do not require more than one in person interview. The candidates who apply directly at the store might be invited to the interview on the spot, especially if the store needs to quickly fill that position, so they need to be prepared.

The candidates who submit their Speedway application online will need to wait a few days before they are contacted by the Speedway hiring manager, provided they meet all the requirements. They will usually be contacted over the phone to schedule an in person interview. There are a few Speedway interview tips which can help the candidates:

  • They need to dress in an appropriate manner. This means a business casual attire; shirt and pants for men; shirt and skirt or pants for women, even an appropriate dress.
  • Women need to make sure their clothes are not too revealing or too flashy. The make-up should be light.
  • They should firmly shake the Speedway hiring manager’s hand.
  • They need to have a positive and energetic attitude.
  • They should control themselves and also appear calm.
  • They need to speak with a friendly voice and at a normal pace.
  • They should never interrupt when the hiring manager is talking.
  • They need to give detailed answers while making sure they don’t talk too much.

You can find interview answers on Glassdoor and Indeed.com.

The most important of all Speedway interview tips is to have a warm and friendly attitude. This will show the Speedway hiring manager that they are able to offer excellent customer service.

Frequently Asked Speedway Interview Questions

During the Speedway job interview, the hiring manager will ask the candidates some questions. Some of them are about their education and their prior work experience. Other questions are job related, and even company related. The way the candidates answer these questions can greatly influence the outcome of the Speedway job interview, so candidates need to prepare in advance. Some of the frequently asked Speedway interview questions are:

  1. Why do you want to work at Speedway?
  2. How would you handle an emergency?
  3. Why do you think you would be a good fit for Speedway and this position?
  4. How would you deal with a difficult customer?
  5. How often do you lose your temper?
  6. Why should we hire you instead of the other interviewees?

Candidates need to think about their answers before going to the interview. Of course, there are many more Speedway interview questions they need to expect. Whatever the question, their answers should reflect their personality while also convince the Speedway hiring manager that they are the perfect fit for that position.

Official site: www.speedway.com

Official career site: Speedway careers

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