FYE exists entirely For Your Entertainment. If you love pop culture, you might revel in a job at FYE. You’ll be among all things entertainment: movies, music (CDs and vinyl), technology (we’re talking exciting stuff like VR and drones all the way to mundane topics like mobile accessories). You’ll work among toys, gifts, clothing, all cool and quirky like you.

A job at FYE lets you work in specialized retail. Naturally, your exclusive focus will be on movies, television, music, and pop culture, but when you work at FYE, you’ll share your passion with customers in a way that is different from other entertainment retailers.

FYE employees strive to give customers not just a trip to a store but a full experience in entertainment shopping. FYE values personalization, relevancy, and convenience as well as a comprehensive offering of what they want. As an employee, you can work directly with customers, talk about entertainment and pop culture, help them discover what they want—and get paid to do it.

How would you like to talk passionately about your favorite movies or music with people who come to your store for entertainment-related discussion and merchandise? What about working with people at your FYE mix and burn station? And don’t forget the opportunity to work with fun gift and novelty items.

If the prospect of working at FYE energizes you, check out their online application.

FYE Online Job Application

FYE has an online job portal in conjunction with its parent company Trans World Entertainment. From this portal, you can explore positions with FYE as well as with TWE and the other TWE brand etailz. Click on the “Explore Careers” button under FYE’s box to redirect to the FYE-specific application page.

From there, you can explore current FYE openings by clicking the button labeled “View Positions.” The page you land on next is your search page. Instructions explain how to complete the form to find what you’re looking for.

Are you seeking a management position and are willing to move anywhere to run an FYE store? Discover what’s available by entering “manager” into the keyword box. Or perhaps you are tied to an area and are hoping for an opening at an FYE store near you. Search by city or state to discover what is open.

Your search will yield a chart with a list of matches. You’ll see job titles and locations. Click on the link in the column entitled “Auto req ID” to access a full job description. Hint: The specifications can be somewhat hard to read, so pasting them into a Word Doc and changing the font size can help.

Once you’ve decided that you want to apply for a specific job, click on “Apply to Job.” Your next step will be to register for an account. When you’re registered and active, you can proceed to the online application.

Complete and submit your form. Once the hiring managers have received all applications, they’ll select candidates for an interview and notify the people they’ve chosen. Hopefully, you’ll be one of them!

If you’re ready to apply, click here to enter the application portal.

Minimum Age for Employment at FYE

You must be at least 16 years old to apply for a job with FYE.

FYE Hours of Operations

Most stores are located in malls and thus follow established hours of operations. Typically, shopping malls open at 10:00 am and close at 9:00 pm from Monday through Saturday and are open from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Sundays. However, hours at individual locations may differ.

Positions at FYE

Sales associates and managers are the two main positions at an FYE retail store. The management position is tiered, with assistant managers, managers-in-training, managers, and district managers.

Sales Associates

Sales associates focus on interacting positively with the customers to sell merchandise. FYE seeks applicants who are both sales- and customer-service oriented.

As an FYE sales associate, you’ll be expected to keep the store neat and clean, promote their sales and specials, and know products well enough to talk to customers and answer questions.

Associates can be part-time, full-time, or seasonal.

Associates often earn minimum wage when starting but can earn raises.

If you’d like to be an FYE sales associate, click here.

Managerial Positions

Assistant managers and managers are responsible for keeping the store running smoothly. They hire and train employees, handle customer relations, schedule employees, schedule entertainment events that can occur within the store, and more. As it is for sales associates, the primary objective is sales.

Decisions, merchandising, customer interactions, and more are all done to sell entertainment-related merchandise.

While there are exceptions, most managers receive a salary rather than an hourly wage. Salaries begin around $22,000 per year and will increase with experience, responsibility, and advancement to new levels of management. Managers typically work full-time.

Search and apply for FYE managerial positions.

Tips for Applying and Interviewing at FYE

Be thorough in your online application. If you’re applying for a position or location that gives you the option to upload a resume, be sure to do it. Resumes provide more detailed information than an application form does, so attaching one will help you sell yourself.

The more knowledge you have about the entertainment industry and general pop culture, the better. FYE seeks knowledgeable employees who can relate to customers. Visit your local FYE store often to get a feel for who they are and what they sell. Make sure you fit with what they do.

While they’re an entertainment and pop culture retailer, they are still very much a professional company with high expectations. When you communicate with them online or in person, be polite, avoid slang language, and let them know why you want to work for them and what you can do for them.

Interview questions might include topics like these:

  • Why do you want to work at FYE?
  • Describe some sales skills you’ll use here.
  • Do you feel you can meet sales objectives your manager might assign you?
  • How would you handle rude or confrontational customers?
  • What would you do on a slow day?
  • How would you handle a hectic day?
  • Are you a team player, or do you do best when working on your own?
  • What hours/shifts are you willing to work?
  • Can you meet the physical requirements of the job? (They’ll tell you the requirements.)

You don’t have to memorize responses, but having thoughts about what to say will help you sound prepared and confident.

Perks of Working at FYE

FYE offers attractive compensation packages. In addition to the hourly rate or base salary, you can receive numerous benefits.

Whether you’re full- or part-time, you’ll be eligible for insurance coverage. This includes health, dental, and life insurance benefits.

FYE employees receive paid time off (PTO), which gives you a set number of days to use if you are sick, have children who are sick, or encounter situations and events that arise. You also can earn vacation days.

Another excellent benefit is a 401(k) plan, a retirement savings plan offered by some employers. FYE is one of those employers who helps you ensure that you have money in your bank when you retire.

Many people love the fact that they can dress casually to work at FYE. Your manager will explain the exact dress code for your store, but the general tone of the chain is casual. FYE sells merchandise related to television, movies, music, and pop culture, and the corporation wants its employees to look fitting.

Finally, a fun perk enjoyed by almost every FYI worker is the employee discount. If you love what FYE sells, one of your rewards for working there is discounted merchandise. And chances are that if it’s apparel, your manager will let you wear it to work.

Like all of these perks and want to apply? Follow this link to start your process.

Interesting Facts About FYE Careers

This company has three core values: respect, gratitude, and humility. This is how they approach customers and employees. It’s how they’ll treat you. In return, each employee is expected to treat each other and all customers respectfully and humbly. Gratitude for the whole experience keeps this a positive place to work.

FYE is a brand of Trans World Entertainment, a corporation that has existed for more than four decades. Through its components like FYE, Trans World Entertainment leads the world in entertainment retail in both online sales and brick-and-mortar stores.

If you want to work for FYE, you have many opportunities. FYE has established 256 locations in 42 states.

FYE is a unique place to work. All are idiosyncratic with individual flair yet adhere to FYE standards, mission, and merchandising.

Fun fact: FYE operates the store at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. If you’re near Cleveland, OH or relocating, you could work at FYE and thus be incredibly close to the music industry.

FYE lives what they sell. They are often entertainment itself. Partnering with Dynasty Records, FYE brings touring indie artists into stores for live music events and meet-and-greet opportunities. As an employee, you’d be part of this bringing together of new, independent musicians and music-loving fans.