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CHS is a Fortune 100 agribusiness company committed to helping farmers be successful. It “is a farmer-owned cooperative” that sells “energy, crop nutrients, grain marketing services, animal feed, food, and food ingredients” while returning profits to the member farmers (CHS About Us). If you are interested in working for CHS, you can work in a variety of positions, intern, drive, or work for a member cooperative.

This article will go into detail about a CHS application, how to increase your odds of a successful CHS application and the subsequent interview for a position with CHS.

CHS Application

There are five main ways to search for CHS jobs on the main careers page. These are careers at CHS, interns, drivers, military, and member cooperatives. CHS is committed to helping military members translate their skills into corporate skills. The first four labels for CHS jobs goes to the same job search engine. The member cooperatives section navigates to the member cooperatives career center.

CHS Jobs

There is no easy way to search by company department. When you navigate to the page that allows for job searching, there are 309 job opportunities listed. These positions can be refined by title, keyword, or ID. There is only one way to search the desired career type. You have to create a saved search agent by logging into the system. Once the saved search opens then you can choose career type. The first list are CHS jobs and the second list are CHS jobs cooperative members.

Once you have registered for a CHS account, you can use a search agent manager. Registering for an account creates a profile. From this profile, you can search openings, check on the status of CHS application submissions, edit profile, upload different versions of your resume, use the search agent manager, view saved jobs, and link social media to your company profile. The job categories in the search agent manager are:

To use the search agent manager, the search must be named, an email frequency with

  • accounting and finance
  • administrative and office
  • agronomy
  • credit, collections, and lending
  • retail and convenience store
  • custom applicator and sprayer
  • customer service
  • driver
  • engineering
  • environmental health and safety
  • feed
  • fertilizer
  • government affairs
  • grain
  • human resources
  • insurance and risk management
  • interns
  • international
  • information technology
  • laborer and production
  • legal
  • maintenance
  • manager and director
  • manufacturing and operations
  • merchandiser, trader, and broker
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • project management
  • purchasing and procurement
  • quality control
  • regulatory compliance
  • research and development
  • sales and business development
  • supply and logistics
  • seasonal
  • trainee
  • transportation

CHS jobs updates must be selected, and the job location and career type(s) must be chosen. The search can then be named and saved. This saves time and optimizes search strategies to generate relevant results. On December 30, 2016 there were 304 open jobs. They are classified as follows in the list below. The job categories with no current open positions are agronomy, fertilizer, government affairs, international, legal, and mergers and acquisitions.

Accounting and finance jobs are:

  • accountant
  • financial credit analyst
  • loan documentation specialist
  • patron equities analyst
  • financial analyst
  • accounting specialist
  • technical accounting
  • external reporting analyst

Administrative and office jobs keep records accurate and organized and meetings scheduled. The only office job listed was office assistant.

Credit, collections, and lending jobs are:

  • senior credit analyst
  • credit manager
  • credit assistant

Retail and convenience store positions are the face of the company for day-to-day operations. This job is listed as a store clerk.

Custom applicators and sprayers will apply fertilizer and other custom sprays on crops. Jobs in this category are applicators or custom applicators.

All of the jobs in this category are known as drivers. They could drive different products such as feed or fuel.

Engineering jobs are all focused on continuous improvement on products. An example of this is a precision ag specialist.

Environmental health and safety jobs are:

  • field technician
  • propane field service technician

Feed jobs are:

  • feed mill operator
  • buyer

Jobs having to do with grain are:

  • export analyst
  • control room operator
  • grain operations specialist
  • rail services biller

The human resource job currently listed is: human resources office administrator while the insurance and risk management job is a crop nutrients risk consultant.

Interns will have jobs in a variety of fields. Some example intern positions are in:

  • engineering
  • agronomy
  • crop scout
  • agronomy sales
  • grain operations
  • agronomy operations
  • international
  • precision ag
  • operations
  • patron equities
  • merchandising
  • corporate tax
  • marketing

The information technology job listed is an IT auditor.

Laborer and production jobs are all physically demanding. These jobs are:

  • packaging and warehouse worker
  • laborer
  • yard laborer and chemical liquid operator
  • warehouse associate

Maintenance jobs keep equipment running smoothly. These jobs are:

  • millwright
  • maintenance mechanic
  • tire technician and mechanic
  • maintenance operator
  • electrician

Manager and director jobs are:

  • director of propane asset development
  • grain location manager
  • agronomy location manager
  • business development and sales manager
  • director of technical services, EHS, and quality systems

Manufacturing and operations jobs are:

  • machine operator
  • operations technician
  • operations specialist

Merchandiser, trader, and broker positions are:

  • merchandiser
  • propane trader
  • market intelligence analyst
  • commodity broker

Project management positions work closely with other units. Examples of these jobs are:

  • seed manager
  • location manager
  • agronomy location manager
  • commercial lines account manager

Purchasing and procurement jobs are procurement merchandiser and fertilizer procurement merchandiser.

Quality control jobs are:

  • assistant quality assurance manager
  • ag inventory management process and control analyst
  • process operator

Regulatory compliance jobs are:

  • food safety coordinator
  • internal auditor

A research and development job is a beef nutritionist.

Sales and business development jobs are:

  • agronomy sales representative
  • agricultural product sales manager
  • outside sales specialist
  • marketing specialist
  • account representative: refined fuels
  • feed sales representative

A supply and logistics jobs is shipping and receiving specialist.

The seasonal jobs are:

  • driver
  • laborer
  • agronomy applicator
  • agronomy field laborer

A trainee jobs is trainee associate and a transportation jobs is accounting specialist and maintenance coordinator.

Developing search strategies to produce desired results can save time and increase efficiency. CHS has a file that gives tips on how to use the CHS jobs search page. A total of 10 jobs can be saved and applied to at the same time.

A location can be selected either through an open job search or through a job agent search. The job agent search includes a predefined list of locations. To find a desirable position, use the tips recommended in this PDF and use the job search agent. The type of employment should be specified by keyword. Keywords to use are “part-time”, “seasonal”, or “trainee”.

The application must be completed online. For local positions, such as a store clerk, an interested applicant could go into the store and inquire, but an online CHS application must be completed.

Steps to apply for job

There are ten steps to apply for CHS jobs. To best use these steps, you must sign-up for a profile and utilize the search agent manager.

  1. Go to CHS careers and view current opportunities
  2. Create a login and profile to optimize search engine use.
  3. Use the search agent manager to target job searches.
  4. Select the job(s) that are interesting to you. You can save and apply for up to 10 jobs.
  5. Review the job responsibilities and requirements.
  6. Choose to return to the CHS jobs search results page, apply to the job, save the job, send the job to a friend through email, or share the job on social media.
  7. Complete the necessary information to proceed through the application. This includes contact information, employment history, education and training information, and resume.
  8. Utilize the FAQ and how-to-apply guides to make the process easier and your application stronger.
  9. Review that all information is correct on the application.
  10. Complete and submit the CHS job application.

Examples of some of the jobs listed at the cooperative members page are included in this article but how to apply for these jobs is not included. Refer to this page to search these jobs and learn how to apply for them.

Jobs seen on this site are:

  • director of agronomy
  • controller
  • grain merchandiser
  • sales agronomist
  • farm store manager
  • operations manager
  • vice president of grain
  • seed sales manager
  • agronomy division manager

Minimum Age for Employment at CHS

The minimum requirements for employment at CHS have to do with education rather than age. People with their high school diploma or GED are eligible for some positions such as laborer or store clerk. Most people will be 17 at this time, but it is possible to graduate high school or earn the GED at a slightly younger age.

The company hires people with no experience into manual labor positions and college internships. These people should look to apply for seasonal, laborer, assistant, or store clerk positions. Interns should pay attention to any job with intern in the title.

CHS Hours of Operation

The hours of operation for CHS will change significantly depending on the job. While those in the office may work 9-5 Monday-Friday, drivers and field workers will have different schedules. Some people will have to travel, or manage projects with rotating deadlines. Refer to this customer service page to learn more about specific CHS jobs hours.

The general exception to this is in seasonal and intern positions where it is posted that the hours will be less than 1,000.

Entry Level CHS Careers and Respective Income

Entry-level CHS jobs were described briefly above. Positions such as laborer, store clerk, assistant, driver, or intern are considered entry-level. There are promotion opportunities for many of these jobs. Seasonal jobs do not have as much promotion opportunity as an assistant in an established full-time position.

On Glassdoor, the intern pay is $16.24/hour. Drivers earn about $20.00 an hour and laborers earn $15.28 an hour according to Indeed.

CHS Careers in Management

A person applying for management with CHS needs to have experience with managing a portfolio of customers or clients, with preparing reports using Excel, and with working with the sales team to meet project and profit goals. They need to show experience efficiently managing a large budget.

Managers need to uphold the mission and vision of the company, motivate employees, and avoid micromanagement. Results matter and managers need to get employees to focus on the results while allowing independence. These individuals must have experience with the field they are applying. For example, an agronomy manager must have agriculture retail experience and supervisory experience.

Basic Tips for Applying at CHS

Prior to applying for CHS jobs, you should learn more about the mission, vision, and past performance profiles of the company. The following are tips that will help you in creating an effective application.

Research. Research all of the tabs and links on the CHS careers page. CHS has put together the FAQ and how-to-apply guide mentioned earlier. Take advantage of these to create an effective search.
Targeted Search. Make sure you select the right category for you. If you have military experience, click that tab. There are really helpful links like this one that show how your specific branch and job translate to civic job skills.
Create Search Agent. The search agent allows you to specify the jobs you want to see and to receive email notifications when these jobs open. This prevents you from having to constantly check for new jobs.
Customize Resume and Cover Letter. With a CHS job profile you are able to add 5 different resumes. Customize the resume for the specific job responsibilities and requirements. This shows you are passionate and detailed about the job.
Ask Questions. Do not be afraid to ask questions about the website, the application process, or job requirements. Asking questions shows you are proactive. There are no stupid questions.

Benefits of Working at CHS

In alignment with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, CHS can no longer discriminate against employees who inquire or discuss pay with others. This ensures transparency around pay. Human resources personnel still maintain confidentiality around pay.

Certain employees will receive a comprehensive health care plan, a pension plan, 401(k) retirement plans, profit sharing, tuition reimbursement, and adoption assistance. The company also supports total employee and family well-being.

The mission and vision of the company was surrounded on rural values and these values frame the direction of the company. From being stewards of the land to keeping farmers first, CHS is committed to a sustainable agricultural future.

CHS Interview Tips

If you followed the advice in this article and spent time preparing a carefully crafted application, you may receive a call for an interview. The interview is just the first step showing that the company is interested in learning more about you. Preparing for an interview and showing a sense of poise and interpersonal skills during the interview will help you to stand out among the other applicants.

Practice possible interview questions. While you may not be applying for the same exact job as someone else, going to Glassdoor and learning about the types of questions the company asks is helpful. This lets you know if the company focuses on applying past work experiences, on your character, or on how you take to leadership roles.

Try to talk to someone else who has worked or works for the company. This will give you a sense of the interview process and how to leave a great impression. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get to the interview, to arrive slightly early, and to send a follow-up thank you a week after the interview is complete.

Connecting innovative farmers across the country through coops strengthens the industry and local communities. CHS fosters these connections on a global scale. At the same time, they are a robust Fortune 100 company with a diversified product and thousands of employees. Be at the heart of the agricultural beat by joining a company intertwined in many facets of growing, production, and delivery.

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