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Fitness 19 was founded in 2003. It is one of the most successful health & fitness chains in the U.S. together with Snap, Planet, Retro and LA Fitness. Since its inception it has been offering cardio and strength training equipment and invaluable nutritional advice for its members. At the moment, there are over 100 fitness centers scattered across 26 states. Each location provides with an extremely affordable, family-oriented environment, fully equipped with tread mills, elliptical machines, resistance bands and many more. Fitness 19 is a private company that generates millions of dollars every year and hires hundreds, if not thousands of workers throughout the country.
This is excellent news for individuals interested in a career in the health and fitness industry. All you have to do is fill out the Fitness 19 application for a suitable position. The company has openings for entry-level positions, club managers, personal trainers, assistants and many more.

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Fitness 19 Application – Employment at Fitness 19

The company offers a plethora of job positions that suit both entry level applicants with little to no experience, qualified professionals and veterans in the industry. You can apply to any of the jobs listed below with the help of a fitness 19 application.

Fitness 19 Jobs & Positions:

certified personal trainer, child care worker, front desk receptionist, personal or fitness trainer, assistant fitness club manager, general fitness club manager, club coordinator, assistant.

Even if experience is not an essential requirement for a career at Fitness 19, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before sending in your application. The health clubs administered by the company are designed specifically for the needs, affordability and convenience of the clients. Staff members assist clients with every query and actively help them achieve fitness goals through proper training and nutrition.

Depending on the type of career that you will pursue at Fitness 19, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Training/helping members meet their fitness goals (encouraging them to stick to their programs)
  • Adaptability to a dynamic and fast-paced environment
  • Selling personal training and aiding athlete performance plans (required of fitness 19 trainers)
  • Creating new memberships and receiving clients
  • Character formation abilities
  • Regular maintenance for fitness equipment and amenities

Fitness 19 Online Job Application Tips

There is a high demand for entry-level positions, especially as sales associates and receptionists right now. The company is looking for American citizens to fill job openings. A sales associate must assist potential clients with selecting membership packages. He must also be able to talk about the services, gym facilities, and products available. There are also openings for Fitness 19 trainers and managers. If you have background as a manager you will probably be considered for the position. Managers are usually responsible of hiring and training new employees, solving conflicts, giving out tasks, overseeing operations and setting schedules. Lastly, a fitness 19 personal trainer requires experience with training others, diet plans and a proven track record of his fitness successes.

Now that you understand the requirements for each position, you are ready to fill in your fitness 19 applications (you can choose convenient job openings according to location). Whether you are completing it on paper, or online, you must ensure that it is error free.  Don’t rush into things. Be thorough as you work your way through the application. You should add as much information about yourself as possible (which is relevant to the job, of course).

In a competitive job market, it is the details that count. Your application will be taken as seriously as you take it. Therefore, you should check and double-check before you send it in. Also, don’t just wait around for a company to reply to you. There are plenty of jobs that you can apply to (more fitness & health jobs can be found here)

Minimum Age Required for Employment at Fitness 19

The minimum age requirements for Fitness 19 careers are 18 years and over. This means that anyone over the age of 18 can apply for an entry-level job at the company. In order to be considered for employment at your local fitness center you have to fill-out the fitness 19 application.

Fitness 19 Schedule

Many fitness 19 trainers are excited at the prospect of organizing their schedule as they see fit. Although it is possible to create your own schedule, you must do so by also taking into account the Fitness 19 stores hours:

Monday – Friday: 5am – 10pm

Saturday & Sunday: 8am – 6pm

The Fitness 19 hours of operation schedule should be able to cater to everyone’s needs, and make it easier for you to work your way around the program.

Entry Level Fitness 19 Careers and Income

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, certified personal trainer, or simply a high-school student looking for some extra-income, you have a real chance of obtaining Fitness 19 employment. The company is interested in working with serious individuals that appreciate its values and vision. But before you grab your Fitness job application you must make sure that you understand the full-partnership agreement of the company as well as the job requirements.

Let’s take a look at the Income Information for the most common Positions at Fitness 19:

Front Desk Receptionist: 27.000$/year

Fitness Club Manager: 65.000$/year

Child Care Worker: 24.000$/year

Personal Trainer: 38.000$/year

As you can see, Fitness 19 offers decent salaries, especially for entry level employees. In addition to the financial perks you will also gain access to other non-wage benefits.

Fitness 19 Careers, Management & Benefits

Without a doubt, one of the biggest perks about working here is the fitness 19 hours of operation mentality. It means that you are free to organize your schedule, provided that you complete all tasks and cater to the clients’ needs. Another great thing about Fitness 19 employment is the opportunity of being part of a hard-working and exciting team.

Besides the regular salary, an eligible employee will also have access to healthcare insurance, competitive salaries, bonuses, 401(k) retirement savings plan, benefits packages, paid vacation leave and discounts for gym memberships. All of these job perks make Fitness 19 offers viable lifetime careers. You can find out more information on

Having constant access to the gym, a personal trainer and healthy mentality will help you improve your physical and psychical health. It may even help you become a trainer in the foreseeable future. In other words, becoming part of the Fitness 19 community will give you enough space to grow and advance within the company.

Fitness 19 Interview & Hiring Process Information

Depending on the position desired, you will have to go through a specific hiring process. For most entry-level positions you will have to go through the basic interview process. Interviews may consist of telephone sessions or one-to-one conversations. To be considered for a position, an interviewee will have to submit background information and drug tests. Drug tests are required from potential fitness 19 trainers and certified staff. Personal trainers will also have to shadow existing trainers for a few days to prove their expertise (the ideal age for a fitness 19 personal trailer is 24 and above)

For normal jobs, Fitness 19 usually asks for two job interviews with existing staff before employment. Depending on the responsibilities you will have, Fitness 19 will ask relevant questions. For example, fitness trainers usually have to talk about their education and experience as well as their philosophies about physical condition and nutrition. As far as Sales associates are concerned, they must prove knowledgeable in the field of customer service. During your interview you must be honest and original. Be creative with your responses, and if you have a passion for fitness make sure you convey it through your answers.

If you are applying for a manager’s post you must prepare for more difficult questions. An aspiring manager who applied for a LA Fitness online application said that you have to demonstrate leadership and organizational skills. He also stressed the importance of dressing formally. First impressions are very important, and hiring managers will appreciate the way that you carry yourself.

Additional Interview Tips:

  • Always maintain eye contact with your interviewer
  • Conduct proper research about the company beforehand and understand the philosophies of Fitness19
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of health, physiology, fitness and nutrition. If you have a fitness theory argument it.
  • Don’t lose calm, respond honestly and calmly
  • If you exercise regularly, talk to your interviewers about the sports you practice
  • Wait patiently for a follow-up from hiring managers
  • Get in touch with a human resources representative. He will tell you about final determinations

Frequently Asked Fitness 19 Interview Questions:

While it is possible to land a great job without preparing beforehand and by relying on the moment’s inspiration, we advise you to take a look at these frequently asked fitness 19 Interview questions.

1.      Describe the last time you helped someone accomplish his goal
2.      How can you contribute to the Fitness 19 culture?
3.      Do you have personal experience with physical fitness and working out? Elaborate.
4.      Do you have CPR certification? When does it expire?
5.      How would you market a membership with Fitness 19 to a potential client?
6.      How do you keep your fitness knowledge up-to-date. What fitness blogs/books do you read?
7.      How would you encourage a member to stick to his fitness plan?
8.      Describe a situation where you had to make a fast decision
9.      What motivates you to pursue a career in Health & Fitness
10.   Do you work better in a team or alone?

The interview is what demonstrates to your employer if you are the right man for the job. There are some standard questions that every interviewer will ask (about your education, expectations, ability to perform, qualities etc.), and some specific questions which will convince the interviewer if you are a good choice for the company. In order to confidently reply to any possible question you should rehearse your responses beforehand.

Other Useful Information about Fitness 19

The Fitness 19 chain of health clubs is a relatively new operation, but it has expanded tremendously over the years. It currently operates from over 100 different locations, and is expanding every day. This means that the company is always looking for motivated individuals to join their community. All Fitness 19 operations exist individually, under full-partnership agreements. These family-oriented facilities are designed as affordable and enjoyable environments for fitness enthusiasts. Fitness 19 promotes a positive-attitude and professional services.

There is no better time to apply for a new full-time or part-time job than today. Irrespective of your experience or education, you can have a fruitful career at Fitness 19. The company is interested in hiring active members that can contribute to the facility and are open to collaboration with other employees. As long as you prove yourself an invaluable member you have great chances of advancing, and even becoming manager. Learn the ropes of the company; invest in relationships with other employees and treat customers kindly.


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