If you’re looking for a career, you may want to consider working at Family Video. Even after Blockbuster and similar companies have shut down, Family Video continues to thrive. Company owner Keith Hoogland has grown the company to nearly 800 stores, primarily located in the Midwest and Canada. Below, you’ll find the information needed to submit the proper Family Video application.

The Candidate


Before completing a Family Video application, you should self-evaluate to determine if you’re an ideal candidate for the job. Family Video states that the perfect candidate for a position with their company is someone who is friendly and hard-working. Candidates should not only have a positive attitude but would also have a strong commitment to:

  • Team Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Storage Organization Skills

The company views the ability to work with them as an opportunity. Hoogland once said that a golden opportunity is something for which you always hope. You may not be sure when it comes. But when it finally does, and you’re a part of it, you’ll certainly know it. Family Video believes the ability to work for their company is a golden opportunity, and that the desire to succeed should serve as a motivator.

It’s also beneficial for employees to have an understanding of the company for who they would be working. Family Video is the largest rental chain for movies and videos in the United States. They embrace an entrepreneurial spirit that allows them to open many different types of businesses near their Family Video stores.

Family Video operates under a property-ownership model, which is undoubtedly one of the more unique ones we’ve come across of late. The company buys buildings and land and then develops them by building different stores. For example, most Family Videos now have a Marco’s Pizza located next door. Investing in real estate has allowed the company to continue to grow the Family Video brand.

Current Job Openings

We're Hiring

If you’re looking to submit a Family Video application, you can check out current opportunities here. When you visit the company website to apply, don’t be alarmed when you then head to a third-party site named Highland Ventures Ltd. Family Video is a product of Highland Ventures, and you complete all applications through the parent site. Additionally, you can submit resumes and applications to:

Office of Recruitment

Family Video Corporate Office

2500 Lehigh Ave.

Glenview, IL 60026

Job openings at Family Video tend to fluctuate. If you’re interested in working with the company, be sure to monitor their job postings website routinely. For example, at the time of publication, there were three current job postings at multiple different locations. If there is not an opening at a location near you, keep an eye out in case one opened.

Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative

Family Video is currently in search of a full-time Customer Service Representative at multiple locations. In this role, the company would like individuals who can provide exceptional customer service to anyone who utilizes their services. Customer Service Representatives will also have the ability to make critical decisions that can help make customers happy and improve their Family Video experience.

Additionally, Customer Service Representatives work closely with Store Managers on a daily basis. The company has stated they are in search of smart, energetic, and talented who are coachable. After training, these individuals must demonstrate that they can make tough decisions, ultimately with the goal of helping Family Video include their business.

Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager

If you think you are more cut out for a leadership role with Family Video, consider applying for an Assistant Manager role. There are currently multiple Family Video locations seeking an Assistant Manager. This is a full-time position that first features a rigorous training program where candidates are fully-trained in all aspects of in-store operations.

The Assistant Manager is third in-charge at all Family Video stores, behind the Store Manager and the Manager in raining. Often, Family Video hires from within, promoting a store’s top Customer Service Representative to the Assistant Manager role. The company expects their Assistant Managers to serve as mentors to other Customer Service reps.

Family Video considers the Assistant Manager position to be crucial because they help ensure other employees follow policies and procedures while setting a positive example. Additionally, Assistant Managers have a hand not only with in-store merchandising, but with hiring, payroll, and team development as well.

Retail Store Manager

Retail Store Manager

If you have managerial experience, you may be an excellent candidate for the Family Video Retail Store Manager position. The company currently offers this position in multiple locations in both full-time and part-time capacities. The individual hired in this role would oversee all store operations, in charge of all employees including the Assistant Manager.

Retail Store Managers must undergo a rigorous training program, even if they have outside managerial experience. That’s because Family Video wants to ensure that their new hires are up to code on the company’s policy and procedures. Those in this position will work closely and frequently communicate with the Family Video corporate headquarters.

Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Working at Family Video could prove to be beneficial because of the work-life balance the company offers. The company hosts or participates in numerous events throughout the year that could enhance your experience while working with the company. The company believes that these events are an excellent way for Store Managers to connect with their team while supporting their favorite causes.

The company’s community involvement could make it worth your while to submit a Family Video application. The events in which you participate could vary from store to store based on your Store Manager’s suggestions. But, the company says that most Store Managers are open to ideas and value their team’s input. Below are some of the events that tend to be popular among Family Video teams.

Holiday Turkeys and Hams


This is an event that most Family Video teams choose to participate. The company as a whole donates thousands of hams and turkeys each year, each going to a local family in need of assistance during the holiday season. But Family Video teams do not merely drop the turkeys and hams off at a local shelter. They hand-deliver the meats, allowing them to make a worthwhile difference in the community.

Round it Up for Lymphoma


Family Video makes a concerted effort to help fight lymphoma, which affects more than 750,000 Americans. During most of March, the company asks their customers to donate their change to the University of Chicago Medicine’s Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Lymphoma Research Foundation by rounding up their transactions to the nearest dollar.

Additionally, Family Video team members contact local businesses to secure additional donations to help fund lymphoma research and patient education. They also conduct grassroots events to raise even more money. Examples of grassroots events that Family Video team members have held in the past include bake sales, raffle prizes, and other in-store activities.

Report Card A

letter A

Family Video also invests in the country’s future with a program that incentivizes children to do well in school. During June, Family Video will give a free movie or game rental to students for every “A” they receive in a core subject on their final report card. This helps Family Value stores connect with the local community.

Family Video Reviews

When browsing online sources, it’s easy to find reviews from employees who have worked at Family Video. This not only includes those who have worked at various individual Family Videos across the country, but those who worked in their corporate offices as well. Reviews about working at Family Video tend to range, with the reviews averaging out to about three-stars.

5 star reviews

One of the most positive things that employees have to say about working at Family Video is that it is a fun work environment. This is something that Family Video has stressed to their managers, and it’s clear that they have taught their managers how to pass this through to the corporate culture.

One of the most significant concerns we came across was the fact that there does not appear much room for pay advancement. Even if you were looking to secure an Assistant Manager position, you must work for months, if not years, as the top Customer Service rep at your branch. Then, you have to wait for an Assistant Manager opening to occur.

We were also able to find information about the benefits offered by Family Video since we could not find information on their company website. According to online reviews, full-time employees have access to healthcare and 401k. Unfortunately, those working in the corporate office, along with managers, were some of the only ones who were considered full-time employees.

A potential downside, however, is that full-time employees only started with five personal days. The longer they worked at the company, the more personal days they acquired, but it took time to build this status with the company. A potential plus for all employees, however, is that they often received free rentals on movies and games from the company.