When you work for Culver’s, you’ll be part of the True Blue Crew. Culver’s cleverly dubs their team of employees the True Blue Crew, partly because their signature color is cobalt blue and partly because the restaurant inspires true blue loyalty among its employees.

Culver’s itself began in 1984 when George and Ruth Culver—parents, community members, rooted in small-town values—opened the first Culver’s location in Sulk City, Wisconsin. Their son Craig and his wife Lea joined them in founding what has become a large and successful restaurant chain with locations across the country.

Culver’s isn’t just another restaurant in the sea of many. No matter your position, at Culver’s you’ll be part of something special. Their food is fresh, never frozen, and it’s been that way since the founding of the first restaurant over three decades ago.

Culver’s mission is that “Every guest who chooses Culver’s leaves happy.” You’ll be a part of that.

From making and serving their famous and oh-so-delicious Butterburgers or anything else on their extensive menu (all fresh, of course) and unique frozen custard desserts to interacting with guests with energy and enthusiasm to make them feel good, you’ll have the chance to make a positive difference in people’s day while they are in your restaurant.

The Culver’s organization wants their employees to be as happy as their guests. You’ll work in a company that values mutual respect; a positive, fun environment; and happiness upon leaving after every shift.

Culver’s Online Job Application

Want to work for Culver’s? Get started by applying online. Preview available jobs by browsing a list or using the handy search tool to look for a specific position or location. When you find a job you’re looking for, simply click the “Apply” button to get started.

First, you’ll be directed to a page with the detailed job description. Then, if interested, you’ll click “Apply Now” to reach the application. You’ll be asked to create an account before proceeding to the form. Once you have that, it’s time to complete and submit the application.

Once the hiring manager in the location to which you’ve applied has had a chance to gather and review applications, he or she will determine which candidates they’d like to interview. Someone from the restaurant will contact you if you’ve been selected for an interview.

Minimum Age for Employment at Culver’s

You must be at least 16 years old to work at Culver’s.

Culver’s Hours of Operations

Most Culver’s restaurants open at 10:00 am and close at 11:00 pm. However, hours do vary by location.

Positions on the True Blue Crew

At Culver’s different job types fit individual talents and interests, contributing to job satisfaction. You can apply for specific positions, and you can also begin in one and advance to others. You could work as a crew member, porter, manager (different levels), or even at their support center.

Crew Member

If you enjoy interacting with people and making them feel welcome, you might consider applying for a crew member position. Crew members greet customers, take their orders, and serve them their food, and play a prominent role in helping them leave happy.

Crew members also make food for customers. The Culver’s menu is extensive and varied, so you’re not likely to get tired of making the same old thing. Being a Culver’s crew member might inspire a passion for working with food, people, or both.

Crew Members often begin earning minimum wage, which varies by state. You can receive raises as you progress.


Porters are responsible for keeping the restaurant clean and classy. To help ensure that guests have a great experience and leave happy, porters are in charge of monitoring the restaurant inside and out, making sure supplies are well-stocked, the dining area is clean, and that the area outside the restaurant is well-kempt, too.

Like Crew Members, Porters typically start at minimum wage. Earning raises is possible.

Manager/Assistant Manager

Managers make sure everyone is happy and that things are running smoothly and correctly. Managers look out for the customers, interacting with them to ensure that their experience at Culver’s is a good one. They also supervise employees and help them get the most out of their work experience.

Managerial positions range from approximately $25,000 to $50,000 per year, depending on the level of management and years of experience.

Support Center

If you’re in or near Sauk City, Wisconsin, you could join the employees at the Support Center. People at the Culver’s headquarters is responsible for the complex functioning of a large and successful restaurant franchise. Here, you’d be working with information, planning, and operations rather than customers and food.

Support Center wages vary by position.

If you’d enjoy working for Culver’s, whose mission is making people happy, you can apply online any time you’re ready.

Tips for Applying and Interviewing at Culver’s

Your application will ask you for basic information, including education, activities, community involvement, and the like. They seek candidates who already know how to interact with others and have the skills to advance their mission to be a place of energy, positivity, and joy.

Be honest on the application and in person. You can highlight your activities and involvement without claiming to be someone you’re not.

Honesty is essential, too, when the application or interviewer asks about the hours you can work. If you have restrictions, mention them. Also, show flexibility. Demanding that you have all holidays and weekends off, for example, won’t land you the job.

Practice some things you might say in an interview. Some questions will be similar to these:

  • Why do you want to work at Culver’s?
  • How would you handle rude or confrontational customers?
  • How does stress or pressure affect you?
  • Are you a team player, or do you do best when working on your own?
  • What hours/shifts are you willing to work?
  • Can you meet the physical requirements of the job? (They’ll tell you the requirements.)

On your application and in your interview, show who you are and how you can benefit Culver’s. Making this about you helping them rather than just taking home a paycheck will likely get you far.

Perks of Working at Culver’s

In addition to earning a living and developing financial independence and security, you’ll enjoy other perks at Culver’s, too.

Flexible Scheduling

Culver’s knows that you have many demands on your life. Perhaps you’re a student. Maybe you’re a parent. You could be both. You’re undoubtedly playing other roles, too. Culver’s appreciates this and wants to work with you to accommodate your many responsibilities.

Culver’s offers different shifts and works schedule employees in the most suitable one. Restaurants have both part-time and full-time employment opportunities to meet people’s needs for time and money. When you apply, check to verify what positions and shifts are available.

On the Job Training

Culver’s will teach you exactly what you need to know to do your job well and fit into the True Blue Crew. You’ll train at work, so you’ll earn money while you learn.

Additionally, Culver’s has an outstanding education program. Their Career Development and Training plan teaches employees from entry level all the way through independent operator and/or multi-restaurant manager. Imagine beginning as a crew member and moving your way up to owning your own restaurant!

Various training and development activities include e-learning, workshops, and other activities. If you want to advance your career with Culver’s, they’re there to support you. It’s all part of their mission to make people happy.

Positive Work Environment

If you’re a guest choosing to enter Culver’s or an employee choosing (and chosen) to work there, you’ll leave happy. For guests to be pleased with their experience at Culver’s, employees must be content, too.

To that end, the managers and owners of Culver’s restaurants have established what Culver’s calls a “Fun and Energized Environment.” It’s a positive place to work. It’s a place where laughter is encouraged, and smiles are natural and frequent. This approach makes Culver’s an enjoyable place for guests and employees alike.

Like these perks? You can apply now.

Interesting Facts About Culver’s Careers

With 660 current Culver’s locations and 20 more on the way, you have a plethora of restaurant choices to call your home. Work close to where you are now, or find one if you’re on the move. Check out Culver’s locations.

Of these hundreds of restaurant locations, the Culver’s corporation only owns seven: six in Wisconsin and one in Illinois. The other 653 sites are franchises. This means that while they are indeed part of the Culver’s family with the same mission, menu, and quality of service, they’re owned by independent operators.

If you work for one of these or the other twenty on the horizon, you’ll work for your independent owner rather than for the Culver’s corporation. Nonetheless, you’ll be part of the True Blue Crew.

Culver’s is actively seeking enthusiastic, friendly, and motivated employees. If that’s you, they want you, and they’ve made it easy for you to find them. Use their Career Search tool to learn which Culver’s locations are hiring, where they’re located, and what positions they’re seeking.

Maybe you’re interested in working at Culver’s but not quite ready to apply. You can join the Culver’s Talent Community before you even apply for a job. This will put you on the list to receive the job updates you want. This way, alerts come to you for your consideration. Even upload your resume after you join so it’s ready to go when you are.

To access the Culver’s online application, click here.