Cruise Ship Job Applications

Cruise Ship Jobs

Have you ever thought of sailing round the globe and getting paid for that travel, or visiting the exotic corners of the Mediterranean, Caribbean, South and North America and paying nothing for the voyage? Would you like to feel the sea breeze gently ruffle your hair, as if you were flying high up in the sky, with sweet moments being engraved on your memory forever? If yes, then you need to take a job on a cruise ship.

For some of us the word “cruise” may still conjure up a picture of a great liner crowded with people, sailing across the vast sea for a few weeks and leaving some passengers with motion sickness. In fact, it is not so. With hundreds of applicants submitting their resumes to agencies, we can become assured of the fact that no one in the world wants to miss such an opportunity (or wouldn’t you want to work for pleasure?!) since it comes with every benefit. Below is a list of some benefits you may receive as a staff member.

– You can earn good salaries and have the opportunity to earn additional income (tips).
– You will get valuable work experience, consolidated with a certificate.
– You may spend your free time not only on recreation, but also on education whereby you may widen your outlook: Many employers allow employees to attend computer and language courses.
– Practically almost every position comes with potential promotion. During the course of your contract, you can move a few rungs up the career ladder!
– Comfortable accommodation.
– Upon the completion of your contract, you can get a well-deserved rest, usually 2 months, and then you can go on a new journey with a new contract.

Besides all this, you are provided with free food and beverages on board: fruits, fish and meat, seafood, sweets and even alcohol. But keep an eye on your weight because many gain an extra weight of up to 5 kg during their first contract, which is usually signed for 6 months. As for the salary, how much you earn mainly depends on your job and the company policy, but usually you have a good chance of earning $4,000-6,000 on average per month.

On top of that, you will meet with different and interesting people from various corners of the world. Talking with them will enrich your knowledge about diverse cultures and amazing traditions of nations.

As for the jobs, there are a whole range of job opportunities available: waiters, bartenders, maids, managers, salespeople at duty-free stores, administrators, photographers, cashiers and casino gambling halls staff. In general, jobs on cruise ships listed by job agency sites do not require special education, qualifications or experience. However, there are other positions with varying and stricter requirements and responsibilities, which carry a much higher payslip at the same time!

If you are an adventurous type by nature, do not hesitate to set off on a round-the-world cruise by applying to the Cruise Ship jobs. The chance to make your life history full of unforgettable moments spent in magical destinations and quirky islands is in your own hands.

Before making your way towards the cruise liner, you should be conscious of some field proven tactics to make the interview a wonderful experience resulting in your employment. It is highly recommended that you should do some research to find out more about the company, job descriptions and other important things before interviews. You may also find this link useful to know more about the secrets of getting a job.

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