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  Cold Stone Creamery Job Application Online

When you fill out a Cold Stone Creamery job application you will be expected to fit a certain branding persona. Employees here use fast lingo, dance and sing to keep employees entertained while they dine on high quality ice cream with all the fixings. Your Cold Stone Creamery online application for employment is your first step toward joining a fun work environment that is often hailed as the best first job around. Those that love working with people and want a unique employment experience are encouraged to apply.

Cold Stone Creamery Application – Employment atCold Stone Creamery

Most of the information on a Cold Stone Creamery employment application caters to those looking for their first job. Cold Stone is more than willing to train those that have no prior work experience as long as they have a willingness to learn and have a suitable personality to match the Cold Stone branding. Those who have prior experience in the food industry are encouraged to share this information on their Cold Stone Creamery job application form so they may be offered competitive benefits.

Cold Stone Creamery Online Job Application

In order to complete a Cold Stone Creamery job application you will need to show your future manager how you can manage in the work environment. In addition to filling out a basic Cold Stone Creamery application online you will need to submit to an interview at your desired location to determine if you meet the necessary criteria. Those that pass this level of the application process will need to submit to an audition to show how they can apply their skills to Cold Stone Creamery careers. Any necessary information for these steps and a guideline for what these locations are looking for are available with your Cold Stone Creamery application online form.

Minimum Age for Employment at Cold Stone Creamery

Those looking to fill out a job application online must be at least sixteen years of age. Most states require employees to meet the minimum age limit for any work environments that will handle and serve public food.

Cold Stone Creamery Store Hours

Most Cold Stone Locations are open from 12 pm to 10 pm Sunday through Thursday with extended hours from 12 pm to 11 pm Friday and Saturday. Employee may need to report before these given hours or stay afterward to manage stocking or cleaning the serving area. Those under the age of eighteen may not be allowed to work late hours based on state law at their location.

Entry Level Cold Stone Creamery Careers and Income

Entry level positions include cashiers and team members. Cashiers will ring up customer orders and provide any carry out selections the customer requires. Team members will provide a friendly atmosphere for patrons while taking orders, mixing the appropriate ice cream selections, restocking materials and cleaning as the restaurant requires. All entry level pay starts at minimum wage with an opportunity to grow your salary based on experience.

Cold Stone Creamery Careers in Management

Managers at cold stone locations include both assistance managers and general store managers. Supervisory positions are also available. These supervisors will carry out many of the same tasks as other team members, but will also be expected to delegate work amongst the staff, hire new employees and address any customer satisfaction issues that may arise throughout the day. Compensation for shift managers begins at $8-10 with room for increase. Assistant managers may see $20,000-30,000 annually and managers may earn an excess of $45,000.

Important Tips to Apply Online with Cold Stone Creamery

In addition to filling out your Cold Stone Creameryapplication, you will be expected to meet with managers at your location for an audition. Employees at Cold Stone are expected to provide a unique, fun atmosphere for customers so you will need to be familiar with the goings-on at the location where you are seeking employment. Those filling out a Cold Stone Creameryonline applicationare encouraged to visit the Cold Stone website to familiarize themselves with the lingo and job environment before taking on the application process.

Cold Stone Creamery Benefits

Anyone who has a Cold Stone Creameryapplication accepted at their local location can expect to see a number of benefits. All entry level workers can expect competitive pay based on their experience. All full time employees are given the opportunity to grow their salary by expanding their responsibilities at each location. In addition to basic salary options, employees can enjoy paid time off. Full time associates can also take advantage of healthcare coverage and the opportunity to invest in a 401 (k).

Useful and Interesting Facts about Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone relies heavily on their branding to sell their product. In addition to offering high quality ice cream, it is the fun atmosphere at Cold Stone locations that sets this chain apart from similar chains in the business. Those that apply for a position here must be comfortable interacting with large groups of people and doing what they can to put a smile on everyone’s face while they mix the orders. Being able to multitask is a must here.

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