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Employment with Biggby Coffee

Biggby Coffee is a Michigan-based coffee spot that has recently expanded to a handful of other states in the U.S through their franchising model. A timeless coffee shop, Biggby Coffee is a favorite café for coffee lovers and baristas alike. Designed for expansion, the company is constantly looking for dynamic personalities to join their team for both store positions and home office locations.

The company values creating and maintaining a positive, feedback friendly work environment. It focuses on developing their workers to their fullest potential. If a job with Biggby Coffee sounds like a good next step in your career, the guide below will lead you through the steps to a successful Biggby Coffee application.

To apply, you will need to start with the online Biggby Coffee application available on their careers page. You can see the store location or home office position that interests you the most and begin your request quickly.

Online Biggby Coffee Job Application

Biggby Coffee has an easy online application for the in-store positions. Before you start your Biggby Coffee application, you may want to have the following information on hand:

  • Educational institution names and address;
  • Previous employers’ names, addresses, and supervisors;
  • Three references.

Once you are ready to apply, click on the pink Store Employment Opportunities button in the middle of the page. An online application form will appear automatically. Remember, you will not be able to submit your application until you complete all the necessary fields. Only then will the Submit option appear at the bottom of the screen.

There is only one page for the online Biggby Coffee application. You simply need to fill in each field correctly as you move down the page until you have finished all the appropriate fields.

The application begins by asking you for your necessary information. Enter your name, address, phone number, and email address. You will then select your answers to Biggby’s qualifying questions. Make sure you verify that you are over the age of 18 and have legal status to work in the United States.

You must next select the position for which you would like to apply. You can choose from:

  • Team Member;
  • Shift Leader;
  • Manager;

You will then indicate if you are seeking full time or part time employment and indicate your desired hourly wage and scheduled hours per week.

Adding Your Data

The next step as you move down through the Biggby Coffee application is to fill in your availability. Leaving this section blank will indicate that you are available to work any shifts up to the number of hours you entered in the previous chapter. If you have classes or family commitments, open your availability around these times. Also, make sure to reiterate your scheduling needs if you are selected for an interview.

The following section asks you to enter your educational information. Open all high schools and universities you have attended and open all certifications/degrees earned at those institutions.

There is a question following the educational history section that asks you what qualifications you must have to work for Biggby Coffee. Make sure you list any business or management coursework taken during your studies, public speaking or customer service training, and any other relevant experiences you have.

This section also gives you the chance to explain why you are an asset to the Biggby Coffee team. Successful applicants describe their desire to help people, their love of coffee, and their drive to deliver top-notch customer service. If you can, include an anecdote of a time when you went above and beyond to help someone find something they needed (this doesn’t necessarily need to be a work-related story, especially if you are new to the job force).

Experience and Other Information

You must next enter your work history. List your most recent positions first, including all necessary information for each post that you list. If you have had multiple jobs or internships, you may want only to list posts that are relevant to the job you want. It is usually not necessary to go back farther than five years in your employment history. But you may be asked for this information during your interview. You may also need to explain any gaps in employment during your interview (including those due to school or relocation).

After you have entered your work history, you will answer some basic questions about:

  • How you found Biggby Coffee;
  • Whether you have used to work for any Biggby Coffee franchises previously;
  • If you have anything on your criminal record that employers should be aware of. Your answer to this question will not necessarily disqualify you from employment.

The last step in your application is the inclusion of three professional references. You will want to make sure you have each reference’s permission before providing their contact information, especially if you are providing personal phone numbers.

Once you have entered in your reference information, you have completed your application and may select the Submit button at the bottom of the page. This will send your request to hiring managers who will review your information and contact you accordingly.

Minimum Requirements to work for Biggby Coffee

  • You must be at least 18 years old;
  • You must have legal work status in the United States.

Home office jobs have more accurate requirements which can be reviewed individually by selecting the Home Office Careers button at the top of the careers page. Clicking this link will bring up an updated document that lists each home office position separately with directions for applying.

Biggby Coffee Working Hours

Your shift manager will make every effort to respect your availability as you provide it on your application. This means it is imperative to make sure all your availability information is correct when you are completing your Biggby Coffee application. You may also need to revisit your availability when you have your initial interview with a manager, especially if you need certain days and times off for classes or family commitments.

Shift leaders and managers may also need to work certain peak hours to ensure quality and smooth operations. These individuals may also be required to attend staff meetings and company training outside of regular business hours.

Income Expectations

The hourly rate for Biggby Coffee employees varies by position and state.

  • Average hourly rates run between $8-15 per hour across store jobs.
  • The maximum salary reported for managers is $26,000 per year.
  • Home office jobs average $13-14 per hour.
  • Some home office administration jobs pay as much as $41,000 annually.
  • Full-time employees are eligible for company benefits.

Other Careers with Biggby Coffee

Biggby Coffee hires most often for the in-store positions. However, there are frequently home office positions that entail mostly administrative work. These positions have the particular qualification and may require a higher education degree or certification in administrative tasks.

Some of the most recent home office areas listed are:

  • Senior Developer;
  • Franchises Sales Coordinator;
  • Accounting Assistant.

To apply to these separate area, you will want to click on the green Home Office Job Listings tab on the careers page (this is next to the pink Store Employment Opportunities that brings up the online application). This link will bring up a separate updates document that explains the requirements and application process for each position. These positions change frequently. Therefore, be sure to check back if you don’t see an area that interests you the first time you check.

Basic Tips for Applying with Biggby Coffee

If you are still on the fence about completing your Biggby Coffee application, here are some points to consider:

  • Biggby Coffee provides real-world customer service and management training. Today’s employees aren’t always looking for their next job to be their last job. Biggby Coffee offers a beautiful place for younger or less experienced workers to gain marketable job skills that translate well into other careers.
  • Biggby Coffee offers opportunities for qualified employees to open their franchises. If you are a business-minded individual, working at Biggby Coffee could lead to franchising opportunities down the line. Preferences for franchises are often given to dedicated long-time employees.
  • Biggby Coffee values-driven individuals with unique personalities. The company is also incredibly open to feedback from employees. Suggestion boxes and online surveys and forums help maintain open communication between staff and administration.

Benefits of Working for Biggby Coffee

Employees of Biggby Coffee have frequent opportunities for advancement within their stores or even between stores. Baristas are often promoted to shift leaders and managers. Biggby Coffee also has an active partnership with Davenport University to offer reduced tuition for its affiliates and employees. If you want to learn more about this partnership, you can visit their website.

Full-time employees may receive a modest benefits package. The same package also goes to home office employees who work full time. All staff who work in-store have access to a certain number of free drinks per shift (determined by each store).

Frequently Asked Biggby Coffee Applicant Questions

Some questions that often come up from people completing their Biggby Coffee application are answered below.

  • Can I complete a Biggby Coffee application in person? Some Biggby Coffee stores will allow you to enter and complete a paper application. You should call or stop by the location you are interested in and inquire about a paper application. Whether you complete a paper or online application, you are welcome to contact your store for a follow-up over the phone or in person. This helps show hiring managers your interest and dedication.
  • Are there advancement opportunities with Biggby Coffee? Biggby Coffee prefers to promote employees from within, even for new franchises. Progress is shared and encouraged. Transfers between stores are also permitted with manager approval.
  • What happens once I submit my Biggby Coffee application? The hiring process typically takes less than two weeks for qualified, motivated individuals who make a good impression with their responses on their application and first interview. Ensure that you have all your identification and tax information ready to go for human resources in case you are called in for processing quickly. You could be hired and processed in less than one week.

Working for Biggby Coffee

Biggby Coffee is an upbeat coffee shop chain with a passion for developing employees to their fullest potential. The company emphasizes helping employees advance from within, which helps keep retention rates steady throughout the year, even with seasonal and part-time employees.

This coffee shop is an ideal place for new workers to gain meaningful experience. Employees can take that experience with them whether they choose to move up within the company, or explore other career areas.

If you are looking for a suitable place to add skills to your resume, or an opportunity to stay with a dependable, positive company for a while and build a career, Biggby Coffee is a reliable option. Filling out your Biggby Coffee application is a quick and effortless way to take that next step!

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