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 CiCi’s Pizza Application – Employment at CiCi’s Pizza

CiCi’s Pizza was started originally in 1985 when a single restaurant was opened for consumers and customers at Plano in Texas. As people liked the family feel of the restaurant and the quality of food on offer, CiCi’s Pizza also started to expand and is currently based in Coppell in the state of Texas. The franchise is one of the most quickly growing pizza chains in the US and has been able to setup restaurants in 34 states after only 27 years in operation. With over 500 restaurants in various states all around the US, CiCi’s Pizza can easily claim to be a household name in America. The restaurant offers a delicious menu which consists of a wide variety of pizzas, pastas, soups, desserts and salads. With the franchise ever growing, positions are always open at CiCi’s Pizza and you can easily try your hand at getting a job by applying for the CiCi’s Pizza online application for employment available at the website of the franchise.

CiCi’s Pizza Jobs Available

CiCi’s Pizza is famous for excellent customer service and the company is ever-ready to improve their service even more. The company believes in the motto that quality service that makes the customer feel important always gets the customer to come back for more. There are many positions available at various restaurants of the company with the four major jobs being team manager, shift leader, assistant manager and general manager. Apart from these four full-time jobs, other part-time jobs are also available at all times and you can easily apply for any of the jobs mentioned above by filling up the CiCi’s Pizza application form online.

Minimum Employment Age at CiCi’s Pizza

A great aspect of CiCi’s Pizza is that the company isn’t really too fussed with the concept of having aged men to occupy the posts available. The company is a great place to get your first job and thus, if you are above 16 and capable, you would have a great chance at getting a job at any of the restaurant of CiCi’s Pizza. The company conducts a few checks to ensure that you are speaking the truth about your age before hiring and also requires legal proof that you are authorized to work in the US.

CiCi’s Pizza Store Hours

CiCi’s Pizza restaurant timings vary from one restaurant to another. However, all the restaurants remain open for customers seven days a week. The restaurants usually start operation at 11a.m and remain open till 10p.m at the very least with many restaurants extending their timings to around 12p.m.

Important Tips to Apply Online With CiCi’s Pizza

  • CiCi’s Pizza has a great website and you can easily submit a CiCi’s Pizza job application form at the website. After landing on the website’s homepage, you should go to the ‘About Us’ tab and select ‘Careers’ from the submenu. The Careers page will lead you to the online form which has four simple pages that you need to fill before submitting.
  • CiCi’s Pizza online application is very simple to fill. It asks for your basic details and then questions your experience and qualifications. All you need to do is to remain truthful and you would stand a great chance at getting a job at the franchise.

Most Common Positions at CiCi’s Pizza Information

The pizza franchise that goes by the name of CiCi’s Pizza is ever growing and thus, there are many positions that keep opening from time to time at the company. With most people starting their work from their teens, the company usually starts with a steady pay at first before providing great pay hikes as the employee gains experience and delivers good results. The most common positions that are usually open include the posts of Assistant Manager, General Manager, Team Member and Shift Leader at a given branch of the franchise. The ‘CiCi’s Pizza’ job application that you can submit online has allocations for these four positions. Yet, there is an ‘other’ section where you can manually write the name of the post you are applying for.

CiCi’s Pizza Benefits

CiCi’s Pizza offers a wide range of benefits to all of its employees. The benefits for full-time workers are more but the company doesn’t let the part-time employees suffer either. With good transport facilities and a great pay package, there are not many better places than a CiCi’s Pizza restaurant to start your career.

To access the CiCi’s Pizza Online Application directly, click here.

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