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Caterpillar is a company that focuses on selling construction and mining equipment, and engines. There are many brands under the Caterpillar portfolio. Some of these brands are targeted to one location while others have a broader impact. This article will go into detail on all parts of the Caterpillar job application. Everything from the structure of the web page to typical jobs to how to have a successful interview with Caterpillar is covered. After reading this article, you should be more confident in how to complete a successful job search and job application.

Caterpillar Application

Completing a Caterpillar application requires going to the Caterpillar job site and deciding which type of career you want to apply for. Caterpillar owns several different brands such as CAT, CAT Financial, and Hindustan. There are three different categories of careers on the main Caterpillar jobs page. These categories are production, manufacturing, and distribution, college and university, and experienced professionals.

When narrowing the job search by company department on the Caterpillar jobs page, the website takes you to a new page to search for specific jobs. This search page is the same regardless of the initial category selected. The four job fields on this page are:

  • administration and support
  • executives
  • management and professional
  • production

Under the administration and support category of this company are jobs such as: product manager, eBusiness marketing specialist, inventory records analyst, associate sales support representative, cost analyst, accounts payable analyst.

The executives job field has thirteen subfields. These subfields are:

  • accounting
  • additional functional areas
  • engineering
  • finance
  • financial products
  • human resources
  • information technology
  • legal
  • logistics
  • manufacturing and supply chain
  • marketing and sales and product support
  • purchasing and procurement
  • solar

When searching for jobs under each of these categories, there are no current openings at the executive level.

The management and professional job field has the same subfields as the executive career level. However, these subfields have job openings when searched at the management and professional level.

Accounting positions are:

  • accountant
  • junior accountant
  • business analyst
  • data analyst
  • supply chain modeling data scientist
  • inventory records analyst

Under the additional functional areas there are nineteen additional categories. These categories are:

  • 6 sigma
  • administrative assistant
  • aviation
  • business economics
  • competitive analysis
  • corporate strategy
  • environmental health and safety
  • executive leadership
  • global and physical security
  • global revenue management group
  • governmental affairs
  • information analytics
  • medical
  • multi-functional managmeent
  • NPI
  • office of business practices
  • product source planning
  • project and program management
  • strategic investments

Regardless of which one of these specializations with the additional functional area field is selected, the same jobs appear in the search results. Therefore, this article generalizes the search results for all of the additional functional areas to produce these results:

  • inventory records analyst
  • human resources
  • program and project manager
  • environmental health and safety supervisor
  • data scientist
  • design and development engineer
  • manufacturing engineering
  • supply chain
  • sales and marketing
  • Engineering positions are as follows:
  • inventory records analyst
  • mechanical design engineer
  • engineering technical steward
  • engineering project team lead
  • senior engines systems engineer
  • welding engineer
  • engineering supervisor
  • NPI engineer
  • product development associate engineer

Finance positions are:

  • inventory records analyst
  • finance intern
  • information services intern

Financial products job postings have one overlap with the finance positions in the inventory records analyst. Other positions are:

  • transaction coordinator
  • document analyst

Human resources openings for Caterpillar jobs are:

  • human resources representative
  • service training staff consultant
  • compensation and benefits analyst
  • compensation and benefits manager
  • human resources supervisor

If you are interested in information analytic jobs at Caterpillar, they are positions like:

  • innovation lab practicum
  • machine learning engineer
  • data and solutions architect leader
  • analytics application engineer
  • senior analytics application engineer

Information technology positions are:

  • information technology analyst
  • digital technical analyst
  • senior java architect
  • data visualization scientist
  • Tableau dashboard development data scientist

A unique legal position listed at Caterpillar jobs is legal counsel.

Logistics positions are more plentiful than legal as jobs are available such as:

  • logistics analyst
  • demand and orders analyst
  • supply chain planning analyst
  • production scheduler
  • distribution supervisor

Manufacturing and supply chain positions are:

  • program coordinator
  • quality supervisor
  • quality engineer
  • quality control analyst
  • manufacturing engineer
  • section manager
  • inventory records analyst

In the marketing and sales field the Caterpillar jobs are:

  • product application specialist
  • territory manager
  • industry specialist electric power
  • service training instructor
  • digital distirbution consultant
  • digital advertising specialist

Purchasing and procurement positions are:

  • supplier development engineer
  • inventory records analyst

There are only two jobs listed under the solar subfield and both of these positions have appeared in several other categories so they are not limited to solar.

Under the main category of production on the Caterpillar jobs website, there are three subcategories. These are:

  • logistics
  • manufacturing and supply chain
  • solar

The sole logistics position listed at the time of the job search for this article is inventory clerk. There are no positions listed under the solar subcategory.

Manufacturing and supply chain positions are as follows:

  • industry process and facility electrician
  • industrical machine tool repairman
  • machinist
  • warehouse technician
  • automatic assembly machine set-up specialist
  • core sorting team member
  • CNC grinding specialist
  • inspector
  • material checker and handler

The careers page for a Caterpillar application has responsive design. This means that it is functional on a variety of device sizes. At the top of the careers page on a laptop is a navigation menu with tabs to the main webpages for the Caterpillar company. On the careers page, the three main categories are listed: production, manufacturing, and distribution, college and university, and experienced professionals.

The rest of the page has four main areas to explore. These are labeled “Why caterpillar?,” “career areas,” “diversity and inclusion,” and “real cat folks.” The “Why caterpillar” tab has information on the advantages of working for Caterpillar and employee testimonials. “Career areas” focuses on the three categories of jobs for Caterpillar, the stories of Caterpillar employees, specific benefits for military veterans, and working as a CAT dealer technician.

“Diversity and inclusion” reinforces Caterpillar’s commitment to created an inclusive work environment and embrace diversity. From this page, the job hunter can look at how Caterpillar’s leadership team is committed to diversity, how the employee resources groups work together, and recent recipients of awards. The final page explores the stories of actual Caterpillar employees. These stories are of people from around the world in a variety of positions.

When you are ready to apply for a position, the best way to find a relevant position is to complete the necessary Caterpillar application. Creating an account within the job search page can be done by creating a new account of signing in with your Yahoo or Google account. This account will keep a record of jobs applied for and personal information. Once an account is created, the my jobpage tab appears and this tab can recommend relevant jobs based on recent submissions.

To select the location, click on the location tab and choose the area you want to work. Due to the global nature of Caterpillar, there are additional choices to make once a country is chosen. For example, the United States would need to be selected first. The next filter would select certain states. It is possible to search more than one area at a time by using the add location tool.

To search by part or full-time positions, the advanced search tab needs to be used. This allows for specification by date posted, schedule, shift, regular or temporary employment, and amount of travel required.

After you finish applying online, releases for former employment and background information are completed. The Caterpillar application then administers job specific tests to assess your ability for the applied job. There is no paper application, but there is a PDF to help with the application process. This PDF has all of the necessary contact information to call or email a help center. There are different numbers depending on the area of the world you are interested in working.

Steps to Apply for Caterpillar Jobs

There are six steps towards officially applying for Caterpillar jobs. These are described in detail below.

  1. Select the category of job you are interested in. This can be as broad or as narrow as desired.
  2. Use applicable search filters to generate relevant results. There is a basic and advanced search function.
  3. Find a job that works for you and that you are qualified for. When a job is clicked on the job description and required qualifications appear.
  4. Select this job and choose to apply online now or to add to your job cart. Applying online now will lead directly to the application while adding the job to a cart will save it for applying later.
  5. Complete an application login to remember basic information and recommend similar jobs.
  6. Proceed through the eight parts of the application process. These parts are uploading resume/CV, adding additional information, personal information, work experience, education and qualifications, prescreening questions, diversity page, and reviewing and submitting the application.

Minimum Age for Employment at Caterpillar

All of the Caterpillar jobs require either a GED/High school diploma or are entry level positions for recent college graduates. This means that the minimum working age is 18. The company does hire people with no prior experience. Depending on the type of work you are looking for, these positions can range from customer service associate to internships and entry-level positions for recent college graduates.

Internships are offered in accounting, communications, engineering, environmental health and safety, finance, human resources, information technology, logistics, manufacturing, and marketing and purchasing.

Caterpillar Hours of Operation

There are two areas for hours of operation at Caterpillar. The hours for the general public are for the Caterpillar visitors center in Illinois. Employees will work various hours depending on their job and location. Refer to this page for company employees and retirees to learn more about expected hours for various positions.

Entry Level Caterpillar Careers and Respective Income

Entry-level Caterpillar jobs can be seen in a variety of fields and job types. While the most readily identifiable will be those listed as internships or in manufacturing, there are also professional entry level positions. Thus, the pay varies significantly based on the actual job. While

Caterpillar maintains that college interns frequently stay with the company and receive a full-time offer upon graduation. However, reviews on Glassdoor indicate that it can be hard to advance from entry-level positions.

Unique to Caterpillar is a return to the workforce program for people who have not worked for an extended period of time.

Caterpillar Careers in Management

People who are interested in applying for a management career at Caterpillar should have experience leading a team and defusing common employee problems. These problems include an employee not performing to expectation or reports of sexual harassment.

The right person for this position will ideally have prior management experience. However, this experience does not have to be formal. Leading a team or showing initiative in managing experiences also counts towards job experience. Working with the same type of company is not required, but prior experience in a similar field is desired.

Basic Tips for Applying at Caterpillar

Prior to applying for Caterpillar jobs it is a great idea to learn more about what makes a successful job search.

  • Caterpillar has a resource that talks in more detail about the hiring process. Anyone applying for a job should review this page.
  • Prepare your resume and references prior to applying.
  • Carefully review the job responsibilities and prepare possible questions for interviews based on these responsibilities. Doing this shows dedication to the job and a genuine interest in working for Caterpillar.
  • Create a database of commonly requested information. This allows for easy copy and pasting and quick completion of mandatory forms.
  • Consider all relevant experiences related to the job description. These experiences can be at the workplace or elsewhere.

Benefits of Working at Caterpillar

Caterpillar has several benefits for employees. Compensation with the company is competitive. Incentives are available for meeting and exceeding company goals and performance measures. The actual benefits will vary based on the type of job. Some benefits may be retirement plans, healthcare plans, and paid time off.

There are wellness services for employees and their families. These services help to make sure that eating right and exercise are a priority. Finally, there is an employee assistance program that provides assistance on a variety of issues from depression to child care needs.

Caterpillar Interview Tips

Caterpillar recommends that the interviewee arrives in plenty of time for the interview. Prepare a list of possible questions in advance and practice answering possible interview questions. Review the job description and responsibilities several times as interview questions can come right from these documents.

Common interview questions for Caterpillar jobs are talking about jobs where attention to detail matters, how you handle stress at work, and how you have been a proactive problem solver. It is important to have a positive and open attitude going into interviews. Dress professionally and leave distractions behind on the day of the interview.

The interview process uses the STAR format. This format focuses on situation, task, action, and result. Therefore, it is important to structure answers in this response so that good notes can be taken on your responses. If you do not like a particular question, an alternative question can be asked that probes at the same set of information. Each interview takes about an hour, but there could be multiple interviews depending on the job.

There are a lot of options to choose when exploring a Caterpillar jobs. It is a global company with more than 100,000 employees. This makes searching for a job complicated. Use the tips in this article to give you an advantage.

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