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 Jimmy John’s Job Application Online

When filling out a Jimmy John’s job application those who read your application and interview you will be expecting to be a “rock star”.  Jimmy John’s employees are expected to be the best because the company is considered to be one of the best – and you need to be enthusiastic and fast.  Why – because you will be expected to get it done – get it done now and is an enterprising person. Your Jimmy John’s online application for employment is important to show your enthusiasm as they are known for fast delivery and that is a guideline that every employee must live up to which is where the enthusiasm plays a big part.

Jimmy John’s Application – Employment at Jimmy John’s

The majority of the information on the Jimmy John’s employment application accommodates to those who are looking for their first real job.  Jimmy John’s is a company that prefers to do most of the training so no previous work experience is expected just as long as those who apply are willing to learn quickly and have the go-getter attitude that they believe works best for employees at Jimmy John’s. If you do have previous experience working in the fast food industry you will need to put all that information on the Jimmy John’s job application form.

Jimmy John’s Online Job Application

When completing a Jimmy John’s job application you will need to show that you will be a great fit with their company.  Additionally to the basic Jimmy John’s application online you will always have to be interviewed at the location where you want to work at by one of the managers to see if you fit in with the team environment at that location.  If you meet what they are looking for and show the “rock star” personality and your Jimmy John’s application online form needs to show the manager that you fit with their team then you will probably be notified in a few days if you got the job or not.

Minimum Age for Employment at Jimmy John’s

Those looking to fill out a job application online must be at least 16 years of age.

Jimmy John’s Store Hours

Jimmy John’s locations are normally open from 10 am to 10 pm Monday through Sunday except for locations that are near universities or colleges and those locations might be open later at night.  Some employees might have to arrive early or stay later in order to manage the stock or the cleaning of the serving area.  You might want to call before applying to check to see what the hours of operation are for the location you are applying to.

Entry Level Jimmy John’s Careers and Income

Entry-level openings consist of cashiers and crew members. Cashiers are the ones who ring up customer’s orders and make sure that deliveries get out the door quickly. Crew members interact with customers, keep the shop clean, and take customer orders.  They also work in a fast way to prepare, cook, bag, and serve the food and provide the food to delivery personnel to get out the door with a “go-getter” attitude.  Most entry-level positions usually start at minimum wage with salaries grown along with experience.

Jimmy John’s Careers in Management

Managers at Jimmy John’s include assistant managers and general managers. Also available at positions supervising crew members. Supervisors do most of the same task as other crew members, but also will be delegating work among crew members, helping with hiring new employees and addressing any issues with customer satisfaction.  Pay for shift managers starts at $9-$10 with plenty of room for increase. Assistant managers may see $20,000-30,000 annually and managers may earn an excess of $45,000.

Important Tips to Apply Online with Jimmy John’s

In addition to completing a Jimmy John’s application, you will be meeting with a manager for a one on one interview at the location where you have applied.  Employees at Jimmy John’s are expected to be full of energy and be excited about job opportunities with Jimmy John’s. You will need to be familiar with atmosphere at the location where you are seeking employment. Those filling out a Jimmy John’s online application should visit the Jimmy John’s website to get to know the environment that Jimmy John’s has.

Jimmy John’s Benefits

Anyone who’s Jimmy John’s application has been accepted will have numerous benefits. All entry-level employees can expect competitive pay based on experience. All full time employees have the opportunity to grow their salary by increasing their everyday task at each location. Additionally to basic salary, employees will have paid time off. Full time associates will also be able to benefit from healthcare coverage and have the prospect to invest in a 401 (k).

Useful and Interesting Facts about Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s heavily advertises about their fast delivery and this is part of their branding.  In addition to offering high quality gourmet sandwiches and party trays Jimmy John’s promises to get your delivery to you quickly and this sets them apart from their competition.  Those that work there must have the ability to hurry with their tasks while still having a smile on their face.  Remember you are a “rock star” with a “go getter” personality type.

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