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  Captain D’s Application – Employment at Captain D’s

Captain D’s has been open for forty years, serving high quality seafood in a fast-food atmosphere. With a menu serving a variety of seafood items, such as fried and grilled fish, shrimp, and regional seafood dishes, Captain D’s satisfies customers with quick service and a relaxing atmosphere. They also serve traditional items like chicken and pasta dishes, not to mention their local favorite sides, hush puppies and fries, as well as a variety of great desserts. As with any fast food industry, there is a high rate of turnover, so you can be sure that Captain D’s is always looking for the right people to join their “Friends Serving Friends Crew”. With almost 600 restaurants in 23 South and Midwestern states, as well as several oversea locations, Captain D’s is the perfect choice for those looking for a fast-paced competitive restaurant environment with opportunities for advancement.

Captain D’s Online Job Application

The Captain D’s job application form can be found online by following the link from the “Work at Captain D’s” page on their company website. Once you navigate to their jobs page, you have a few choices on how to apply under “Crew Opportunities” or “Management Opportunities”. Selecting one of the job titles under either of these two headings will give you a description of the duties for that title. If the job you have clicked on interests you and you’d like to apply, click on your state. From the maps that appear, select the specific restaurant that you would like to work at, and then click the “Apply Now” link to begin filling out Captain D’s online application.

Minimum Age for Employment at Captain D’s

You must be at least 16 years old to submit a Captain D’s employment application at any of its restaurant locations. You can only apply for crew opportunities at that age, but if your dream is a career in restaurant management, Captain D’s does promote from within, so be sure to dedicate yourself to working hard for a few years, and you’ll be rising in the ranks in no time.

Captain D’s Hours of Operation

The hours of Captain D’s restaurants can vary from location to location, but the general hours of operation are from 10:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Sundays through Thursdays, and from 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays. As such, your Captain D’s application will result in a flexible schedule that will allow you to work around other commitments, such as classes or appointments.

Entry-Level Captain D’s Careers and Income

Your entry-level application for Captain D’s can be geared towards either a cook or a cashier crew member, where you will be in the kitchens preparing food and doing basic cleanup, or on the floor serving customers, greeting guests, and working the registers. Entry-level positions generally start at minimum wage (which varies depending what state you are working in), but they may raise your starting pay slightly if you have previous restaurant or serving experience. They also offer periodic reviews, which can result in raises for quality work.

Captain D’s Careers in Management

Captain D’s offers four management opportunities: Multi-unit Manager, General Manager, Restaurant Manager, and Assistant/Hourly Manager. The salary for Captain D’s careers ranges from $30- to $60,000 per year depending on experience and cost of living in the area.

In a management position, you will be in charge of day-to-day operations and scheduling of employees, as well as opening and closing the restaurant and, as such, you should be available to work every shift.

Basic Tips for Applying at Captain D’s

For those looking to start their careers in an entry-level position, here are a few tips to be sure your name doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. First, be sure to fill out Captain D’s application online form completely. An incomplete application can reflect negatively on you as a prospective employee. Be sure to include any relevant experience you may have for the position you are applying for, such as previous food service experience, as this may get you to the top of their potential hire list.

Advanced Tips for Applying at Captain D’s

If you are looking at management positions, you will need to include a few other items with your Captain D’s employment application. The ideal candidate for management at Captain D’s will need to have some supervisory experience and a few years of experience in previous management positions. Be sure to include this information prominently on your Captain D’s application or you will most likely not be considered. For a managerial position, you will need a resume prepared as well, which should include your past work and education history.

Benefits at Captain D’s

Filling out a Captain D’s application form can get you an amazing benefits package. Not only does Captain D’s offer very competitive pay rates, but they also offer employees comprehensive health and accident insurance, as well as grouplife and dental.  Employees receive a 401(k) retirement plan and paid vacation time, as well as the ability to set up child-care and healthcare tax advantage accounts.

Useful and Interesting Facts about Captain D’s

If your Captain D’s job application is selected and you are called in for an interview, it would be a good idea to know a little bit about the company that you may soon be working for. Knowing the history and a few facts is sure to give you a leg up during the interview process, as it will show you are invested in the company and will make a loyal employee. Here are some key facts to know about Captain D’s:

  • The first of the Captain D’s restaurants opened in 1969 in Donelson, Tennessee, and was originally called Mr. D’s.
  • The “D” in the name stands for Ray Danner, one of the co-founders.
  • Captain D’s won “Best Menu Revamp” in 2007’s Nation’s Restaurant News MenuMasters Awards.
  • The diner experience and logo were totally redesigned in 2007 by Continuum, a Design and Innovation firm, and their design is what’s currently used today.
  • Captain D’s was acquired by Sun Capital Partners in 2010.

Applying at Captain D’s not only will give you experience in the world of fast-food and the restaurant industry, but can lead to many career opportunities for the dedicated hard worker. Fill out your Captain D’s application online today!

To access the Captain D’s Online Application directly, click here.

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