Amusement Park Job Applications

Amusement Park Jobs
Amusement Park Job Applications

Who doesn’t enjoy an amusement park? Whether you like the high-speed thrill of a roller coaster, the simple pleasure of the carousel, or relaxing and taking in a show, the appeal of an amusement park spans all ages, sexes, races, and religions.  With the sights, sounds, smells and tastes that tantalize and refresh all of your senses, it leaves you feeling invigorated and alive.  Everyone loves a fun-filled, exciting day at an amusement park. Imagine having that feeling every day. An amusement park job can allow you to enjoy that atmosphere every day, and be paid to do it.

Amusement parks are very popular vacation destinations, and families come from all over the world to ride their favorite rides and see the attractions. To keep the parks running smoothly, amusement parks hire many thousands of workers each year at parks around the globe. Amusement parks hire all kinds of people to do all kinds of jobs, most are entry-level and require no previous experience, just the willingness to work. Some amusement park jobs include ride operators, concession help, restaurant workers, mechanics, game operators, lifeguards, photographers and entertainers, and of course mascots. Amusement parks also hire supervisors, security guards, and maintenance workers, as well as a full complement of office, technical, and managerial personnel. Whether you want a part-time job at a local park, or are interested in traveling and working at a park across the country, there’s an amusement park job for you.

Your duties at an amusement park will vary widely depending on your job description. Most amusement park jobs will involve a large amount of customer service. When dealing with the public, it’s a good idea to maintain a neat appearance and keep a pleasant attitude. All jobs at an amusement park require following and enforcing safety policies. With the high volume of guests and the nature of the business, basic CPR training can be an asset, some parks will even provide training. Most amusement park jobs will require you to learn several tasks in the park, you may find yourself operating different rides and games as needed, so it always helps to be versatile. Some jobs, such as mechanics, security and most of the office positions, will require some prior training and or experience, but many of the other jobs are entry level and require none. If you enjoy meeting new people and having fun in the sun, then an amusement park job might be perfect for you.

Amusement park jobs are generally entry-level, seasonal jobs which makes them perfect for students trying to earn money on summer break. Wages are generally competitive with entry-level retail jobs.  If you work hard and leave an impression, you’ll probably be asked to come back for the next season which can lead to some advancement. Larger parks may offer benefits to regular employees after a period of eligibility. Most parks will offer employees free admission and discounts on merchandise and possibly lodging, and in some cases this can also apply to family members. Some large parks have on-site lodging for their employees who have traveled away from home to work.

A job at an amusement park can lead to days full of fun, and if you enjoy your work and the atmosphere of the park it may not seem like work at all. There are amusement parks all over the world looking for bright, energetic, outgoing people like you. Whether you want to work near your favorite roller coaster, or wish to travel and experience something new, an amusement park job may offer you a thrill. Apply Today!

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