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ALDO Application – Employment Job at Aldo

The ALDO online application for employment is the way to start with ALDO which is a Canadian-based shoe store carrying trendy brands. ALDO began the leasing of space from trendy retail department stores in order to display their shoes and products in 1972. The very first ALDO locations were opened in Montreal, Quebec City, Winnipeg, and Ottawa.  The very first standalone ALDO store opened in Montreal in 1978 and this ended the practice of leasing space from already existing retailers.  By 1980, ALDO owned and operated over 95 freestanding stores all across Canada.  Currently ALDO operates over 1,000 stores in over 56 countries worldwide.

ALDO trends show continued growth and has rocketed the company created by Aldo Bensadoun into this new millennium.  Bensadoun in 1966 opened his first space after finishing his tour of service in the French military.

ALDO recently went back to its roots with the announcement of an exclusive retail store-in-store concept with U.S. retailer JC Penney department stores.  This new ALDO store, named Call It Spring, is joining the ALDO lines alongside of Spring, ALDO Accessories, FeetFirst, Globo, Lōcale, Pegabo and Little Burgundy.  The rebirth of Pegabo appeared in Canada paired with The Bay department stores.

ALDO Jobs Available

You may submit an ALDO application form for any of the following positions: Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, Key Holder, Store Manager, Manager Trainee, Stock Coordinator, Warehouse Supervisor, and Warehouse Worker.

Minimum Employment Age at ALDO

The ALDO job application online is available to applicants 18 years of age or older.

ALDO Hours of Operation

Mon-Sat:  10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Sun:  11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Important Tips to Apply Online with ALDO

  • The ALDO online application is the first step in a chance to begin a career path in the retail footwear industry.  If a fast-paced career in retail sales sounds like something geared for you, the ALDO stores might be interested.  With many locations and a company model that is expanding, ALDO needs new employees all of the time.  Both experienced and inexperienced sales associates as well as retail professionals may find work with ALDO.
  • The ALDO job application form can get even inexperienced applicants an entry-level position within one of the ALDO brands of stores being either a sales associate or stock coordinator.  Sales staff duties include customer service and knowledge of product, but can also require register duties, answering the phone, cleaning, stocking and other assigned duties.
  • Retail professionals can also be promoted into managerial positions such as assistant manager, key holder or store manager.  Supervisory duties can include supervising daily operations of the store, hiring, scheduling, carrying out disciplinary actions, communicating with corporate offices, as well as banking.
  • Depending on the location and the number of applicants, ALDO stores conduct one-on-one interviews during the hiring process.  After submitting all the needed forms, most applicants receive a call for an interview within a few days.  Interviews normally take place with a shift leader, store manager, or area manager.

Most Common Positions at ALDO & Income Information

The ALDO job application for manager and assistant manager as well as key holder positions are often the positions most often open since ALDO promotes from within. ALDO shoe store employees receive pay that is competitive with pay rates in the area the store is in.

ALDO Benefits

The ALDO application can lead to benefits such as incentive packages with flexible scheduling, generous store discount, and comprehensive training.  Eligible ALDO employees receive benefits such as 401(k) retirement plans, healthcare, paid time off and much more.  With competitive salary as well as benefit packages, ALDO ensures that store employees are assured a comfortable working situation which allows for professional and personal growth.

To access the ALDO Online Application directly, click here.

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