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Video Store Jobs

If your real passion in life is movies, whether, watching them, reviewing them, or even making them, a job in a retail video store may just be your calling. A job at a video store like Family Video or Blockbuster can keep you close to your true love. As a video store employee, you’ll be able to broaden your knowledge of movies, stay up to date on the newest releases, and update your personal collection at a discount to boot. You may also enjoy being asked to offer your opinions to help customers make informed choices on movies, all while keeping you close to the action. If you’re looking for a job and really love movies, then a job at a video store may be perfect for you.

Everyone enjoys movies, so there are video stores everywhere. Video stores are always looking to hire people like you with a love of movies. Video stores can be found in malls, plazas, supermarkets, and street corners close by. Chances are you can find a job that’s very convenient wherever you live. Video kiosks are a growing trend, and while some operate without cashiers or other help, they will always need someone to maintain them and regularly update their inventory. Most video stores today don’t focus strictly on renting movies. Nowadays video stores offer both new and used movies for sale and rent, as well as DVD players and a wide range of accessories. Most even sell typical movie snacks like microwave popcorn and a full host of candy. They also cater to gamers by offering games and consoles for sale and rent. So if you happen to be a gamer or an entertainment junkie, then you’ll probably really enjoy working in a video store.

There are many tasks that you will have to do when you land your video store job. A great deal of your job in a video store will be dealing with customers, so it will help to keep a neat appearance and a pleasant attitude. You will probably be expected to work a cash register and credit card machine, where it would help to be personable. Besides checking customers out you may find yourself helping customers find a specific title that they are looking for, making recommendations based on their likes, and possibly even special ordering something to make the customer happy. When you’re not helping customers, you may be stocking and organizing shelves; a video store is much like a library where organization is key. You will probably also be expected to help with routine cleaning like sweeping and dusting, maybe cleaning counters and windows, and possibly taking care of trash and the outside of the store, such as the sidewalk or parking lot. Since most video stores have televisions or monitors running, you’ll be able to catch some of your favorite movies or shows when business is slow or while doing maintenance, a very nice perk.

Most video stores will offer competitive pay and a flexible schedule. They are generally open nights and weekends, which is perfect for students who need to work around their class schedule. Most jobs are entry level and require very little training or experience, which is great if you’re just starting out. Video stores are located in most neighborhoods, and you may find a job within walking distance which is usually a plus.

If you like movies and are willing to work, then a video store near you may have an opening for you right now. What could be better than being paid while watching your favorite new releases or old classics. Why not capitalize on something you truly love, apply for a video store job today!

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