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Employment at Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti is an upcoming frozen yogurt chain that is opening new locations monthly. Since its beginning in Fullerton, California, Tutti Frutti has expanded across the United States and into Mexico, China, the United Kingdom and several other countries. Over the past ten years, Tutti Frutti has been one of the quietest success stories in fast food.

The Tutti Frutti application process is different than what job seekers are likely to find with other companies. This article will shine a light on the Tutti Frutti application, the company’s atmosphere and culture and other relevant details for a new applicant.

Tutti Frutti Application

Tutti Frutti’s website is unlike those of most larger corporations. The career page is easily located on the top of the page, but visiting that page brings the user to the beginning of a largely third-party Tutti Frutti application process. The company encourages users to complete an on-website application, but they also promote applying through job boards like Indeed and Craigslist. Before completing your Tutti Frutti application, however, it’s helpful to understand the company’s different departments.

Customer Experience Specialists

As with any fast food restaurant, customer service is the most important part of the Tutti Frutti atmosphere. These employees deal with long lines of customers and must maintain a professional attitude during moments of high stress. Applicants to this department should have strong social awareness and a team-oriented mindset.

  • Cashier
  • Crew Member

Yogurt Masters

As a company, Tutti Frutti could not sustain itself without yogurt “specialists”. These employees are trained to understand selling yogurt on the commercial scale. Applicants should display proficiency for creative problem solving and teamwork. Also, this department is expected to help crew members during the store’s busiest hours.

  • Topping Re-stocker
  • Yogurt Machine Specialist

Seasonal Staff

These employees are hired during the spring and summer when Tutti Frutti is at its busiest. The seasonal staff is a hybrid group of employees who are trained to help in the busiest areas of the store. As Tutti Frutti locations are often found in college towns, special positions are made available to those seeking employment to complement their busy class schedules.

  • Seasonal Cashier
  • Student Yogurt Associate


At Tutti Frutti, there is always a manager on duty. Working in this department requires a strong sense of leadership and customer service awareness. It also requires an affinity for creative problem solving and use of staff. Positions in this department can sometimes act as a gateway to Tutti Frutti corporate positions.

  • Opening / Closing Shift Leader
  • Store Manager

By and large, these are the most popular positions at Tutti Frutti. Each department has several other important positions, but these are the usual starting points for new hires. It’s also important to note that Tutti Frutti often asks their employees to step away from the “departmental” attitude. Before long, new hires will likely fulfill a range of responsibilities from many in-store positions. Departments and job titles are merely a guide for getting started with the company.

Landing on Tutti Frutti’s career portal is simple enough, but job opportunities can be elusive. This is because the company openly directs potential applicants to third-party job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster and Craigslist. Since the company is most active on Indeed, the following description of the Tutti Frutti application process will send users to that job board. Finding an opportunity with Tutti Frutti includes these steps:

  • After landing on the Tutti Frutti company website, look on the top right corner of the screen. Click on the “careers” button.
  • The careers page informs users to visit the company’s “job boards”, but the website itself does not feature a built-in list of job opportunities. Instead, users must turn to Indeed.com to search for Tutti Frutti opportunities. The company is very active on that website.
  • Using the Indeed search functions, find a Tutti Frutti position that fits your criteria. Indeed’s search bar allows users to search for Tutti Frutti positions in specified locations.
  • Choose a position from within the list of search results. If your search query didn’t produce any results, increase the “radius” of your search on the left side of the screen. This will expand search results to stores further away from your area code.
  • It’s possible to apply for a Tutti Frutti position directly within Indeed, but former candidates have reported better results dealing with the “Apply Now” page on Tutti Frutti’s website. Use the Indeed information to specify the details of your Tutti Frutti application.
  • The Tutti Frutti application can be completed online or in-person, but most applicants have reported better results through the online application process.

Tutti Frutti’s built-in application feature is as closest users will come to making a traditional account with the company. Completing the Tutti Frutti application form will send users through the following steps.

  1. Enter your first and last name, email address and phone number.
  2. Enter your mailing address and other contact information.
  3. Specify your desired location. If you’re planning on moving to a new area, you can apply to a store in that location.
  4. Designate your areas of interest. Use this box to describe your skills and professional abilities. Hiring managers will use this information as a screen for certain positions throughout the company.
  5. Complete the “How did you hear about Tutti Frutti?” information box. This information is strictly for the company and isn’t likely to affect your application status.
  6. Consent to the company’s non-disclosure agreement.

This process is different than what might be found on other corporate websites, but previous applicants have reported positive experiences after completing the Tutti Frutti application. User application submissions are sent to the corporate headquarters where they’re dispersed to target locations. This makes the Tutti Frutti application process more personalized than the average company’s.

Minimum Age for Employment at Tutti Frutti

The minimum age for employment at Tutti Frutti is 16 years. The company is most popular for its presence in college towns across the United States, but a great percentage of its employees are high school students working their first jobs. The Tutti Frutti work environment is perfect for entry-level employees to learn the basics of the work environment.

The downside, however, is that Tutti Frutti doesn’t provide much room for growth. The company’s turnover rate is extremely high, and employees tend to move forward with other opportunities before advancing from within.

Tutti Frutti Hours of Operation

Tutti Frutti is famous for its strange hours of operation. On weekdays, they are open from 12 PM to 10 PM. On weekends, they are open from 11 AM to 11 PM. They open unusually late for a fast food chain, and young employees enjoy the extra time for sleeping in the morning.

Also, in-store positions never vary from the standard company schedule. There aren’t any Tutti Frutti positions which require early-morning or late-night availability. This is another reason why the company is popular with high school employees.

Entry Level Tutti Frutti Careers and Respective Income

Given its status as a great company for high school employees and other young professionals, the entry-level salary at Tutti Frutti is on the lower end. New hires should expect to start at their state’s minimum wage. Advancing up the company’s pay scale is a slow process, and there isn’t much room for progression into higher roles.

Tutti Frutti provides few opportunities for advancement because they have little need for employees in management. Each location needs only one store manager and a handful of shift leaders. As a result, acquiring any of those roles is a competitive process.

Careers in Management

Many corporations hire managers from within, but Tutti Frutti tends to favor new applicants with a fair amount of management experience. With the appropriate background, it’s possible for a new applicant to immediately land a position as a store manager. Tutti Frutti managers and shift leaders are often found on the front lines when their stores get busy.

Those who perform well in management positions may open the door to the company’s corporate environment. As a company expanding on the global scale, Tutti Frutti needs high-level employees who can speak multiple languages.

Benefits of Working at Tutti Frutti

Unfortunately, there aren’t many benefits for most Tutti Frutti employees. Since the majority of the company’s employees are part-time or seasonal, Tutti Frutti largely avoids paying benefits altogether.

For shift leaders, managers and corporate employees, Tutti Frutti provides very basic options for shared health insurance. This does not include vision or dental insurance. Also, it doesn’t include a life insurance policy.

Full-time employees are given only 12 days of vacation time and are only paid for four hours on holidays. These numbers are below average for most corporate jobs in America.

The only benefits for part-time employees are the 20% employee discount and free yogurt on break. It should be noted, however, that part-time employees don’t take a job like this for outstanding benefits.

Basic Tips for Applying at Tutti Frutti

The Tutti Frutti application process is simple, but it provides a fair amount of space for rationalization. These tips will help you tailor your application for the Tutti Frutti hiring manager:

Talk About Your Strength Under Pressure

In the “areas of interest” field on the application, make sure to highlight your capacity for remaining calm under pressure. Tutti Frutti hiring managers want employees who can perform under the stress of impatient customers and inconvenient working conditions.

Apply on Indeed and the Tutti Frutti Website

Tutti Frutti does everything it can to lead applicants to third-party job boards like Indeed, but former applicants have reported the best results after applying directly to the company. Use Indeed to find opportunities and apply to them, but also make sure to create a personalized application on the “Apply Now” page of Tutti Frutti’s website. This will get your application in front of the right people.

Follow Up

Many people skip this step, but it’s important to follow up with Tutti Frutti a few days after applying. Call your desired location and ask about the status of your application. Doing so will show initiative and will greatly improve your chances of landing an interview.

Tutti Frutti Interview Tips

Most former Tutti Frutti applicants have described the company’s interview process as relaxed and informal. Hiring managers will make the atmosphere friendly, but it’s important to stay in interview mode. Do your best to talk about your proficiency in customer service and your love for frozen yogurt.

Be prepared to discuss the following topics:

  • What is your favorite flavor of Tutti Frutti yogurt?
  • How would you handle a rude customer?
  • How would you handle a disagreement with a coworker?
  • What are your interests outside of work or school?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?

Interviewing for any type of management positions will certainly include a different atmosphere. However, the application process for those positions will focus much more on candidate resumes.

Working at Tutti Frutti

Those who have made it through the Tutti Frutti application and interview process report an average work environment, but few employees stay with the company for long periods of time. With poor benefits, low wages and few opportunities for advancement, the company usually serves as a stepping stone for better opportunities elsewhere.

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