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WinCo is one of the biggest private-owned supermarkets in the country. Since 1967, the company has expanded from Boise, Idaho to states across the West, Midwest and Southern United States. The company is widely praised for its employee stock ownership program. At each of its grocery store locations, WinCo hires for a wide variety of positions.

The WinCo application process is similar to other grocery chains, but their career portal comes with unique challenges that stand in the way of a successful application. This article will describe the WinCo application process, the company’s culture and work environment and other important details for a prospective employee.

WinCo Application

Like most other corporate websites, WinCo’s homepage features information about the company, sales and other important grocery details. On the bottom of the page, users can access the company’s “career portal”. This is the entry point for a new WinCo applicant. However, before applying for any positions, it’s important to understand the different departments within the company.

Grocery Associate

This is the main front-end department and WinCo. These employees are responsible for most of the in-store customer service. Candidates should feel comfortable interacting with customers throughout their shifts. Hiring managers will prefer candidates with strong social skills.

  • Cashier
  • Stocker
  • Bagger

Meat Department

This department is perfect for those with an interest in preparing meat products. From steak to seafood, employees in this department must know the ins and outs of imported meat. This department is also responsible for packing the meat sold throughout other areas of the store. Employees of the meat department must feel comfortable in both social and independent settings.

  • Deli Clerk
  • Seafood Specialist
  • Prep Associate


The bakery is one of WinCo’s most famous departments. The company is celebrated for its birthday cakes and cookies. Bakery applicants should have a good understanding of the baking process, and they should feel comfortable working alone or in a social environment. The department can get customer service intensive, but there are also many independent baking responsibilities.

  • Cake Baker
  • Bread Baker
  • Bakery Counter Associate

Produce Department

Much like the bakery, WinCo is celebrated for their high-quality fruits and vegetables. Employees of this department should ideally have an interest in healthy eating, and they should be able to communicate with customers about the proper nutrients in a healthy diet. At WinCo, the produce department is very heavy on customer service.

  • Produce Stocker
  • Produce Quality Control
  • Bulk Produce Clerk


The operations team are the unsung heroes at WinCo. They are the employees who make sure everything is running smoothly behind the scenes. These positions may require availability on nights and weekends, and some positions feature overnight schedules.

  • Cart Clerk
  • Freight Stocker
  • Order Selector

These are only among the most popular positions at WinCo. Every department has other important positions, but these are the most likely entry points for new applicants. Many WinCo employees begin their careers in the store’s general grocery department, but the company often hires from within for specialized roles in other areas of the store. It’s very likely that, over time, an employee will work in many parts of the store.

Accessing WinCo’s career page is easy, but navigating the many job opportunities is complicated by an outdated search filter. You may need to refresh the filter a few times before it finally updates your search. Finding an appropriate WinCo opportunity comes down to the following steps:

  • On the general career page, select the option “New Applicant”.
  • On the New Applicant page, find the search filter on the top of the job board.
  • Candidates have the option to narrow the search by job type, location and category. Filter the search based on your location and qualifications.
  • Choose a position from within the list of remaining search results.
  • If several positions seem interesting to you, make a note to apply for your second and third choices later. However, always prioritize the most relevant position and apply for it first.
  • After clicking on your chosen position, read the job description. If everything seems correct, click the “apply now” button in the top right corner.
  • This page will ask you for your email address, and you will automatically be led to the account creation process.
  • The WinCo application can only be completed online.

Unlike some other corporations, the WinCo account creation process is completed directly on the company’s career page. There is no third-party affiliate that manages candidate accounts. As a result, the process is streamlined and straightforward. The WinCo application process broken into the following eight steps:

  1. Enter your first name, last name and contact information.
  2. Enter your location information.
  3. Update your employment history. You need at least one previous employer.
  4. Update your education history. You must have graduated high school.
  5. Create your WinCo public profile.
  6. Complete the short WinCo questionnaire.
  7. Consent to the WinCo application terms and conditions.
  8. Include any important references. References are not required for most positions, but relevant ones will give you an edge during throughout the WinCo application and interview process.

During the process, candidates will be given an opportunity to upload their resume or other important documents. This is not a necessary part of your application but uploading your resume may give you a better chance at landing an interview with the company. For more specialized positions, however, uploading your resume becomes a more important part of the process.

Minimum Age for Employment at WinCo

WinCo recently raised their minimum employment age from 16 to 18 years. As their stores have grown across the Western parts of the country, the company has tried to appeal to late-crowds with 24-hour availability. They’ve needed employees who can work at any hour of the day, and 16-year-olds are no longer allowed to work overnight hours.

Also, the company requires applicants to hold a high school diploma or equivalent. Most students graduate high school at the age of 18. The company does, however, provide a lot of room for growth for those with diplomas.

WinCo Hours of Operation

At this point, the clear majority of WinCo locations are open 24 hours. Most positions only require daytime availability, but positions on the back end of the store are likely to require availability in the evening. It’s much easier to unload the truck and stock the shelves during the slower late-night hours.

The WinCo application process includes a lot of information about each position’s possible hours, so make sure to keep an eye out for this information before you apply.

Entry Level WinCo Careers and Respective Income

Across the country, WinCo is celebrated for their attractive career opportunities. Most new applicants will start in service-oriented positions on the grocery side of the store, but the company typically promotes from within. Starting out, employees also make close to $2.00 over their state’s minimum wage.

Over time, hard working employees can expect plenty of opportunities for growth. Positions in higher-paying departments are usually offered to strong entry-level employees. In fact, a great percentage of WinCo’s corporate roster is made up of employees who started in ground-level grocery positions.

Careers in Management

It’s possible for experienced managers to land supervisory positions at WinCo, but the company prefers to promote its own employees into management roles. Also, for new manager applicants, the requirements for consideration are higher at WinCo than at similar companies. Depending on the location, applicants may need bachelor’s degrees for an opportunity to interview.

As with other positions in grocery management, the important skills for a WinCo supervisor include superior customer service, time management and composure during stressful situations. WinCo is very much a “lead by example” company, and managers are often involved in the heart of the action.

Benefits of Working at WinCo

During the WinCo application process, candidates may notice the company’s hallmark benefit for all of its workers: employee stock ownership. Collectively, the employees of WinCo are its majority shareholders. This gives every employee incentive to work hard.

In addition, the company offers the normal selection of benefits to its full-time employees. These include paid vacation, 401k matching, limited health, dental and vision insurance and education reimbursement.

The company’s health and life insurance policies are nothing to write home about, but they are average for the grocery store environment. Unfortunately, part-time employees are largely overlooked. The company has been known to straddle employees at just below the full-time mark to avoid paying benefits.

Basic Tips for Applying at WinCo

Former applicants have referred to the WinCo application process as in-depth, and its best to set aside a full hour for completing the online form. These are other additional tips for your WinCo application:

Utilize the Resume Uploader

Many entry-level candidates will apply without a resume, so you can give yourself an advantage by attaching one to your WinCo application. If you don’t have an updated draft of your resume, this may be a great time to create one.

Call After You Apply

A few days after submitting your online WinCo application, you may want to call your location’s customer service desk and ask for a manager. Showing initiative for your application is a good way to impress hiring managers and land an interview with the company.

Know About Your Chosen Department

This tip is more important for specialized departments, but knowledge of the position is important for any job application. Utilize your application’s areas for work and education history to showcase your understanding of the job description. When you’re asked to describe your duties in previous roles, make sure to describe them in a way that seems relevant to the position at WinCo.

Apply for Several Positions

In many cases, applying for entry-level positions is a numbers game. You increase your chances for employment at WinCo by applying for as many positions at as many locations as possible. During a job search, it’s often a good idea to broaden your horizons

WinCo Interview Tips

Most former WinCo applicants have referred to the company’s interview process as formal and above-average in difficulty. It’s best to attend the interview in a professional outfit. Your interview may take place in a group setting, so you’ll be looking to capitalize on every small advantage over competing applicants.

Planning for the following questions will give you a leg up during the interview process:

  • What are your favorite foods and food brands?
  • What are the advantages of shopping t a private-label grocery store?
  • Do you work better independently or in a team environment?
  • Why is WinCo the best grocery store in the West?
  • What activities are you interested in outside of work?

During an interview for a management position, candidates may be asked similar questions. However, in these cases, candidates should expect to focus much more on their resumes.

Working at WinCo

Candidates who complete the WinCo application should expect a positive experience working with the company. Some of their benefits could be stronger for part-time employees, but the company’s day-to-day environment is positive. Also, it’s possible for entry-level employees to build rewarding careers with the company.

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