Retail Clothing Job Applications

Retail Clothing Jobs

If you like clothes and a quiet work atmosphere, then consider applying for retail clothing jobs. Spend your days sorting and arranging clothing, and helping other people choose clothes that suit them. You should have a good eye for color and style and sizes, and a sense of what clothes look good on certain figures.

Clothing store jobs involve organizing inventory, assisting customers, working cash registers and keeping the store generally neat and clean. Sales representative may earn a commission on sales they generate by their suggestions; that’s why it’s important to have some sense of fashion and design. You’ll need to learn about the products your store carries and be able to make good recommendations as to appropriate sizes, colors and styles. The better your customers look in the clothing you suggested, the more likely they are to buy it!

On our website you’ll find dozens of suggestions for retail clothing stores that may be hiring near you. Fill out as many applications as possible to increase your chances of being chosen. Spend a little time finding out about each company before applying for the positions that are appropriate for your level of experience or education. There is no limit to how many positions you can apply for, but don’t make it a habit to apply for jobs that you aren’t qualified for, because the people in charge of recruiting may notice and count it against you.

If you already have experience in clothing retail, then you may be eligible to apply for a position as manager or assistant manager. Managers make an improved salary over sales assistants. To be a manager you need to be good working with people, responsible and familiar with the business.

Retail clothing stores offer a pleasant atmosphere and the chance to meet and interact with all kinds of people. Many such stores are part of large chains, which means that they offer stellar benefits to their employees, and that it’s easy to transfer to another location if you need to move. Long opening hours mean a flexible work schedule; you can work mornings, afternoons, evenings or weekends. Plus, you get an employee discount on clothes!

There are many different types of clothing stores. Some are all-purpose, carrying clothes of all types for men, women and children. Others specialize in one group of people, or in one type of clothing. You could work in a store that carries all sporting wear, which by itself could include everything from swimsuits to parkas. At the other extreme are stores which feature formal and bridal wear. If you love looking at wedding magazines you’ll love working in a bridal store, surrounded by wedding gowns! Some of the most adorable stores on the planet are children’s and infants’ clothing stores, filled with countless cute little outfits for boys and girls. Whatever your preference or personal style, there’s sure to be a clothing store that will suit you—young trendy, professional business, preppy… pick a store whose inventory you can be excited about. Often sales representatives in clothing stores are expected to wear clothing from that store while working, so you should fit the demographic of their target customers.

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