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Employment at Hallmark

Based in Kansas City, Missouri Hallmark is a family-owned company and the largest manufacturer of greeting cards in the United States. The card store also features stationary, party products, gifts and gift wrap. After reading this article, you should be fully aware of what types of jobs might be available and how to complete the Hallmark application step by step.

Hallmark Application

In order to begin the Hallmark application process, simply visit the Careers page. Begin by clicking “Begin your Hallmark Career“.

There you will see a place to set up your online profile called “Join Our Talent Community”. You’ll begin by typing in your email address. Once entered, you will be directed to another box requesting additional information. This includes basic contact information such as your name and where you live. You will also select whether you would like to receive job notifications about new jobs or career opportunities. Once the form is complete, you must accept their privacy policy by clicking on the link and clicking accept. Finally, simply click “create account”.

The Hallmark application also provides the opportunity to search open positions by keyword and/or location. This will return all available open positions that meet your search criteria. If you see a job that is of interest you can select it and be directed to a full description of the job opportunity, daily duties, job requirements, qualifications and preferred qualifications. At the bottom, you can choose to start the process using LinkedIn information or simply by clicking apply. If you choose to click apply, you will need to upload a resume and cover letter, fill out profile information including basic contact information, fill out your education background, work experience and specific job information. The specific job information includes salary requirements, whether you have worked for Hallmark before and if a Hallmark employee referred you.

The career page provides a brief overview of Hallmark’s values. Hallmark looks for people who are looking to make meaningful connections with people and inspire love, make them laugh, encourage and help people through the good and bad times. The career page will also provide an overview of the culture and what it’s like to work at Hallmark. Hallmark employs over 800 people who are interested in making a difference in people’s lives while making emotional connections. They also provide their vision, what they believe, as well as their values. This should give you a pretty good idea if you are interested in continuing the Hallmark application process.

The Hallmark career page lists all areas/departments for which you can fill out a Hallmark application including:

  • Corporate
  • Creative
  • Internships
  • Manufacturing
  • DisMatribution
  • Retail stores
  • Field positions
  • Field merchandising
  • Crown Center & Halls

Each department has their own link to explore openings. Each is represented in a box on the career page with a photo on it. Potential job openings at Corporate include

  • Management
  • Facility Services
  • Product Development
  • Store Operations
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Marketing
  • Planning/Allocation

The Creative Department offers opportunities such as:

  • Video Business Operations
  • eCommerce Production Designer
  • Managing Editor
  • Photographer
  • Designer/Design Manager
  • Content Strategist

While exploring the Hallmark job opportunities, you will see options to fill out a Hallmark application for part-time, full-time, entry-level, internships, and finally the Crown Center & Halls Department Store. The Crown Center compromises of 85 acres and includes fine hotels, entertainment, dining and even residential living. The complex sees over 6 million visitors every year. Opportunities at the Crown Center include:

  • Style Expert
  • Cosmetic Style Expert
  • Display Assistant
  • Filter Finisher

For a complete description of any of the job opportunities listed here, simply click on the opportunity and you will once again be directed to the page with all essential information relating to that particular opportunity and a link to fill out the Hallmark application.

You can also start the Hallmark application in a more general way by entering a keyword and location and search all jobs that meet your search criteria. Once again, to find all available opportunities, simply click here.

Following is a step by step guide to completing the Hallmark application:

  1. Visit the Hallmark Career Page.
  2. Start your search by keyword and/or location or search by various areas like Corporate, Creative, Full-time, Part-time etc. Within each category, you can also drill down by keyword and/or location or just scroll through all opportunities.
  3. Once the list of available opportunities comes up, choose any that interest you by clicking on them and review the job description, requirements, and qualifications.
  4. If interested, click “Apply Now”. If you have not created an online profile as mentioned earlier you will have to do so to continue the process.

Hallmark Application Process

My Documents

  1. Upload resume and cover letter. Add optional portfolio.

Profile Information

  1. Fill out contact information and current employer.

Work Experience

  1. Add previous work experience.


  1. Fill out any schools attended, degree and major. If still in school, fill out anticipated graduation date.

Job Specific Information

  1. Outline your salary requirements, whether you have signed any legal document with your current company, whether you have ever worked at a Hallmark company and finally if a Hallmark employee referred you.

Repeat this process for all positions you are interested in. You will only have to create your online profile once.

Minimum Age for Employment

The minimum age to work for Hallmark is 16 and you must possess a valid work permit.

Hours of Operation

Most Hallmark locations are open M-F 10A-830P, 930A-6P Saturday and 10A-6A on Sundays. Contact your local Hallmark to confirm operating hours.

Entry-level Careers and Respective Income

Hallmark offers a number of entry-level career opportunities. You can find a current list by clicking here. Following are some entry-level jobs and their approximate income:

  • Cashier: $7.54-$11.79
  • Customer Service Associate: $8.41-$15.51
  • Sales Associate: $7.89-$14.01

Hallmark Careers in Management

Similar to the search for entry-level positions, you can enter “Manager” in the search field on the career page and be re-directed to current management opportunities. There are multiple management opportunities including the following:

  • Retail Store Manager
  • National Sales Manager
  • Design Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing Manager

Most management opportunities require a college degree and several years of experience in a related field. Each position includes a complete job description including detailed qualifications and experience needed. That being said, Hallmark has a wealth of opportunity for growth for their employees. The typical salary for a Hallmark store manager is $46,629. They also have opportunities to earn bonuses and share in commissions.

Benefits of Working at Hallmark

One of the primary benefits of working for Hallmark is the fact that they value their employees immensely. They believe the people are the driving factor behind their success, so personal development is at the forefront. Some of the benefits of working at Hallmark include flexible schedules, full and part-time opportunities, generous employee discount, paid time off, health insurance and plenty of opportunity for advancement. One of the greatest benefits of working for Hallmark is the ability to be a part of something that enriches people’s lives and makes a difference.

Basic Tips for Applying at Hallmark

In order to make the Hallmark application process go as smoothly as possible, consider the following tips:

  1. Research beforehand: Know what the company is like, their history, their values, their culture etc. It’s important to be able to decipher ahead of time if you might be a good fit for the company and when interview time comes, it will make you look well prepared.
  2. Be attentive to grammar and spelling: This is more significant than most people think when applying for a job. It’s the first representation of yourself to the company, so be sure to double and triple check your spelling and grammar.
  3. Receive feedback on your resume: It would be wise to have someone review your resume beforehand. Choose someone that may be currently in a leadership role and ask for honest feedback. A good resume can set you apart from others competing for the same job.
  4. Follow instructions: Pay attention to detail during the application process and be attentive to the details.
  5. Adequate time: Don’t fill out your application when you are in a hurry. Choose a time when you can commit the right amount of attention to make a good first impression.
  6. Follow-up: Once you have completed the Hallmark application, be sure to follow-up about the status of the position. For example, if the position is a store associate, try contacting the store manager of the location for which you applied. If it is a corporate position, you can call the corporate office and ask if you can speak to the hiring manager of “X” position.

Interview Tips

  • Know the company ahead of time- Do your homework. Don’t get caught off guard not knowing basic information about what the company does or what the job description is that you are applying for.
  • Research common interview questions and practice responses to them- You can find multiple lists of potential interview questions on-line along with suggested responses.
  • Dress professionally- Put your best foot forward and dress for the promotion you are aiming for down the road. Be on time- Being late for a job interview is not a way to make a good first impression. Plan for traffic ahead of time and plan on being early.
  • Be positive, upbeat and enthusiastic about the job for which you are applying
  • Thank the interviewer for their time when wrapping up- It’s important to acknowledge that the interviewer took time out of his/her day to get to know you and your potential for the job.
  • Ask when a good time to follow-up might be- It’s not a bad idea to ask when it might be appropriate to follow-up if you have not heard anything for a while.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for the job! – Make the close before you leave. Oftentimes, an interviewer will conclude by asking if you have any questions for them; use this opportunity to ask for the job. It could make the difference between you and the next person walking in to interview for the position.

Typical Interview Questions

  1. Do you understand what the job entails? This is where your research before-hand will come into play. The interviewer wants to ensure that you understand the job you are applying for and what it will require of you.
  2. What experience do you have as a supervisor? This question is obviously geared towards those applying for management positions. They want to make sure that you not only have relevant experience, but that you fit within their culture.
  3. How do you handle potential conflicts with co-workers? This tends to be a fairly common interview question across companies, but still important to think about your answer beforehand.
  4. What hours are you available to work?
  5. Are you available nights and weekends?

Working at Hallmark

Hallmark is a positive, upbeat atmosphere that allows its employees to be a difference makers. They are focused on employee development, offer flexible schedules and have an extremely positive culture focuses on their visions and values.

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