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Food City is a U.S. Supermarket chain that is owned by K-VA-T Food stores. This is a privately owned family and employee-owned corporation. Food City was founded in 1955, under the name of Mid-Mountain Foods, but it was K-VA-T, in 1974, that helped form the company as we know it today. Many Food City grocery stores have their own fuel stations called Gas’N Go. Besides its grocery stores, Food city also owns several branded convenience stores. In 2012, the corporation purchased a former Exxon branded station in Virginia, and re-opened it as the first Food City Express convenience store.

The second location was opened in Elizabethton in 2014. At present, K-VA-T operates 105 retail food outlets (in Arizona, KY, El Paso and other locations). 95 are branded under the name of Food City, while the other 10 are Super Dollar Discount Foods stores. There is also one liquor store called Food City Wine & Spirits in Kentucky. Food City’s chain also includes 78 in-store pharmacy stores and 81 gas stations.

All in all, Food city may not be the largest retailing chain in the country, but it boasts more than 100 super-stores that are constantly in need of new associates. Foodcity has successfully managed to establish itself as one of the most respectable chains in the areas that it serves mostly because it promotes exclusive products from renowned merchandisers.If you are looking for a job in the retail industry, then the Food City employment application could be your solution to finding a rewarding new career. Food City runs a chain of grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations across the United States, with their headquarters in Abingdon, Virginia.

Food City is committed to empowering local communities, and as a result they stock their grocery stores with locally grown goods. Thousands of jobs are offered every year for entrylevel applicants and qualified job-seekers. Are you eager to begin your career with a Food City Bakery or a Food City Pharmacy? There is definitely something for you.To apply for any of the many available full-time and part-time Food City careers, complete a Food City application online today.

But before you do that, you should to a little research about the company. Do you know the requirements for various Food City careers? Do you have any salary information or intelligence about the interview process? You may not know very much about Food City locations right now, but the following guide will help you nail the interview process and secure a job in no time.

Official site:

Food City Online Job Application

The Food City job application form is available to complete and submit online. This makes it super convenient to apply for a job at a Food City near you. To get started, simply visit the Food City job application website by clicking on the link provided. Once there, you will be able to search for all open positions or apply for a job at a location near you.Go to www /food-city-team and navigate to the “Apply Online” under “Start your Career Today” banner. The website will re direct you to a search page where you can search for Food City jobs. There are two options here: to apply to an open position or to apply to a location nearyou with the help of the Food City store locator tool.

Minimum Age for Employment at Food City

How old do you have to be to work at Food City locations? You must be at least 18 years old to work at Food City. Some jobs require retail industry background, relevant education and heavy lifting, so hiring staff will look towards more experienced staff.

Food City Hours of Operation

Food City is open almost Non-Stop. This means that job-seekers must be open to working late shifts or extra hours. In the Food City job and employment form you will be asked about your schedule availability. Willingness to work at night, or during the weekend, will increase your chances of getting hired.

Open 7 days a week, from 6am – 12am.

Entry-Level Food City Careers and Income

Available Food City Jobs: cashier, grocery clerk, frozen food coordinator, deli clerk/helper, cake decorator, assistant bakery manager, assistant floral manager, floral manager, computer room operator, stock manager, brands coordinator, baker, assistant store manager, floor maintenance, pharmacy expert (technician), night stocker crew member, general warehouse worker, body shop mechanic, tractor mechanic, filler operator, truck driver, heat helper, produce clerk, floral clerk, dairy clerk, frozen food coordinator, pharmacist, pharmacy manager etc.

If you are looking for a job in a fast-paced, stimulating work environment and are great at working in a team, then look no further – Food City has a career that is right for you. Many of the job positions available at Food City are suitable for those that have no previous work experience. As long as you are at least 18 years old, you can apply immediately for an entry-level position at Food City. You will start off being paid close to minimum wage for most entry-level jobs at Food City, but to give you a more accurate idea of what salary you can expect, here are some common entry-level positions at Food City as well as their average annual salaries:

  • Cashier – $22, 500 / year
  • Deli Clerk – $26, 400 / year
  • Courtesy Clerk – $24, 000 / year
  • Customer Service Representative – $23, 000 / year
  • Bagger – $14, 500 / year
  • Baker – $18, 000 / year
  • Dairy Clerk – $23, 500 / year
  • Meat Cutter – $22, 500 / year
  • Night Stocker – $19, 800 / year

To be hired in any of these positions, you will first need to complete a Food City application online at the link provided ( Now, let’s take a closer look at some of these Food City careers.

Food City Employment Opportunities for Cashiers: There isn’t much to say about cashiers at food city, because their responsibilities are very much similar to that of cashiers for other retailer shops. A cashier’s mission is to serve customers at video departments, supermarkets or gas stations. They are responsible for ringing up sales, completing credit card transactions, process other types of payments and maintaining store cleanliness.

To be considered for this position you must have basic math skills and an outgoing personality. Flexible schedule availability is also important. The hourly pay for a cashier starts at 8.00-9.00$ an hour. You don’t need any previous experience to be considered for this Foodcity career. Simply submit your Food city application online or in person.

Food City Employment Opportunities for Clerks: Another entry-level career that might interest you is that of a clerk. MyFoodCity regularly posts ads for job openings, and clerks are usually requested. Your job description and duties as a clerk include preparing products for purchase, offering discounts courtesy of FoodCity in accordance to company policy, maintaining department cleanliness, stocking shelves and reading the employee handbook. Depending on your store location, you may be required to complete other stocks such as locating products for customers and describing them. Grocery pay store clerks earn minimum wage salaries (around 8.00-9.00$ hourly). You can submit your Food city job application on www.foodcity com.

Food City Careers in Management

Food City also has rewarding career options available for those with more retail experience. If you are looking for a job in management, a Food City online application can get you on the fast track towards success. Following are some of the management positions available at Food City as well as their annual average salaries:

  • Front-End Manager – $28, 000 / year
  • Assistant Store Manager – $35, 000 / year
  • Bakery / Deli Manager – $29, 500 / year
  • Office Manager – $32, 000 / year
  • Project Manager – $38, 000 / year
  • Store Manager – $52, 000 / year

Managers have a lot of responsibilities. They must supervise hourly associates and ensure that they meet productivity levels. In addition to this, they must also review job applications, call eligible candidates in for interviews, overview finances and assign work schedules for employees. Obviously, they must also ensure that customer issues are resolved, and that clients have a positive experience in the store. Depending on type of position held in the administrative department, managers may be required to monitor budgets, develop new strategies for sales, maintain proper inventory levels, or collaborate with other managers.

To be considered for a management position you must hold a high school diploma or its equivalent, and also have grocery retail experience. All managerial applicants should be available for work full time and in the weekends or holidays. The minimum hourly rate for managers is 10.00-12.00$ dollars. The average salary is around 30.000$-45.000$ per year.

Basic Tips for Applying at Food City

The Food City application online provides a quick, efficient and convenient way for the company to gather crucial information about you as an employee, so they can decide which job opportunities would be best suited to your interests, qualifications and experience.

To get started with your application for Food City, make sure that you have the following information available: your social security number, phone number, driver’s license (if applicable), employment history and contact details for personal and professional references. As a rule of thumb, you should fill out all the required fields, even if you aren’t adding any information. Typing in “N/A” is enough to show the hiring personnel that you have read the entire application. You should also dedicate at least one hour of your time to the Food City job application process. The assessment module isn’t difficult (it mainly consists of yes or no questions), but it will evaluate if you are a good fit for the company or not.

To be able to apply for Food City jobs you have to register an account on the website. Sign into it and complete your app before you can submit to any job opening. Once you start the Food City application process, you will see on the right of the screen, all the Application steps, and an estimated time period allocated to each. According to the official website, it should take around 40 to 60 minutes to complete it. Let’s take a look at the Food City application steps:

  • Terms & Conditions
  • Personal Information
  • FCRA
  • State Disclosures
  • Pre-employment questions
  • Availability
  • Work history
  • Education
  • Professional licenses and certificates
  • Assessment module (10-20 minutes)
  • Criminal record
  • Certification statement
  • EEO questions
  • Review & Submit Application

Once you are done with your application you can start applying for jobs. Go back to your overview menu. We were talking about the Food city store locator tool and open position application option earlier. In the “Apply to an Open Position” tab you will see several job openings categorized according to their type (floral, baker, cashier, clerk, deli etc.). Choose the job that you are interested in and you will be redirected to another page with available positions. Every Food city career has a short description of requirements and responsibilities.

You will have to choose a preferred location according to State/City or ZIP Code. If you see anything interesting you can submit your application (you can submit applications for multiple store positions). Alternatively, you can start your search directly from the store locator tool. This will display all the jobs available in a certain location.

Advanced Tips for Applying at Food City

Whether you are applying for Food City AZ, Food City Phoenix, or Food City Tucson store jobs, you need to keep in mind several things. First of all, the company will always hire the best candidates so you must make your application shine. You should always attach your resume, cover letter and reference list if it is possible. In addition to this, you should read about the company’s work ethic, history and vision. By doing this you will understand what the hiring staff is looking for. Therefore, you will be able to provide information that is relevant to your desired Food City career. Let’s take a look at several other tips that will help you nail your Food City application:

  • From the official page (www click on the “Employment” link at the bottom of the page. From there you can read about the best hiring practices, training opportunities, available jobs and more.
  • Regularly sign into your Food City account to check for newly posted positions or to update your profile information. From here, you can also check the status of your application without bothering hiring personnel. Too many follow-up calls may hazard your future position with the company.
  • Lastly, make sure you don’t hide any information from the company because it will run background checks on you.

Benefits at Food City

Food City employees benefit from several great benefits besides decent salaries. For example, new associates benefit from flexible hours and an exciting working environment. If you have no experience in the field, you will receive training for free. Working at Food City comes with a range of great additional benefits, including medical insurance, a 401(k) retirement savings plan, employee discounts on products and services, and an employee assistance program, to name just a few! It is relatively easy to secure a position with Food City, and this type of job will help you in the future, if you plan on focusing on the grocery retailing industry.

Food City Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

Food City careers are very rewarding, and it isn’t at all difficult to obtain one. The Food City interview is extremely basic and straightforward. Its main objective is to uncover more information about the applicant’s personality. In general, job-seekers will attend one-on-one FoodCity interviews with hiring managers. Interviews usually start with lighthearted questions like “What is your favorite department at Food City?” and continue with questions about your work ethic, experience and future dreams.

Job-seekers who want to secure Food City jobs should exude a positive attitude and demonstrate their interpersonal skills. Of course, a business or business –casual attire is the type of outfit you should be wearing. All of your responses should show your focus on creating a positive shopping experience and solving problems. You can demonstrate confidence by looking your interviewer into his eyes, offering a firm handshake and maintaining your posture.

Frequently Asked Food City Interview Questions

Now we will take a closer look at some of the frequently asked Food City interview questions. If you want to see Foodcity interview answers you should check job forums on a weekly basis for more updates.

  1. What hours are you available for work?
  2. Can you work in the weekends or during holidays?
  3. Do you know what the company’s logo represents?
  4. Can you start work right now?
  5. How flexible is your schedule?
  6. Why did you choose Food City?
  7. How would you define customer service?
  8. Tell me about a time when you exceeded your manager’s expectations.
  9. How would you solve an argument between two co-workers?
  10. What are some of the challenges of a grocery store?

Link to Food City’s Career Site:

Have you seen a Food City ad for jobs near you? Do you want to submit your Food city application online? Now you have all the information you need to nail your interview and secure employment with the company.

To access the Food City Online Application directly, click here.

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