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 DSW Job Application Online

DSW relies heavily on high-quality associates to manage their day to day operations. Filling out a DSW job application is your first step toward joining an organization that is fast-paced and encouraging. DSW counts on their employees to meet and exceed customer expectations for value, convenience and selection. If you fill out a DSW online application for employment, be prepared to guide customers to their ideal shoe choice that is appropriate for their needs and foot type.

DSW Application – Employment at DSW

A DSW employment application will provide you with hands on experience selling the top shoe brands to eager customers. Those that have been loyal shoppers at DSW outlets often find themselves looking for a position with this company as they become available. You will need to be familiar with basic customer service and up sell techniques and get training on the electronic cash register and stocking system to be successful in this position. All requirements for positions with this company are available with your DSW job application form.

DSW Online Job Application

 Many online venues have access to a DSW job application that you can use to seek a position. You can also fill out an application directly at the DSW careers page. This employer no longer accepts paper resumes so you will need to fill out your DSW application online in order to be considered for each position. If you are interested in more than one position you will need to fill out an application on each of the appropriate DSW careers pages separately in order to be considered. Each DSW application online form will be subjected to a separate background check and will be verified before your application process can begin.

Minimum Age For Employment At DSW

You must be at least sixteen years of age to fill out ajob application online. Any applicants must also provide proof that they have legal authorization to work within the United States. For United States citizens, this simply means providing appropriate identification. For those that have not yet obtained citizenship, any documentation must be verified by the official US Government verification website.

DSW Store Hours

DSW hours of operation vary by location. Generally stores are open from 10 am to 9 pm, with shorter evening hours on Sundays. Employees may be asked to arrive before store hours or stay afterward to manage stocking or inventory duties. Employees are welcome to sign up for a full-time or part-time schedule.

Entry Level DSW Careers And Income

Entry level employees will act as sales associates within the DSW store. They will be responsible for assisting customers with finding the merchandise they desire and purchasing the merchandise at the end of their shopping experience. Applicants can also seek employment at the DSW distribution center, where merchandise processing, handling and receiving will take priority. Salary for entry level positions will vary based on experience and location, but are generally lower than management level salaries.

DSW Careers In Management

Management positions at the store level include store manager, merchandise manager, operations manager, assistant manager of operations and assistant manager or merchandise. Each of these individuals must work together with the team to create a comfortable environment for customers to find the products they desire.

Corporate positions at DSW are located in the corporate office in Columbus, OH. These positions will focus heavily on working with the team to create a system of collaboration and accountability that will allow store locations to thrive. Key functions of a corporate position will rely heavily on real estate, finance, store planning, allocation, merchandising, marketing and human resources skills along with an active working knowledge of DSW store operations.

Important Tips to Apply Online with DSW

Your DSW application will vary based on the location you are applying for. Advanced positions in the management or corporate fields will rely heavily on work experience. Be prepared to submit an extensive resume as well as a list of references that can speak on your behalf. If you are interested in a specific position, you can visit the FAW page on the DSW online application to learn if positions at a specific level or location are available.

DSW Benefits

DSW offers their employees a flexible spending account to help manage their medical needs. This is offered alongside standard medical, vision, dental and prescription coverage. Full time employees may sign up for salary continuation, life and long-term disability insurance as necessary. Your DSW application will be the first step toward warning access to a 401 (k) retirement plan that includes employer match options. Employees may sign up for automatic payroll deductions that can be put toward education savings or prepaid legal benefits as desired. All employees are also given paid time off, certain paid holidays and an employee discount at DSW locations.

Useful And Interesting Facts about DSW

Positions at DSW will require the applicant to be comfortable working in a personal setting. You will be expected to act in a friendly and helpful manner toward fellow employees and customers throughout the work day. Taking the time to familiarize yourself with DSW products each season will be essential to providing excellent customer service throughout the work day.

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