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Employment at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is a unique one-price store where every item in the store is One Dollar.  In addition, Dollar Tree is the parent company of Deal$ stores, as well.  These stores have discount products at low prices but are not single-priced items. All Dollar Tree employees, from District Manager to part-time associates, are expected to work together to create a successful store.  This means that if something needs to be stocked – even the District Manager will help stock.  This means that if there is debris in the entryway, even the part-time employee is expected to clean it up before being told.  Friendly professional attitudes and self-starters are always sought for any position at Dollar Tree.   The mission of Dollar Tree began as a store where those who need items that are inexpensive can find and buy them.  This continues to be the mission today.  However, Dollar Tree is seeking a fresh new approach – one that is out of the box – in presenting the merchandise and brand to the public.  As Dollar Tree continues to expand, managers in stores and distribution centers are becoming needed now more than ever. Out of 1,775 openings at this time, 68% are from management positions. If you wish to submit an application for Dollar Tree, and begin a rewarding career, click on the link provided.  Logistics analysts are needed to move merchandise in and out of warehouses in the most efficient manner.  Dollar Tree imports most of its merchandise from emerging nations and understanding the import laws is important to their logistic and distribution center managers.  Out of respect for all people, Dollar Tree will provide any needed assistance [on request] for the disabled in filling out a Dollar Tree application in English or Spanish.

Dollar Tree Online Job Application

There are currently 1,775 job openings across the U.S. for Dollar Tree opportunities.  There are two ways to use a Dollar Tree Online Application form.  Dollar Tree is adding new stores monthly across the U.S. and associates, managers and warehouse personnel will be needed.  For this reason, Dollar Tree is advertising “New Store Openings” in newspapers and future store locations.  If you wish to apply to a store where such a sign appears, download an online application form, print it and submit it when filled out completely to the location.  The Dollar Tree online application is easy to navigate and fill out.

Minimum Age for Employment at Dollar Tree

In general, the minimum age for employment at Dollar Tree is 18.  However, there are exceptions for those ages 16 – 18 who work part-time and limited hours.  Many of these laws are determined by the state in which you reside.  If you are 16 and would like to be considered for employment, submit a Dollar Tree job application form online today.

Dollar Tree Hours of Operation

Dollar Tree stores’ hours of operation are interdependent with the community that they serve.  For exact information about a store near you, contact the store directly.

Entry-Level Dollar Tree Careers and Income

Dollar Tree careers always begin when you take the first step and submit a Dollar Tree application today.  All employees are expected to do whatever job needs to be done.  Team work is therefore essential to a great work environment.  The following team members are only a few of the 1,775 current positions needed for entry-level workers.

General Warehouse associates are needed in Chesapeake, Virginia, Illinois, California, Oklahoma, Washington state and several areas of New Jersey.

Distribution center associates are being sought in Savannah, Georgia.

Store associates are also desired in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Ohio.

All associates are expected to learn all phases of the operation where they work.  In-store associates are expected to act as cashier and shelf-stockers, assisting with customer questions and needs and keeping the store neat and clean before, during and after hours of operation.  The exterior of a store is as important as the interior. All associates and managers are expected to work together to make their store the best in their area.

Warehouse and distribution center employees are required to lift at least 50 pounds without assistance and be able to read and write English accurately and fluently.  Accurately recording the products being shipped and received is essential to keeping prices low.  Some associates may need to be able to drive forklifts and other heavy equipment. Please specify these qualifications on your application.  Bilingual applicants are welcome and if you are bilingual, it should be noted on your application.  For immediate consideration, fill out and submit a Dollar Tree Online Application.

Dollar Tree Careers in Management

With stores opening everywhere in the U.S. at a rapid growth pace, Dollar Tree is in need of a great number of store managers. Dollar Tree provides paid training for all their managers.  Store managers, warehouse managers and assistant managers are needed across the nation.  There are also logistic analyst positions available at the nine distribution centers for Dollar Tree across the U.S. and at the corporate headquarters.

Store managers are generally responsible for the operation of the store including hiring and firing.  Qualifications include excellent communication skills, retail management experience with hard line products, knowledge of sales forecasting and exceptional interpersonal skills with employees and customers.

Store managers in California must comply with the percentage limitations of actual work time and verify this compliance each week.

Assistant store managers are assistants in the true meaning of the word.  Assistants should possess the same basic qualifications as a store manager.  However, if some areas are lacking and the applicant shows a strong desire to learn and participate in the necessary work to upgrade their skills, they will be considered.  The assistant is expected to be able to take over the store on a moments notice if needed.

District manager positions are currently available in some areas.  District managers are expected to motivate all the store associates and managers that they oversee.

To submit your resume and Dollar Tree employment application, go to the career site and the appropriate section.

Basic Tips for Applying at Dollar Tree

In order that you have ample time to think about the answers on your application, find missing addresses and make certain that all information is included. After you fill out your Dollar Tree application, wait 24 hours and review it again before you submit it.

You would be surprised at how often contact information on applications is wrong.  Numbers are transposed or employer addresses are wrong.  To avoid losing a hiring opportunity, check your Dollar Tree application form to ensure that your address, telephone number, email address and other pertinent information is spelled correctly.

If there are areas that do not apply, fill it with “n/a” to assure the interviewer that you have read the form rather than overlooked areas.

Dollar Tree is a drug free employer.  Expect to take drug tests if requested.  In some nations, drug testing is not part of the requirement for applicants or employees.

Regardless of the initial location that you may be applying to, if you have some unique or important skills that can make you more valuable to Dollar Tree, include them on your application.  These include being bilingual, ability to drive a forklift, experience as an event coordinator or window design expertise.

Advanced Tips for Applying at Dollar Tree

When you request an application in person or go for your first interview, remember:  you only have one chance to make a first impression.  Even though the Dollar Tree dress code is “casual business”, it does not mean that wearing stained, ripped or wrinkled clothing is acceptable.  Dress accordingly and do not wear tennis shoes.

The most successful businesses today are those that encourage community interaction with volunteerism.  Dollar Tree has many suggestions for baskets that can be put together for a variety of reasons.  Using these ideas, expand on them and suggest that your store could collaborate with other local businesses in the vicinity to sponsor a day for homecoming vets or that employees could put together baskets for seniors on Mother’s or Father’s Day for local donations.

Before you go for an interview, spruce up your manners.  Use please and thank you.  Shake hands when meeting and say “It’s nice to meet you”.  Wait for the interviewer to show you where to sit.  Simple politeness to all that you encounter in the store should be high on your list.

Give examples on your application form of things that you have done as a “team player” that you are proud of doing.  If this is playing on a sports team where you shared the win with another player or in an office where you and another member of the office worked together on a special project, mention it.

If you  have a situation that limits your ability to work specific days or hours, let the interviewer know that before the interview has ended.   If you have too many situations that cannot be resolved within a month of beginning your job, expect to lose the opportunity to be hired.  Employers are looking for those who are able to solve their personal problems in order to advance the business – at least in some degree.

Read everything you can about Dollar Tree before you go for any interview.  Who is the CEO and what do you find interesting about him?  Know the company’s mission and exemplify it during the interview process.

If you have a desire to advance your career into management and lack the required education, ask that the interviewer suggest a method and assist you in laying out a path for you to fulfill your goals eventually.  You might be surprised how helpful managers and district managers are in supporting your pathway to success.

Benefits at Dollar Tree

Great News for everyone! Dollar Tree offers an array of benefits for Entry-Level, Part-Time or Full-Time employees and it offers Manager benefits, as well.  Yes, even part-time associates have health care benefits available to them among others.  Full-time associates can pick and choose the health care benefits that suit their family needs such as dental, vision, long-term disability, and medical reimbursement.  For part-time associates, basic medical and basic preventative dental are covered along with long-term disability and prescription drugs.  If you are looking for an opportunity to work for a company that respects your need for health coverage, submit a Dollar Tree application online form at the link provided.

In addition, associates who qualify have the opportunity to establish a 401(k) account, purchase stock options and invest with the company directly.  For specific information about benefits, ask your interviewer in the first meeting for details.

Useful and Interesting Facts about Dollar Tree

Getting any job these days is a highly competitive event.  No one “gets lucky.”  Everyone that is hired presents themselves with a unique attitude or skill that is desirable.  One of the tricks to getting a job is to be interested in the company.  In this case, knowing something “extra” about Dollar Tree – some little tidbit – that you can share with the interviewer, can be the only thing that gets you over that line and hired.  As a matter of fact, people with these tidbits are more likely to land the job than those with just the skills.  Here are a few you can start with.

On April 13th, a woman experiencing heart pains crashed into the Dollar Store on Woodstock Road in Atlanta.  This is the second vehicle that hit a Dollar Tree store in the last month.  The first was in Salinas, California.

Dollar Tree opened a second store in Turlock, California in March 2012 hiring another 20 employees from the community.

Dollar Tree is one of a handful of Fortune 500 companies that has shown growth and profit during the recession.

Dollar Tree sponsors Operation Homefront – a 501 charity that raises money for veterans and families of service members.  They provide cash disbursements as well as housing and goods in kind.

Another of the community efforts that Dollar Tree supports is the “Growing Wetlands in the Classroom” program that enables teachers to work with students in growing native grasses in class and learning about environmental issues.

To access the Dollar Tree Online Application directly, click here.

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