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Citibank currently operates over 1000 branches across 13 USA states. It also offers customer-service 24/7 for nearly every location. From the job hunter’s perspective, this represents viable hiring prospects, even for entry level corporate positions. For those interested in a career in the banking industry, Citibank jobs might be an excellent choice because the company promotes an exceptional work environment, great non-wage benefits, attractive salaries and opportunities of advancement based on performance and results.

In addition to many rewards on the job, entry-level workers and qualified specialists will also be able to expand their resumes and acquire new skills. Citibank careers look very good on paper and are appreciated by employers in the banking industry. Let’s take a look at the Citibank hiring process, perks and responsibilities.

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Citibank Application – Employment at Citibank

Citibank is a respectable company that greatly cherishes values such as teamwork, financial transparency, strong leadership, financial transparency, dedication to work and good morals. These principles have pushed the company to the very top spots of the banking industry. However, Citibank knows that its principles can only be promoted by well-rounded individuals. It is prepared to invest in future employees, and for this purpose, it offers opportunities to applicants as young as 16 years old.

As a matter of fact, Citibank job openings may be available for individuals between the ages of 16 and 24, with no background or experience. For the entry-level employee, a Citibank career represents a launching pad for future jobs, as well as a unique opportunity to learn from the very best in the industry.

Here are some of the many available positions at Citibank:

Personal banker, relationship banker, collections representative, payment solutions product and sales manager, mortgage loan officer, investment counselor, problem loan administrator, Citibank call center jobs, business insurance agent, information security officer, Employee Benefits Insurance agent, SSI financial advisor and Citibank teller jobs

Job Requirements for Entry-Level Employees

Do not fret if you did not recognize some of the before mentioned job openings. Some of them are especially reserved for qualified applicants. The good news is that there are several, interesting entry-level positions a few departments like:

  • Management
  • Finance communications
  • Human resources
  • Operations & sales

The Citibank careers teller job is one of the most popular entry-level position available at the moment. It requires little to no experience in the field (in general, an employer will ask for a high-school diploma). In addition to this, Citibank call center jobs are available in most areas (especially in Florence, Sioux, Jacksonville, Tampa and Antonio etc.).

In general, a customer service representative is expected to have communications skills, computer knowledge and patience, because clients can sometimes be stressful to deal with. Management, financial consultant and banker positions are a bit more difficult to land because they require some level of experience and background. Management jobs are extremely challenging, because they require exceptional organization skills.

Before submitting your application you should head to the online job portal and explore all the available positions. Find something that is suitable for your skillet, conduct some research about it (especially the requirements and responsibilities), and if you believe that you are a good fit, you can start filling the application.

Citibank Online Job Application Tips

The golden rule before applying to a Citibank job opening is to exercise patience. Citibank is one of the largest corporations in the banking industry. Therefore, it receives hundreds of applications on a weekly basis. In general, recruiters respond to successful applicants within 3-4 weeks from the moment that you send in your application.

If contact does not occur during this time, the applicant may attempt to resend his newly polished application, or opt for a different Citibank job opening that better reflects his skills and qualities. If patience is not one of your virtues, you may consider consulting with a human resource officer to find out more about the job status.

As far as the Citibank jobs application process goes, it is fairly simple. The company provides an advanced online application system. To begin the consideration process one simply has to click-through the careers link portal at the bottom of the official page ( Once you click the Apply Now option, the creation page is prompted. Create your login details and you will gain access to the nine-part Citibank job application form. A word of advice would be to stop everything else you are doing, and pull out the information about your previous experience, education, qualities etc.

It is always a good idea to obtain references from previous employees or teachers. In general, the job application process takes between 40 minutes and one hour. Job seekers may login to check their My Jobpage which was created during the submission of their application. It is also possible to apply for more than one position at a time, or add positions of interest that you may want to pursue later.

Citibank job openings are available in nearly every state. An applicant may choose between Citibank jobs San Antonio, Citibank Jobs Tampa, Citibank Sioux Falls Jobs, NYC, Citibank Florence KY jobs but not only. The company also has headquarters open on other continents. For example it also offers Citibank India careers opportunities. In other words, people outside the US can also find a job within the company.

Citibank Schedule

Citibank operates like most banks in the United States. A worker will be expected to work a full-day, or in shifts, depending on his job requirements.

Monday – Thursday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Friday: 9:00am – 6:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am – 1:00pm

Sunday: closed

Entry Level Citibank Careers and Income

The entry level job seeker should focus on Citibank teller jobs. This type of job offers great satisfaction, especially at the beginning of a career because it will allow an eligible candidate to learn a little bit more about how the company works, and decide on the specialization that he wants to pursue. One should spend the time in the company to brush up on essential skills (such as customer service, financial education and management responsibilities).

It is also possible for an entry-level applicant, with some background in client care and banking experience (or university education) to land a job as a personal banker or assistant branch manager. Keep in mind, however, that Citibank jobs must be done with great responsibility in order to live up to the company’s principles.

Let’s take look at the most popular & rewarding jobs at Citibank:

  • Teller (Entry-Level): Tellers are meant to influence a client’s perception of baking. In general, a teller has to perform accurate banking transactions, communicate with customers, maintain knowledge of accounts and business within the bank and adhere to operational controls. A teller usually wins between 12.00 and 15.00 dollars/hour. An eligible candidate is expected to provide high school diplomas, preferably retail experience and demonstrate ability to handle money and clients.
  • Personal Banker: are expected to schedule periodic meetings and check-points with clients, to adhere to operational controls, execute integrated sales, conduct outbound sales activities and create sales plans for prospects and internal/external contacts. A worthy candidate must have the ability to multitask, maintain product knowledge, engage in transaction activities etc.
  • Assistant Branch Manager: This is one of the most challenging positions. The Branch manager is the second in the chain of command, so he is responsible for the majority of daily organizational activities. He must aid to the achievement of sales and goals, oversee operations, and ensure correct delivery to clients. The annual salary options for branch managers vary between 42,000 and 73,000 dollars.

Citibank Careers, Management & Benefits

Although Citibank job opportunities are available for individuals as young as 16 years old, positions that require money handling and management responsibilities are reserved to those over 18 years old. Check the section for more information.

The benefits of working at Citibank are clear. First of all, you become part of an active and motivated team of experts and financial specialists. This means that your chance for growth is endless. Secondly, Citibank is a prestigious company that will positively influence your resume. Besides the professional benefits, there are also several financial perks that you might be happy to take advantage of.

First of all, Citibank jobs bring in very high salaries, especially once you advance to a more challenging position. Secondly, long-time employees also receive eligibility for other job benefits such as discount packages, auto deals, entertainment and physical well-being programs, pensions, and staff banking products. Other benefits of interest include childcare centers, disability and healthcare insurance, and generous parental leaves.

Citibank Interview and Hiring Process

The Citibank hiring process is fairly simple, but it takes quite some time to go through it. The interviews are also standard and used in most American financial services sectors. As we already mentioned, it may take a few weeks for an applicant to receive a response. This response usually comes under the form of a phone interview. Citibank will try to arrange multiple points of contact before making a hiring decision. Unlike other phone call interviews (which take around 5-10 minutes to complete), a Citibank interview may take 25 minutes. During it, a recruiter will try to learn a little bit more about your person and your motivations. You can expect questions like:

  • “Why did you apply for a job at Citibank, and not another bank?”
  • “What can you tell me about Citibank?”
  • “What are your qualities and flaws?”
  • “What makes you a great candidate for this position?”

If the recruiter is pleased with your responses you will be contacted again to arrange another interview session. The second interview usually takes place at one of Citibank’s branch, or another designated location, and it is usually a group interview. Right now, the recruiter wants to see how you handle pressure and how well you perform as part of a team. The next rounds of interviews will be mostly one-on-one interviews where Citibank will inquire about customer service skills and financial knowledge. A Citibank hiring manager will want to know how well you can handle a situation with a difficult customer. Expect a roleplaying scenario where you will have to demonstrate your ability to handle banking situations.

In order to land a job with Citibank it is imperative to conduct proper research about the culture of the company, and the services provided within the financial industry. In a bank, clerks and customer service experts are always seen wearing formal attire, so you are expected to carry yourself accordingly during the interview. Don’t forget to arrive on time, look into the eyes of your interviewer, shake hands with confidence and be polite.

Frequently Asked Citibank Interview Questions

Now that we have covered the basics of the Citibank hiring process, let’s take a look at a few frequently asked questions:

  1. What was your best subject in school?
  2. What do you know about our financial products?
  3. How would you handle an unhappy customer?
  4. What are the skills that make you fit for this position?
  5. How can you prove that you can adapt very easy to changes?
  6. Do you enjoy working in a team or alone? (the answer should be in a team)
  7. Explain what you understand by thread starvation.

Other Useful Information about Citibank

Job seekers interested in a position within the company, other than teller, can apply for training sessions. Citibank offers training for enthusiastic and hard-working applicants. In addition to this, it provides global University internship programs for all types of students. Diversity is part of the company’s working culture. First-year to fourth-year student applicants will be amazed at the wide variety of training programs available. They will offer future applicants an opportunity to gain vital knowledge about finance and customer service. There are possibilities even for PhD and MBA students who desire to one-day lead the company full-time. You can find out more information on the website.

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