Charlotte Russe Application

Employment at Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe is a women’s retail clothing company targeted toward women in their teens and early twenties. Like most companies, the Charlotte Russe application process involves research into the business, understanding their work style, benefits, requirements, etc. In this article, prospective workers applying at Charlotte Russe will find the information they need to apply successfully.

Charlotte Russe Application

The departments within the company of Charlotte Russe are:

  • Accounting;
  • Construction;
  • Distribution and Logistics;
  • Distribution;
  • E-commerce;
  • Executive Admin;
  • Finance;
  • Information Technology;
  • Loss Prevention;
  • Marketing;
  • Merchandising;
  • People;
  • Planning and Allocation;
  • Production;
  • Store Operations and Field;
  • Strategy;
  • Trend;

The Charlotte Russe website only lists positions within those departments which are currently hiring. To access the careers page, potential candidates should navigate to the Charlotte Russe website. From there, use the scroll to reach the bottom of the front page and select Careers near the bottom under the column Company.

From there, the candidate will be taken to the Career Page where he or she will first see the heading Careers at Charlotte Russe Inc in bold. Below the heading are two navigational options for corporate careers and retail store positions. The candidate will automatically be on the corporate career page. If the candidate is interested in a corporate job at Charlotte Russe, he or she must use the scroll key to reach the career menu going past the two photos describing the culture of the company, and past the hashtags.

Once at the corporate career menu, the candidate must choose the best way for him or her to narrow their search criteria. The potential employee may select the location in which he or she hopes to work or the position within the department in which he or she expects to gain employment. The user may also choose both from each drop-down menu before clicking the Search key located to the right of the location drop-down key.

The Online Process

Another option for searching a list of corporate career positions is by clicking the underlined View All Jobs key to the left, and just below the position and location keys. This will show a list of all the jobs available, the department of the career, and the city in which each position is open.

When the user clicks on a position he or she is interested in applying for; the candidate navigates to another page describing the position in detail. This includes the requirements necessary from the potential employee, and the way for the candidate to apply.

If the potential employee decides he or she wishes to apply for a retail position at a Charlotte Russe store, then he or she must scroll back to the top to the Corporate/Stores key and click on Stores. The candidate will then have to scroll down to reach a photo of a map. Inside the plan the candidate will enter his or her zip code to find the area in which he or she must apply for a retail store position. By entering a zip code, the page will provide store locations currently hiring within that radius. The candidate must select the store he or she wishes to apply to and begin the Charlotte Russe application.

Once you select a store location, a drop-down menu appears listing the current open positions. Next to each post is a button for more info about the job, and an Apply Now button. Once inside the Charlotte Russe application, the candidate will have the option to apply manually by entering his or her information manually or uploading a current resume which will autofill specific information. Neither choice will augment the user’s application, but the resume option may make the process quicker for the candidate.

1. What to Expect?

The first step of the Charlotte Russe application process includes your expectations. This section explains what the application will request from the applicant and that the candidate will need to have a permanent address, employment history, and educational history.

2. E-Signatures and Disclosure

The e-signature and disclosure section provide two documents for the candidate to read and accept.

3. How Did You Hear about This Job?

In this section, candidates will choose from a drop-down menu a list of site and possibilities the applicant may have heard of the open position at Charlotte Russe.

4. Referral

The referral section asks if the candidate was referred by an employee within the company.

5. Age Requirement

The age requirement section confirms that the candidate is over seventeen, as the company is not able to hire candidates seventeen or younger.

6. Relatives

This section asks if the candidate has relatives who work at Charlotte Russe.

7. Tell Us About Yourself

This section asks for the candidates first and last name, address, email, and phone number.

8. Store Availability Acknowledgment

The applicant will need to confirm his or her availability listing the days of the week and time of each day. The applicant will also need to confirm if he or she will have to provide notice for another employer upon hire.

9. Full-time, Part-time, Seasonally

The candidate will need to confirm in this section if he or she is looking for part-time, full-time or seasonal employment.

10. Employment History

The candidate will need to list employment history including positions held, dates of employment, addresses and phone numbers of those companies.

11. Education

The candidate will need to list his or her complete educational history.

12. Additional Education History

Same as question number eleven.

13. Additional Employment Inquiries

Same as question number 10.

14. Tax Credit Eligibility

The candidate will be asked economical questions to determine if he or she is eligible for tax credit.

15. Upload Resume

The candidate will have the option to upload a resume. If applying for a position within headquarters, the candidate will be required to upload a resume.

16. Terms and Conditions

This section is another place for the candidate to sign to confirm what he or she has provided is truthful and that he or she understand the conditions of employment and the hiring process.

In summary, the first part of the application is the Identification segment which asks for the candidate’s first name, last name, last four digits of the person’s social security number, birth month, and day of birth. The next page lists the items of information needed from the potential employee. They are: the candidate’s permanent address, information about the candidate’s education, information about employee’s past and current employment, and resume (if applying for a headquarter position). The page also lets the applicant know that the steps to complete the Charlotte Russe application will take about five to fifteen minutes to complete.

Completing the Process

On the next page, the user will be asked to electronically sign and accept for the terms and conditions of applying and being employed at Charlotte Russe. From there the applicant will be taken to pages asking the candidate how he or she heard of the position, if he or she was referred to the position by someone within the company, asking if the candidate is over the age of seventeen, and if he or she has any relatives working with the company.

The following pages ask for an address, email, phone number, and availability. On the Availability page the application asks for number of hours available, days of the week available, start date, and if notice is necessar for a current position. The next page asks if the applicant would like to work full-time, part-time, seasonally, and if the applicant has worked at Charlotte Russe before. The applicant will have to give previous employment information, education information, tax credit eligibility, and a hiring assessment asking situational questions used to determine the candidate’s personality and work-style.

If a candidate chooses to apply in person, he or she must visit the store and ask an employee for an application. Applicants are encouraged to apply sooner rather than later. So, if he or she intends to ask for an application he or she should bring with them information necessary to complete the applications, including address, social security number, phone numbers and addresses of previous employment, and educational history.

Candidates are not able to apply over the phone, but are, however, encouraged to call within a week or two to follow up on an application that has been submitted either online or in-person.

Minimum Age for Employment at Charlotte Russe

The minimum age of employment at Charlotte Russe is eighteen. The company will hire persons with no experience at entry level retail positions.

Charlotte Russe Hours of Operation

Charlotte Russe’s hours of operation are typically 10 AM to 9 PM on weekdays and Saturday, and 12 PM to 6 PM on Sundays. Holiday hours are extended seasonally, and those changes can be found by clicking on the Charlotte Russe website and navigating to the store locator and entering the store location’s zip code.

Entry Level Charlotte Russe Careers and Respective Income

Entry level positions are within retail stores. They are sales associate and cashier. Pay is generally minimum wage to begin with opportunities to earn more as the employee gains experience and sales.

Minimum wage varies by state.

Charlotte Russe Careers in Management

Careers in management are offered to persons who have worked in retail for enough time to prove their industry knowledge and leadership potential. Most employees can rise to management if these strengths are shown. Opportunities in retail management include:

  • Shift leaders;
  • Supervisor;
  • Sales lead.

Management careers at headquarters are fewer, but can be obtained through experience in the department, as well as a home in San Francisco, or the willingness to relocate, as their headquarters are in San Francisco, California.

Benefits of Working at Charlotte Russe

  • The benefits of working at Charlotte Russe include a 40% discount on all items and a 20% discount on sale items.
  • In addition, employees receive an encouraging work company, and comfortable, family-like work environment.
  • Schedules are flexible with respect to the employee’s work-life balance.
  • For employees working full-time a benefits package is offered and includes 401k, health insurance, paid time off, paid holidays, and paid overtime.
  • Full-time is rarely offered to part-time sales associates. But they are most often obtained in management and headquarter roles.

Charlotte Russe Interview Tips

An interview usually takes place five to twenty-one days after a candidate applies for a position and is approved. Interviewees should prepare for a group interview with upwards to six other candidates. Each should prepare answers to:

  • Questions about their experience in retail, goals for the position and outside of the job, availability;
  • Situational questions which will determine if their personality is a match to the job description.

Candidates should dress fashionably as opposed to formally as it will reflect the industry knowledge and awareness possessed by the candidate.

Working at Charlotte Russe

Indeed, workers employed at Charlotte Russe receive a 40% discount on clothes, first dibs on new clothing, and a healthy work-environment. However, working at Charlotte Russe guarantees the employee to learn more about trends, style, and customer service.

To learn more about working at Charlotte Russe, look at Glassdoor for employee reviews, wages, tips, and more.

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