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  Bob Evans Application – Employment at Bob Evans

Bob Evans Farms, Inc. is an organization that has been involved in food services and processing since 1953. Originally a truck stop diner which served excellent sausage, the parent organization now owns more than 600 units spread in 23 states. These are mainly concentrated in the Midwestern, Southern and Mid-Atlantic states. A very interesting fact about the company is that none of the locations are franchised, and this means that all stores that operate under the corporation are entirely owned by them. The good news is, Bob Evans is now open to hiring, and you can choose a job that best suits your area of expertise.

Bob Evans Jobs Available

There are a number of jobs available throughout all their locations, and this might just be the right time to fill in a Bob Evans job application. Job openings include ones that concern restaurant management, and there are others available at their corporate office. This will, of course, require you to consider relocating to Columbus, OH. A link to their Careers page is included at the bottom here for your easy reference to job searches. Additionally, the organization also offers hourly job opportunities for those considering part-time employment. Bob Evans online application for employment covers all these positions.

Minimum Employment Age at Bob Evans

There is no specific age criteria defined on their website, but it goes without saying that you will have to be of minimum legal age to fill a Bob Evans job application form. Nevertheless, if you are applying for a job at the corporate office, be sure to check the age requirements before filling out the application.

Bob Evans Store Hours

Bob Evans stores are open every day from 6am to 10pm.

Important Tips to Apply Online With Bob Evans

Clearly there will be numerous applications for the posts offered, but making your Bob Evans online application stand out from the rest could be the key to success. All you need to do is to be yourself and draft an application that best defines you. Focus on your areas of interest that also coincide with the interests of the company. Ensure that your job application is filled out clearly and thoroughly. Also, submitting your application in-person is considered more impressive than just sending it online. Research a bit about the company and its operations. An obvious point that still needs mentioning is – dress nicely. Wear something that complements your knowledge and skills, because this will make you look more suitable for the job.

Most Common Positions at Bob Evans & Income Information

Bob Evans offers job opportunities in its restaurants as well as corporate office. However, positions in restaurants are the most commonly offered ones. Job positions in the restaurant management sector include operation executives or managers-in-training. The organization offers competitive pay packages as well as additional perks and facilities.

Bob Evans Benefits

Bob Evans offers generous benefits to all its employees, both corporate and in-restaurant management. Part-time employees working on an hourly wage are also offered many benefits, including education leaves, location transfers, retirement plans and health insurance. Employees in restaurant management and at the corporate office are entitled to paid vacations and bonus opportunities, in addition to several other benefits that the organization offers.

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