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 Blimpie Application – Employment at Blimpie

The Blimpie online application for employment represents an incredible opportunity to join up with one of America’s leading food service companies with a reputation beyond most others. Blimpie first opened its doors to the public in 1964 by way of a humble store in Hoboken New Jersey, though has since exploded in size, popularity and presence across the country. Today, there are literally thousands of Blimpie outlets covering not only 47 states here in the US, but also 15 other countries around the world. Committed to preparing and serving the highest quality subs, hoagies and grinders on the market today, Blimpie is always on the lookout for dynamic and hard-working team members to make it happen. Standards at Blimpie have never been higher and so too have expectations of their workers, so if you think you’ve got what it takes to become part of an all-America icon in the world of food service, get started with the online application today.

Blimpie Jobs Available

The Blimpie application form is not available online, as applications must be made directly with chosen stores. The site does however offer an easy to use interactive map which serves up the contact details of all Blimpie stores across the US, which must be contacted in person in order to find out the jobs on offer and how to apply. As with all food service industry leaders of such a caliber, Blimpie offers practically infinite opportunities for jobs and career progression, including general food servers, line cooks, cashiers, administrators, team leaders, supervisors, cleaners, store managers and so many more. What’s more, the company’s Kahala HQ is always on the lookout for gifted individuals on the lookout for office-based positions.

Minimum Employment Age at Blimpie

The Blimpie job application online service is open to applicants aged at least 16 years.

Blimpie Store Hours

Like most companies across the food service industry, opening hours at Blimpie locations vary significantly though are generally quite extensive. More often than not, service will begin at around 10am and go on until around 11pm, though certain outlets will close much later or earlier depending on where they are located.

Important Tips to Apply Online With Blimpie

  • The Blimpie online application service offers the means by which to contact your chosen store and find out the available posts – it does not offer a full online application service or printable application form.
  • The Blimpie job application form can be picked up in person from a local store and should in all instances be handed in with a high-quality CV to add further weight to the application.
  • Thousands of people apply for Blimpie positions every day, therefore it is vital to stand out from the crowd and make the best first impression possible.
  • Take a good look around a few Blimpie locations before beginning the application process, in order to find out exactly what makes the company tick.

Most Common Positions at Blimpie & Income Information

The Blimpie job application could be the start of something very big for those with true drive and a desire to succeed. As would be expected, the majority of staff members making up the ranks at Blimpie are general team members, which look after all of the essentials that keep the brand running each day. As such, these are usually the positions that new applicants will find most readily on offer to them, incorporating duties like taking orders, working the line, housekeeping, cash handling and general customer service. Those that display prowess ad potential will quickly move onto supervisory and team leader roles, after which the sky really is the limit. Wages start from around $8 per hour and range right up to six-figure sums for area managers and executives.

Blimpie Benefits

A successful Blimpie application delivers an array of attractive benefits alongside generous pay, including medical cover options, retirement plans, flexible working hours, sick leave, paid holidays and superb discounts on the incredible food served.

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