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Considering applying for an Amazon Career? Here’s Everything You Need To Know for your Amazon Application

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Filling out an Amazon application could be the start to a very rewarding Amazon career. Amazon operates more than 110 distribution centers.  In addition, Amazon employs more than one million employees.  Amazon careers will put you in a position to join a robust and well-structured worldwide employment opportunity.

Since its founding outside Seattle, WA back in the summer of 94′, the company has become one of the premier employers in the United States.   They draw the loyal patronage of millions of people who appreciate the consistently low prices, wide selection of products, and the ability to do every type of shopping with a single stop.

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Find Out More About Amazon Careers

If you’re interested in a job at one of the top companies, an Amazon online job application is definitely the place to start.  With so many warehouse and other branches operating all over the U.S. you will not have problems finding a suitable position for your skillset when accessing the Amazon application online login. Information – Amazon Application Online Login

At the moment, Amazon positions can be claimed with the help of online applications (which can be found on or by filling out the printable version of the application.

Amazon Job Application Amazon Career Areas

Why Do SO Many People Want To Work At Amazon?

But before you apply for your Amazon career you might want to know why so many people want to work here.  For one thing, there is the large workforce, as we already mentioned. Another thing to be considered is the attractive packages offered even to seasonal employees. Unlike other careers, Amazon careers actually offer the opportunity for advancement based on performance. The company prefers to promote from within and with the average starting pay at $19/hr you are off to a good start!  Lastly, all Amazon employees benefit from flexible working schedules.  Most warehouse locations are open around the clock, and shifts can be organized according to an individual’s needs.

Amazon is hiring at a location near you!

How To Get Started With a Amazon Career

Starting an Amazon career is extremely simple. All you have to do is check out the Amazon Careers page, find a suitable position that you can fill and sending in your Amazon application online. You will have to wait a while until you are selected by the hiring team. If you are considered eligible for the job, you will receive a call and set-up an interview.

One of the noteworthy aspects of Amazon’s employee management philosophy is the “teamwork” approach to store operation. In other words, if you’re not a team-player, think twice before submitting your Amazon application. A shopper may arrive during shift-change and might see the gathered group of employees meeting. This change-of-shift communication must be friendly. Pitching in with a team cheer or other display of enthusiasm is necessary.

Amazon Application Online (And Find Jobs Too)

Amazon provides online access to its job application process. In order to access it you will have to follow the instructions on the home-page: Amazon Application 

Amazon Career Application

The Amazon job application form is available online for every open position.  From the “Careers” page, you can choose any of the available job categories. You can search for a job and its Amazon application form by location or keyword.  Before submitting your Amazon application you should be prepared to dedicate approximately 30 to 40 minutes of your time for the task. So take the next step to getting a job at Amazon and apply online for any job you find suited for your professional skills.

Amazon Jobs

Minimum Age for Employment at Amazon

Anyone of age eighteen or older may submit an Amazon application.  Candidates also must also have

  • Ability to read and speak English for safety purposes
  • Must be able to understand and adhere to all safety requirements
  • High school, GED, or equivalent diploma

Amazon Hours of Operation

Most Amazon warehouse locations stay open around the clock, with a few exceptions like Christmas Day.  Other retail locations close overnight, with operating hours such as from eight in the morning until ten at night.  One of Amazon’s points of appeal to its customers is accessibility and availability. This can translate for employees to a work schedule full of flexible options.   Amazon will be happy to work around a school or military schedule or other similar commitments. When you submit your Amazon application, you should note any special scheduling requests. 

Amazon Warehouse Jobs

Amazon Careers that are entry-level click here to apply for Amazon Jobs

  • Fulfillment Center Associate
  • Sortation Center Associate
  • Delivery Station Associate
  • XL Warehouse Associate
  • Distribution Center Associate
  • Grocery Warehouse Associate
  • Amazon Air Associate

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Amazon Delivery Driver

Amazon delivery driver will deliver packages to homes and/or retail locations.  They drive for an Amazon delivery service partner (DSP) and no special drivers license is needed.  Drivers will work directly for the DSP that operates out of a local Amazon delivery station.

Amazon Retail Stores Jobs

Amazon careers with Amazon retail involves working at locations 

  • Amazon Locker+
  • Amazon Fresh Grocery
  • Amazon Go
  • Amazon Books
  • Amazon 4-Star
  • Amazon Pop-up

Entry level and hourly positions within the individual stores include:

  • Customer service
  • Stockers
  • Customer service agents in various departments of the stores

Salary Range for Management at Amazon

Depending on cost of living and local economy, Amazon warehouse managers start in the salary range of $40,000+ per year.  They can make almost six figures or more as they add years of experience and training.

Amazon Job Application Status

When you begin an Amazon application online form for any position, you will be asked to create a login. You can use this to complete and submit multiple applications, and to check on the your Amazon job application status of existing applications.  The application itself will present a series of screens with prompts for you to provide the relevant information for your application.

The Amazon Careers page also offers an email employment newsletter. Sign up to receive up-to-date career information in your inbox.

Advanced Tips for Your Amazon Application

The timeline to start a Amazon job application and finish it is 60 days. Although, the sooner you complete it, the better. To become an applicant you must first create an online account with Wa’s career center. Remember your login username, password and personal identification number.

How to Apply for Amazon Career Online

If you click the “Career Areas” tab of the Amazon Website’s “Careers” page, the menu at the left side of the screen includes the different generalized areas of employment. The “Stores/Clubs” heading has two sub-headings below it: Hourly Career Opportunities, and Management Career Opportunities. On the management page, descriptions of the management responsibilities and the unique team culture are accompanied by brief descriptions of the Amazon field management hierarchy.

Do you think that your beliefs match those of the company, and you have enough experience to prove useful? Fill-out the Amazon career form here

Benefits Of Amazon Careers

Amazon employees enjoy a full package of benefits, both financial and wellness-related. When your Amazon application results in a job, you can enjoy the health plan designed with input from the employees themselves.  Each employee can choose between the Health Reimbursement Account plan (or HRA) or the high-deductible plan linked to a Health Savings Account (or HSA).  With each of these plans, preventive care by a designated network health care provider is fully covered. In addition, coverage has no out-of-pocket cost and no lifetime maximum.

Dependents up to the age of 26 can be included in any employee’s plan. Also, dependents under nineteen will not be limited by any preexisting condition.

Health Care / Insurance

With a high deductible insurance plan, after meeting the deductible, a certain percent of eligible medical services are covered, usually around 80%.  Employees under a PPO insurance will pay a co-pay and have a lower deductible.  Employees also enjoy dental insurance, life insurance, and optional life insurance (including for dependents). There’s also critical illness as well as accident insurance, long-term and short-term disability insurance, and an associate eye wear program to cover vision expenses.  Amazon also offers up to 20 weeks of paid parental leave. 

Vacation / 401k / Discounts

Full-time employees get sick days as well as paid vacation days, company-matched contributions to a 401(K) retirement plan and an Amazon stock purchase plan. In addition to sick days, retirement plans, and HRA/HAS plans, employees may also receive paid training and enjoy an upbeat work environment. 

Growth Opportunities and Equal-Opportunity Employment

Entry-level jobs begin at minimum wage–an amount that varies with location. But employees have many opportunities for training and advancement to increase their pay and invest in their careers.  Future Amazon managers are “groomed” while working hourly positions. Amazon believes strongly in promoting from within, and developing its own employee resources within the existing team.

Amazon provides free skills training, tuition support programs, a variety of certifications, and more to help you grow your Amazon Career or just your skills in general even if you go elsewhere!

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Amazon Careers Interview Tricks & Hiring Process

Now that you know how to apply at Amazon, you’re probably asking yourself what you can do after you apply. The answer is simple: wait until you receive a follow-up call or email. In general, an Amazon job applicant will receive an answer via email within a week of reception.

Additionally, you can check out the status of your Amazon application by making a call. (You can benefit from on-the-spot hiring, but try not to harass hiring personnel).

Prepare for Your Specific Amazon Career

You may also be asked to complete a test for your desired specialization. Don’t wait for the interview to happen, make it your mission to find out how you can ace it. You will discover plenty of interesting information by accessing the portal to the official Amazon Career page (

In general, a recruiting manager will give you a sign if he is interested in hiring you. Even if he asks you to wait several days for an official answer.

Lastly, interviews should be attended in formal wear.  Look in the eyes of your interviewer, and be honest. Also talk to them freely about your passions and skill set.

Common Interview Questions To Help Prepare for Amazon Careers

Now that this is clear, let’s take a look at some of the most common Amazon Interview Questions and Answers:

  1. Why did you choose to work at Amazon?
  2. How flexible is your schedule?
  3. Have you ever exceeded your manager’s expectations? How?
  4. Why should Amazon hire you?
  5. Would you give a customer a discount if he asked for it? Why?
  6. What does customer service mean to you?
  7. Describe a time when a customer came to you with a problem and how did you handle it.
  8. Do you have additional experience in the sales or customer service environment?
  9. Two of your co-workers are having an argument.  One is from your department and the other from another department. How would you handle the situation?
  10. What would you do if a co-worker would systematically turn up late for work?

Answer the Amazon interview questions correctly, touch-up your resume, ace the Amazon job application and you will be reviewed by the staff.

To view the Amazon careers page directly, click here.

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